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The “Empty Chairs” DNC Convention










The Obama Regime using CGI to create the illusion of a full stadium for Obama speech.

This is Empty Chair Day.  A day to commemorate our president and his stature as a leader and a man of these states.







The idea spun off of Clint Eastwood’s hilarious ‘conversation’ with an empty chair at the RNC convention last week.

Turns out that the parody of Obama is a reflection of reality for his campaign and the Democrat Party itself.  Breitbart tweeted images from the floor of the DNC convention of technicians creating ‘video’ pans of full tiers of stadium seats when there is no one yet at the convention stadium in Charlotte.   They are apparently using CGI effects and ‘cutting’ to canned crowd scenes during the televised convention to create the effect of a full convention for OBama’s speech.

Obama has been having trouble having anyone show up at his rallies and campaign stops these days.  Often the organizers have to request the crowd move into smaller and tighter areas to create an illusion of crowds.

It is reported that busloads of students and union thugs are going to be bussed in from neighboring states in an attempt to fill the seats for Obama’s acceptance speech on Thursday.

There are also reports that Democrat operatives have been reduced to handing out free tickets to the event at bars and elsewhere — in a frantic last minute attempt to fill seats.  I might recommend that in addition to going to bars and street corners in the red light districts to hand out free tickets – they might try handing out a promise of booze and cigarettes with the tickets at the local welfare offices.  Given the numbers of unemployed and desperate under Obama’s ‘Hope & Change” – that ought to do the trick.

One wonders if perhaps Obama’s Hollywierd friends might help out in other ways to create the illusion of Obama’s ‘popularity’.

I guess Obama and the DNC have to do better than have Communists parade for supporters these days.

Because another way that Marxist regimes usually fill their stadiums for propaganda events for their dictators –

Is of course, in the time-honored Marxist/Communist way:


Just give Obama another 4 years – and he will have more “Flexibility” to do such things.


For the children of course.

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