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Obama Regime Identifies and Reveals California Man Behind Anti-Islamic FIlm

Doing bidding of Muslim Brotherhood, Obama’s regime essentially hands death sentence to a California Coptic Christian.  Obama Media complicit.

(AP) Federal authorities have identified a Coptic Christian in southern California who is on probation after his conviction for financial crimes as the key figure behind the anti-Muslim film that ignited mob violence against U.S. embassies across the Mideast

Anyone remember Theo Van Gogh?  The Dutch filmmaker who made the film ‘Submission’ critical of Islam, who was assassinated by an Islamic radical in his own country?    History might repeat itself at the hands of the Obama regime, who today along with the Obama Media – publicly revealed the true name and possible alias of a man who made a video that lampoons the Islamic prophet Muhammed.

The Obama media – following orders or doing all it can to promote the Obama narrative on what supposedly ‘sparked’ the planned attacks on the U.S. Embassies in Egypt and Libya on the 11th anniversary of 9-11, hunted down and obtained the cell number of the man with the alias used to protect himself from Islamic rage due his silly video.  Also, U.S. Pastor Terry Jones, who prayed for the video’s director, was approached by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff yesterday and urged to not show the film and to disavow it, citing concerns for Americans overseas.

Obama’s regime today doubled down on their narrative that this silly video is to blame for the attacks on the embassies and today the FBI warned that there will be additional violence both abroad and within the USA as a result of the video.  Never mind the the attacks on the embassies were planned well in advance of the video being cited as a reason, and not because of the anniversary of 9-11.

The Obama media has made sure that the narrative on the film inciting the embassy attacks is front and center of their coverage.  The media is also making sure that along with the outing of the filmmaker’s name – it presents up front that the California man is a criminal, involved in several financial and bank swindles in the past.

This of course paints the man in a cloak of evil, so that if he suffers the same fate as Van Gogh, no one in America will turn their heads to notice.  The media is subtly suggesting the man as someone deserving of the death sentence the Obama regime just placed on his head.  In conjunction with this revelation, Obama’s Justice Department stated today that it is opening a criminal investigation.   Suggestions from the Obama media at MSNBC yesterday is that the filmmaker be prosecuted as an accessory to the murder of Ambassador Stevens in Libya, and one has to wonder if Eric Holder is in fact doing just that.

If so – we have crossed so many lines into tyranny – the defacto imposition of Sharia Law by Obama is all one can understand is taking place in the federal government today.

UPDATE: Breitbart now also reporting on this.

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Video: Gunmen Attacking Embassy Shouting They Were Sent By Islamist Egyptian President

Video raises the possibility that the attacks on American Embassies in Libya and Egypt were planned and coordinated with Egypt’s Government

Walid Shoebat reports from an Arabic video that Egyptian TV broadcast, that gunmen attacking the U.S. embassy were shouting to Egyptian security staff defending the embassy that they were sent by Egyptian President Mursi, the Muslim Brotherood’s newly ‘elected’ president that Obama helped put into power.

Shoebat.com states the following:

There have been questions raised about whether the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya was done in conjunction with the attacks on the Embassy in Cairo. This video brings us closer to answering that question. In fact, it not only points to the same attackers but possibly to Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi himself.

Fast forward to the 1:15 mark in this video (if you don’t understand Arabic). Watch as the raw footage of a firefight in Benghazi is taking place. The news report loops the relevant portion of an exchange between gunmen, in which one can be heard, saying, ‘Don’t Shoot us! We were sent by Mursi’!

Obviously, that would mean at least two separate groups of gunmen in Libya are loyal to the President of Egypt.

All this with news that the Marines guarding the embassies were forbidden to possess live ammunition – a horrifying picture is emerging about what is taking place in the Middle East: Obama is enabling and providing help and cover to Jihadists and Muslim militants taking over the Middle East.

Obama certainly looks to fulfill the Shiite prophecy that states a tall black man would be instrumental in helping to destroy the West.


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U.S. Ambassador Reportedly Raped & Sodomized Before Being Killed

Mob of Libyans that Obama praised for taking Ambassador Stevens to the Hospital, raped him before dragging his body through the streets.

“Libyans acted responsibly by carrying Steven’s body to the hospital…” – Barack Hussein Obama, 9-12-12

If the foreign news reports from the Middle East are correct, the Libyans whom Obama praised for “acting responsibly” before taking his body to a hospital, reportedly raped him before he was killed.

The Washington Times picked up a story from Lebanon’s Tayyar  news organization from an AFP source that states that murdered Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was raped by his captors before being killed.  The Libyan Free Press also televised the story:

UPDATE: Hmmmm – how convenient for Youtube to yank the Libyan TV video from their site.  Wonder if Youtube got a call from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff like American pastor Terry Jones did, and was “asked” to take down potentially offensive (and truthful) material?

Obama’s State Department earlier on Wednesday apologized to Muslims that they were offended by ‘irresponsible” Americans exercising their right to free speech, as the ’cause’ of the attacks is reported to have been due outrage over a Youtube video that insults the Prophet Mohammed.  That spin does not hold water when it is being learned that these attacks were planned well in advance and the video being used as cover to suggest the attacks were spontaneous.  Also learned was that the same Libyan Security forces that Obama praised so highly in his short address, gave up consulate personnel including Stephens, to the Islamists who ended up murdering them.

All of this happened nearly at the same time Obama was giving an address to salute the Arab Forum on 9-11 Tuesday.

What can be said better than the following picture that best describes the last few days with Obama?


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