DNC Democrats Say “Ban or Cap Corporate Profits”

DNC Delegates state on camera that they support the idea for government to ban all company profits or cap them.

Let’s not even call them “Democrats” anymore. MarxoFascist Communists is what they are.  And what they stand for, is not Capitalism, private property, individual liberty or rights.  They stand for Collectivism.  They stand for government seizure of all wealth for redistribution.

Peter Schiff hits the floor of the convention, and asks delegates and other DNC operatives if they like the idea of banning all corporate profits.

Their candid remarks should tell you everything you need to know about where Obama’s Amerika and the MarxoFascist (formerly Democrat) party will do to what is left of America if they have any seat of power in government.

These are no longer countrymen.  They might as well be Soviet invaders for all it is worth.  In fact, “Profiteering” in a business deal was illegal punishable by imprisonment in the gulags or death, in Soviet Russia.   All profits went to the State for distribution.

Funny, it seems America woke up to Red Dawn and whimpered itself into submission.

MarxoFascists have everything in common with the Soviets – they want profits made illegal and God and religion banned.

See for yourself what this party wants to do if given the chance:


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