Obama To Free World Trade Center Terrorist, Will Return Him to the Islamists In Egypt.

Egyptian Islamists visited White House on numerous occasions, followed by Embassy Attacks and now Obama Regime to release Blind Sheik.


The media has had a blackout on reports that the Islamists in Egypt have been visiting the White House and requested that Obama release one of the most heinous convicted Jihad terrorists in our custody.  Back in June, Rep. Peter King (R) NY who sits as Chair of the Department of Homeland Security Committee demanded to know from Obama officials why the administration allowed Hani Nour Eldin, a self-proclaimed member of a  designated terrorist organization to enter the United States unimpeded and attend meetings inside the White House with senior-level Obama administration and State Department officials.  King sent a letter to Janet Napalitano demanding answers to serious questions that went unanswered.

Then on the 11th Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, American embassies in Egypt and Libya were attacked and 4 Americans were killed, including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya. The Obama regime insisted it had no warnings of the impending attacks and continues to insist the attacks were caused by a YouTube video.   In response to the Jihad attacks and acts of war on America’s embassies, Obama directed the U.S. government to take into custody – a U.S. man involved in making the video whom Obama stated last night was a “shadowy figure”.  For Obama’s regime, clamping down on American free speech rights to impose defacto Sharia law in the United States, is the proper response to Jihadist terror.

While Obama’s regime insists it had no intelligence about any threats to our embassies, Fox News has obtained a 3 page DHS letter warning two days before the 9-11 attacks, that Jihadists in Egypt demanded that the Blind Sheik be released, or they would “burn the embassy down with everyone in it.”

The Sept. 9 statement said “the time has come for a strong movement from you, O sons of Egypt, to release the detained” sheikh. “Let your slogan be: No to the American Embassy in Egypt until our detained sheikh is released.” 

It continued: “Starting now, let the faithful among you form follow-up committees in charge of taking the necessary measures to force America to release the sheikh — even if it requires burning the embassy down with everyone in it.” 

Obama ignored those warnings, as did his State Department.  Apparently deliberately so – because Obama now appears that he will cede to Islamist demands and direct the State Department to release the Egyptian sheik who is the WTC bombing mastermind.  Breitbart reports that the US State Department is now actively negotiating with Egyptian President Morsi’s government about transferring Omar Abdel-Rahman from US custody to Egyptian custody.

Citing health reasons, this brings to mind a similar situation when Scotland released the Pan Am 103 bombing mastermind Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi to Libya where he was welcomed home as a hero, and did not die ‘within weeks’ as was cited as the reason for his release.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy believes the deal to release Rahman has already been reached by the administration, and they are just waiting until after the election to announce it. McCarthy believes this is why the DOJ so strongly ruled out Rahman’s “release” but said nothing against his “transfer.”

A group of Congressional leaders released a copy of a letter sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder expressing “concern” about the possible release of Omar Abdel Rahman after it was learned the the State Department was in negotiations with Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Morsi to secure his release to Egypt.

This is more than incompetence from the Obama regime – this is deliberate aiding and abetting of Jihadists, while imposing defacto Sharia Law on American citizens.



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3 responses to “Obama To Free World Trade Center Terrorist, Will Return Him to the Islamists In Egypt.

  1. Somebody will have hell to pay on Judgement Day.

    God Bless the USA.

  2. Steve

    There was also a media blackout back when George W. Bush was frequently visiting the Bin Laden family shortly before 9/11. Look, just because a guy thinks that they will release this guy doesn’t mean that it will happen. And just because people visit to request a release doesn’t mean that they will get anywhere. You’re pulling at strings, stop making stories out of nothing.

  3. invar

    Oh goodie – an Obama propagandist!

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