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Absolutely No Shame. Disgusting.

Obama uses dead Americans slain in Libyan Embassy attack as backdrop prop for campaign speech.

Regime triples down on attacking YouTube video as cause for the uprising in the Middle East and Embassy Attacks, even after Libyan officials confirm the attacks were planned in advance.

Obama regime is using this to impose defacto Sharia law in America, and criminalize anyone who dares to ‘offend’ Muslims.

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Lies, Lie Lie – Obama Regime Insists Attacks on Embassies Result of Video

Precedent now set for Feds to criminalize any public expression deemed hostile to Islam as a national security threat.

‘This is not a case of protests directed at the United States writ large or at U.S. policy, this is in response to a video that is offensive to Muslims….a film that we have judged to be be reprehensible and disgusting.’ – White House Spokesman Jay Carney 9-14-12

The morning press briefing by the White House doubled down on the shared narrative it has with Al Qaeda and the Islamists in Egypt and Libya – that the coordinated attacks and assassination of U.S. Ambassador Stevens was the result of an offensive video on YouTube that had been posted since July, and not the result of the 11th Anniversary of 9-11.

The idea that such a skilled multi-pronged heavy-weapon attack on the U.S. Embassies in Egypt and Libya was a spontaneous reaction to a questionable video is laughable.  Myriad sources reveal that the attacks were planned long in advance to commemorate the 9-11 Anniversary. CNN noted it first, followed by a detailed report by CBS.  Libyan officials themselves confirm that the attacks were planned in advance.  U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers (R) MI stated that the attacks were pre-planned and coordinated, not the spontaneous result of a mob upset over a video.  Reports exist that Al Qaeda coordinated the attacks and that it’s leader, Ayman Al Zawahiri ordered the death of the U.S. Ambassador.

The precision of the attacks, the assault teams that knew where the safe house was where Christopher Stevens was taken – are not the actions of a spontaneous enraged mob.  That was clearly cover for the planned act of war by Al Qaeda working in concert with the Muslim Brotherhood that now runs Egypt and Libya.  The Brotherhood that Obama put into power.

The video is clearly a ruse, and potentially a hoax issue to cover for the narrative that both Jiahdists AND the White House want the world to accept: insulting Islam is what caused the violence and such insults must be stopped.


For Americans, how the Obama regime is handling this crisis, is akin to having Al Qaeda storm the White House and raising the black flag of Islam over America.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff already called to “ask” U.S. Pastor Terry Jones to disavow the film.  The regime also told YouTube to remove the video from it’s site.    Yesterday, the federal government outed and named the supposed maker of the video deemed responsible for the uprising in the Middle East while Obama’s Justice Department is beginning a criminal investigation of this film.

Not letting any crisis go to waste in imposing tyranny on Americans, Obama’s regime has gone into overtime to work on what Rep. Michelle Bachman (R)MN said was the Obama government ‘Enforcing Islamic Speech Codes‘on Americans.  She cited efforts Obama has undertaken at the behest of Islamic leaders to ‘purge’ any negative references to Islam from all government policies and documents.

“Last October, many prominent Islamic organizations wrote a letter to the White House,” Bachmann said, “where they urged our White House to do a complete purge from any federal training materials from references to the ideology of Islam to ensure that all trainers in our U.S. military, our FBI and other U.S. security agencies be retrained so they would be brainwashed in political correctness toward Islam. That’s enforced Islamic speech codes here in the United States. And all done with the help of our president and secretary of state.”

What is evident, is that the Obama regime is using the same narrative that the Islamists are using and mobilizing the federal government of the United States to demonize and criminalize anything that is offensive to Muslims from public expression.  A defacto imposition of Sharia Law by no less than the White House.

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