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Investigation: Obama Funding Mosques Around The World At U.S. Taxpayer Expense

United States investing millions to refurbish mosques as a good-will effort to Jihadist regimes and radical Muslim groups in the Middle East.

Oh no, Obama is not Muslim they insist.   But at every turn – we find Obama either funding, orchestrating or enabling Jihadist Islam to gain an upper hand in the world.

His State Department was responsible for leaving American Embassies unguarded, and hiring local security – loyal to Jihadists to protect them and American staffers.  They ordered U.S. guards to be unarmed, carrying no live ammunition.  Obama’s regime joins the chorus of Islamists that insist a silly YouTube video incited the attacks that just so-happened to occur spontaneously on the anniversary of 9-11.  The federal government of the United States is going after the makers of the video, taking into custody – one of them for questioning.  Obama is  refusing to meet with Israel’s Prime minister, but is instead meeting the Muslim Brotherhood president next week.

Now we learn Obama’s State Department has been using millions of our tax dollars to restore and remodel mosques in the Middle East.

Breaking from Pat Dollard.com

A Channel 2 Action News investigation found that the State Department is sending millions of dollars to save mosques overseas. 

…The State Department declined a Channel 2 Action News request for an interview. We wanted to ask why are we using tax dollars to refurbish religious buildings overseas. The State Department did send Channel Two Action News an e-mail saying that they are fighting Islamic extremism by building relationships with Islamic leaders.

…“We are rebuilding mosques to support the radicals, not to support the moderates. We are building mosques to issue fatwas of death against people like me,” said Darwish.

….Your tax dollars also fund computers and mosques in places like Tajikistan and Mali. At an ancient mud brick mosque in Mali, the State Department has provided Internet service and computer equipment to local imams.

While this is outrageous considering events of the past week, it is nothing new for Obama.  In 2010 – the Obama regime sent radical Imama Feisal Abdul Rauf – the mastermind of the Ground Zero Mosque, on a trip through the Middle East on our dime, to “foster greater understanding” of Islam and Muslims in the U.S.

Drones for Obama insist that this program is to aid in the repair of ‘cultural heritage sites’ throughout the world, and that this program began under Bush.  That’s not accurate.  The program began under Bill Clinton and was funded by Congress during Bush’s first term.  The specific funding of Mosques appears to be directed since 2009.

So much ‘separation of church and state’.  That obviously only applies to Christians and Jews.


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Blood on Their Hands

No Marines.  No live Ammunition.  Obama and Hillary Clinton responsible for the ROE that left U.S. embassies without the means to defend themselves.

While Obama and his media get shrill in insisting that a silly video on Youtube is responsible for the attacks at U.S. Embassies in Egypt and Libya that left four Americans dead and the embassies in ruins, Breitbart reports that it was Hillary Clinton’s orders establishing new State Department Rules of Engagement for Libya, signed by the Secretary of State after the fall of Khadafi’s regime, that severely compromised the safety and security of murdered Ambassador Stevens and all American diplomatic staff in Libya.  In addition, those ROE Clinton signed, prohibited the Marines from providing security at any U.S. installation in Libya.

On Friday, Breitbart News said it filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the State Department to secure a copy of the State Department Rules of Engagement for Libya.   They conclude the State Department will stonewall their request, and resist release of the document until after the election. They go on to state they assert its contents will be just too damaging because the country will be able to see Hillary Clinton’s signature on the document that served as Ambassador Chris Stevens’s death warrant.

That is to be expected.  Especially after the Obama/Hillary Clinton State Department told reporters Friday afternoon that it won’t answer any more questions about the Sept. 11 attack on the consulate in Benghazi.

What makes hypocritical matters worse, is that the Obama regime has their own personal Praetorian guards, while our embassies have none as it is also reported that Ambassador Chris Stevens did not have a Marine detail in Benghazi, Libya. But White House Senior Advisor and Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett has a full Secret Service detail for her coming vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

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