Obama Gives America The Finger Over Benghazi

Obama says “We leave nobody behind, we make sure we respond as a nation and remind ourselves that whenever an American is in need…we’re providing the help that’s necessary” – unless of course it is Americans under fire by Jihadists in Libya – in which case he denied help and left them to die.

In what is undoubtedly an incredible defiant flick of a middle finger at an outraged America over the abandonment of Americans under fire by Jihadists in Libya – Obama makes the deliberate and offensive statement that “We leave nobody behind” in regards to his voter constituency in the Northeast suffering the destruction from Frankenstorm Sandy.

Contrast that with his actions on September 11th of this year.  Obama downplayed the murder of four Americans in Libya, including the Ambassador by immediately blaming the terrorist attack on a YouTube video. He then jetted off to Vegas for a fundraiser within hours after he learned of the murders, and the dragging of the bodies through the streets of Benghazi – of whom Obama himself ‘thanked’ – lying to the American people for taking their bodies to the hospital for treatment when the Jihadists were shouting “Allu Ackbar!” and dragging Ambassador Steven’s body through the streets.

But for Obama’s Katrina – His Heinous turns Air Force One around from a campaign trip to Florida to appear “Presidential”, and during a non-campaign campaign stop at the Red Cross, he flagrantly fingers the nation and says something his administration obviously didn’t believe during the seven-hour attack on our consulate in Benghazi: That when an “American is in need… we leave nobody behind”.

Such hubris disdain for America that this creep of a man dares say such a thing when it is being learned that THE WHITE HOUSE – left Americans behind to die by the hands of Jihadists in Libya. Either Obama himself, or his surrogate Presidentress Valerie Jarrett, DENIED THREE TIMES, the plea for help from Navy Seals Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith who were painting a laser on a Jihad motar team firing on the compound in the desperate hope close air support in the area would fire on the enemy.  But we now know that whatever aid assets could have been dispatched to Benghazi in the 7 hour standoff – they were all told to “STAND DOWN”.  No help came, and 4 Americans were killed by the Jihadists, the Ambassador himself reportedly gang-raped before his body was paraded through the streets.

What is plain here is Obama is showing us his hatred and disdain for our interest and demands to discover the truth behind the massacre in Benghazi.  This petulant man-child is letting his absolute disgust of America show through his supposed words of comfort to his voting constituencies in New York, New Jersey and other Northeast blue states solidly in the tank for him.

For his voters suffering from the storm – Obama says: “We leave nobody behind”.  But for Americans under fire from Islamic Jihadists in Libya, whom Obama has been ARMING with weapons and orchestrating a Fast & Furious -styled gun walking operation to Al Qaeda operatives in Syria, Obama leaves them to die.  Then Obama says to America: “F.U.” in an incredible hubris act of disgusting proportions.

Leaving Americans behind and abandoned is nothing new for Obama.  He ignored and disregarded disasters in many Red States over his tenure.  He ignored KY and AR after an ice storm totally destroyed the electrical infrastructure in 2009.  He ignored and abandoned Nashville, TN after an historic flood buried the city in 2010.  Not a word or declaration of disaster for Texas afire in 2011.  Abandonment of Alabama and the Southeast after a super outbreak of tornadoes devastated cities like Tuscaloosa, Cullman,  & Hackleburg in the Spring of 2011.  Same for the tornadic disasters for Indiana and KY in 2012.  But for appearances and his voting constituency in the Northeast – Obama feigns total concern and involvement, giving America the finger and lying to our face that we ‘leave no one behind’.   When the 3 AM phone call came at 5 PM – Obama left our people alone, abandoned and sacrificed to die at the hands of the Jihadists he helped to overthrow Libya with.

Obama and his regime have the blood of these abandoned Americans on his hands.  But for votes to keep him in power – Obama will not “leave them behind”.


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    “Obama and his regime have the blood of these abandoned Americans on his hands. But for votes to keep him in power – Obama will not “leave them behind”

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