Obama State Dept. Scrubs Memo Declaring No Security Threats For 9-11

Obama State Department sent out memo on 9-6 stating there was no threats from Al Qaeda or any other terrorist group, that memo is now scrubbed from the State Department website.

The Obama regime insists they had no warnings about any threats to U.S. embassies up to the attacks in Libya and Egypt.  On 9-6, OSAC – an advisory council of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security under the State Department issued a memo that stated the following:

Terrorism and Important Dates

OSAC currently has no credible information to suggest that al-Qa’ida or any other terrorist group is plotting any kind of attack overseas to coincide with the upcoming anniversary of September 11. However, constituents often have concerns around important dates, holidays, and major events, Often times, these concerns are the result of increased media attention to the issue, rather than credible evidence of a terrorist plot.

Screenshot of the memo from the OSAC website:

No updates or warnings were issued until right before the attacks began.  Even AFTER Al Gamaa Al Islamiyya and Islamic Jihad issued a statement on 9-10 that they were going to burn the U.S. embassy in Cairo to the ground (which they did).

The narrative from the Obama regime that they repeated Friday, was that they had no warning or any intelligence that an attack was pending, corroborating the memo from OSAC.  Even though Libyan officials confirm they warned the Obama regime an attack was coming 3 Days before 9-11, and Egyptian intelligence warned that Israeli and American embassies were going to be attacked by Jihadists on September 4th.

Nothing was done to secure or prepare the embassies in Egypt or Libya for what was warned to happen in advance.

The regime instead insisted the attacks were a surprise spontaneous protest as a result of a silly video that was posted on Youtube back in July.

The Speak with Authority blog noted the OSAC memo that was issued and the story was soon picked up by NRO and the Washington Examiner.  As stories and sources around the world now confirm that the Obama regime was warned in advance of the attacks but did nothing except insist there was no credible threats, there appears to be a shredding and erasing of documents, memos and proofs that Obama and Hillary Clinton ignored clear warning signs.

One has to wonder why?  Incompetence?

Or something more insidious?

There is no way to discern why, because the State Department and the Obama regime said they will no longer comment or talk about the embassy attacks with the media.

They are busy scrubbing evidence from record and the public eye.


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