How Democrats Treat “Democracy”

Villaraigosa’s teleprompter from the rear as he determined the ‘clarification of 2/3rds majority’ voice vote.

Pay no attention to the man behind the teleprompter!

This is exactly how the Ruling Class rules over us little serfs and peons – under the pretense of ‘democracy’.  For even if the vote is soundly against what the Ruling Class oligarchs want – whether it be ObamaCare, Taxes or putting God back in a party platform after the public uproar of God’s removal had embarrassed the MarxoFascist Democrats.  Everything is scripted with these people.

To be fair, John Boehner did the same thing during the RNC convention as well, though we have no video showing a script of his gaveling down objections to an amendment.  But it is clear that the Ruling Class of Marxofascists, Statists and Socialists from both parties make all their decisions based on their desires, and not those of the people they supposedly represent.

Even at a Convention.

Do we really believe that this upcoming election is going to be honest and accurate?  Are we this this duped when the evidence against it is almost daily?  Like everything else – November’s results will be scripted – and the illusion of ‘choice’ will have again deceived this people into accepting their subjugation and slavery to the oligarchs in power.

I have contended for awhile, that America has seen her last open and honest elections.  Everything is decided behind closed doors, in secret and then shoved down our throats.  We’ve gone full-tilt Soviet.  Cook County corruption is nationalized.

Mega-hat tip to Gretawire.


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