Obama Regime Apologizes To Muslims For American Free Speech, Then Sics U.S. General on Christian Pastor

U.S. Embassies Attacked, Obama Regime apologizes for free speech  ‘offending muslims’, White House disavows apology but then General from Joint Chiefs sent to intimidate U.S. Pastor into disavowing a film lampooning Muhammed.

It’s gone surreal and over the cliff.  But now Obama and his media can blame a ‘fundamentalist U.S. Christian’ for what occurred in Egypt and Libya*, instead of fundamentalist Muslims with Jihad on the brain.

On the 11th Anniversary of 9-11 – two carefully planned attacks on the U.S. embassies in Egypt and Libya took place that cost the lives of 4 Americans, one of whom was the U.S. Ambassador by the very ‘revolutionaries’ Obama supported during the ‘Arab Spring’ to overthrow Mubarak and Gaddaffi and replace them with The Muslim Brotherhood – the father of Al Qaeda.

The U.S. Flag was ripped down, and the black flag of Al Qaeda and Jihad was raised over the U.S. Embassy.

The attacks were ‘blamed’ on a trailer for a stupid and ridiculously bad movie that lampoons Muhammed that was released in July on YouTube.

Obama’s State Department responded by releasing an “Apology” to Muslims for American free speech that offends Muslims.







Obama appeared for a very short set of remarks on Wednesday morning, where he praised the Jihadists by stating; “Libyans acted responsibly by carrying Steven’s body to the hospital…” – which by most pictures look no different than when Islamic enemies parade the dead bodies of Americans like trophies through their streets.







Later the White House disavowed that apology after an uproar on social media and talk radio over the apology.  But then, Reuters reported shortly afterward that General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke with American Pastor Terry Jones, who publicly endorsed the parody film – and called him by phone on Wednesday, “asking  him to withdraw his support for the film.

Pastor Jones you may remember, was the Christian who burned copies of the Quran in protest of Jihadist Islam and sparked an international uproar over his planned public burning of Islam’s holy book.  The Obama media has already linked Pastor Jones to the silly trailer and movie that makes fun of Mohammed, and now apparently the U.S. military is involved to ‘dissuade’ an American citizens endorsement of such a movie.








I don’t know about you – but far worse than apologizing for and condemning American free speech – that the Obama regime has the CHAIRMAN OF THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF call a private citizen in an attempt to intimidate him into disavowing a stupid movie he said he supports should frighten ANYONE who supports a right to free expression and speech.  So I guess Christians can now expect to get calls from Obama’s military when we give opinions about issues Obama does not like and that Muslims might find ‘offensive’ from now on.

Obama still hasn’t had time to send anyone to comfort the families of the 14 troops killed in Afghanistan last week, but he has time to send an American General to intimidate an American pastor for supporting a film that they contend is offensive to Muslims.

How about films offensive to Christians?  For that matter, how about ACTIONS from Jihadist enemies that OBAMA PUT IN POWER that committed an act of war against an American embassy??

America – you elected a Trojan Horse for President – and it shows.


*UPDATEObama’s MSNBC has just suggested that the Justice Department charge American pastor Terry Jones with accessory to murder of the U.S. Ambassador at the hands of Jihadists in Libya.  Stunning considering CNN has stated that the citation of the silly Youtube film was a ‘diversion’ to an attack planned in advance on the embassy.



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8 responses to “Obama Regime Apologizes To Muslims For American Free Speech, Then Sics U.S. General on Christian Pastor

  1. Benjamin

    Dear President Obama and President Carter, from American patriots who are smarter than you and, who are in the trenches- FU.

  2. blaze

    Here’s some actual apologies for you to digest.

    (AP) President Bush has apologized to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for an American sniper’s use of a copy of the Quran for target practice, Maliki’s office said Tuesday.

    White House press secretary Dana Perino said Bush spoke to al-Maliki about the Quran shooting incident during a regularly scheduled videoconference on Monday. She said Bush expressed his “serious concern.”

    “He told the prime minister that we take this matter seriously, and he noted that the soldier had been reprimanded and removed from Iraq by his commanders,” Perino said.

    Bush to China – “We are very sorry the entering of China’s airspace and the landing did not have verbal clearance, but very pleased the crew landed safely. We appreciate China’s efforts to see to the well-being of our crew.

    In view of the tragic incident and based on my discussions with your representative, we have agreed to the following actions:

    Both sides agree to hold a meeting to discuss the incident. My government understands and expects that our aircrew will be permitted to depart China as soon as possible.”

  3. Anonymous

    If you are a tea bagger you are a right wing miss informed nut job racists who has his head up his or her ass and should be killed as soon as someone can put a bullet in your head.

  4. Obama Regime Apologizes To Muslims , is nothing but crap ! Not the way we citizens feel !

  5. ibrahim moussa

    To : Mr Obama / USA
    First of all we are Egyptians strongly condemned the killing of Americans citizen in Libya and we present our deep condolences to their families
    Second thing you should know that the liberations cannot be efficient without adding the proper limitation to control it otherwise you can have problem
    Those bloody pigs guys whom made that disgusting film already putting you persona
    lly and all Muslims all over the world in a big problem these problem can be eliminated from the beginning but you did not take action to stop it so you have to bear the results specially during in the coming elections
    Last point as we are not allying to USA you should know that we have the right to defend about our religious, principals, and our country
    Eng.Ibrahim Moussa

  6. invar


    That so-called film had absolutely nothing to do with the pre-planned Al Qaeda attacks on our embassies, except that those films are being used for two purposes:
    1 – Provide cover for Obama’s incompetence
    2- Pretext to impose defacto Sharia Law in the United States in regards to blasphemy laws against Islam.

    Your liberation from Mubarak in Egypt was only for the purpose of installing the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood to power in the region and put Egypt under an Islamic theocracy.

    Lastly – we can and will make any speech and commentary about any religion or politics we so desire, because this is America and we have the freedom to say and speak what we want to about any subject.

    But since you Jihadist vermin attacked sovereign American territory (not the first time either) You better pray your Muslim pal Obama stays in power – because if not, you Jihadists are going to pay for what you did.

  7. Pingback: Liberals and Muslims, please shut up!

  8. Anonymous

    What has happened is because of that bastard, son of a thousand x million fathers Terry Jones and the Jew lobby supporting it.
    Why not the American Army sends them all to Afghanistan and they can use their so called freedom of speech over there “We would tear their souls apart”

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