The Islamic Post-American World

What a Post-American world looks like, Islamic leaders tell us that the only way we will have peace is if we let them decide what sections of the Bill of Rights we get to keep.

Daniel Greenfield hits another one out of the park:

The left has a choice to make. They can either choose Americanism or the Koran, and for the most part they have made their choice. And we need to make ours. This is not a debate over policies, but over basic freedoms. This is not a conflict over what percent of taxes we will be paying, but whether we will have even the most basic civil rights left by the time that the international order of savages and murderers, and their transnational representatives, are done with us.

Sultan Knish Blog: Anti-American Savages of the Post American World


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2 responses to “The Islamic Post-American World

  1. There’s a video on YouTube… has been there for over a year… of a woman named Barnhardt-Graham bookmarking the Koran with bacon and then burning it… go to YouTube and search Barnhardt-Graham-Part2.flv Why weren’t the Muslism upset at this one? The obama administration is using false flags for political gain… I only pray obama doesn’t win again or we are doomed as a country… if this speeds up the return of our Savior, then fine, but if it is tyranny, we have a duty to resist…

  2. Her name is Ann Barnhardt. Part of the video to which you refer was talking directly to Senator Lindsey Graham. Muzzies were/are upset with Ann. They continually threaten her. Her answer? She posts her address with detailed directions to her home in CO on her website and says to all comers, “Just try. I will ride out to meet you.” She is unafraid for several reasons, not the least of which is that she is completely armored-up. Not with Kevlar (though that may be true too), but with the whole armor of God as described in Ephesians 6.

    Ann’s message, INVAR’s message, and other Christian soldiers’ messages hold the only answers to this country’s problems. There is no prophesy which includes America as a significant player in all this, but prophesy is being fullfilled on a daily, even hourly, basis as we type. Prep and pray, and don the same armor that Ann and INVAR wear daily. That is the answer.

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