America’s Gone Soviet. Elections Were Just Theater To Placate The Masses

Tyrannies and Communist dictatorships  hold elections with similar results America experienced this week.

Ann Barnhardt posted a missive about a truth few even today are not willing to admit and comprehend: the election was a rigged sham.  I agree with her assessment because when one studies Marxist and dictatorial regimes, one finds that once a Marxist achieves power – the first order of business is to ensure that power remains forever by corrupting and taking control of the election system.  That is what Team Obama did the moment it took office in 2009.  It never stopped “Organizing” to consolidate it’s quest into permanent transformative power.

We’ve gone Soviet.

Yes, the Soviet Union held elections.  Like all dictatorial tyrannies who held ‘show trials’, they also held ‘show elections’.  The Party would trot out a “challenger” to the State Party chairman and “elections” were held for the purpose of creating an illusion that the Russian people chose and approved of their Communist overlords.  I noted this similarity when Obama and his regime telegraphed to their media lapdogs that “Romney is the one candidate we would be most afraid of getting into the race” clear back in 2010.  I still hold that Romney was the Obama and the Ruling Class regime’s ‘choice’ of opponent, to deliberately “lose” to His Heinous.  The most liberal Socialist of governors on record against a Marxist in a general election – that should even the fraud fail – the greater Leftist would win.

And Obama did.

This author had mentioned Marxist history regarding sham elections back in 2008 and noted that America had seen her last honest and “free” election, because Cook County would go national.  And thus as we have seen and experienced, that it has.  The fraud, deceit, vote stuffing, intimidation and magic numbers appearing out of thin air – is gargantuan in scale.  The media and the Ruling Classes ignore it all, just as  Pravda and the Soviet’s did.  No investigations. No outrage – just acceptance of the State-run machine that exists for the purpose of keeping the masses fooled into thinking that tyranny is what the people want.

I’m glad someone else understands exactly what had transpired back in 2008, and like the Jews in Europe during the 1930’s – Americans simply refuse to allow themselves to believe that it could have happened here, right under our noses and in our faces.  The history of Marxists once in power, is that they NEVER leave power.  Not by any means other than the threat of overwhelming force.


Now do you understand why I had precious little to say about the “election”? The results of this election were determined in 2008, including the faux-opposition candidate. You people who have spent the last several months breathlessly agonizing over this, analyzing fake polls and deluding yourselves into believing that this was somehow a legitimate operation are just sad. You’re like the people in Iraq who supported the opposition candidate to Saddam Hussein for all of those years. Yes, Saddam Hussein held “elections”. Regularly. That is what happened here yesterday. We had a Saddam Hussein “election”.This can all be summed up in one simple sentence that I have been screaming from the rooftops ever since November of 2008:

These people are NEVER going to walk away.

The Republic was overthrown in a neo-Stalinist putsch four years ago. Stalinists don’t walk away. Ever. Stalinists don’t hold elections – they put on shows to delude the masses, which they consider to be vermin, into believing that they still have some say and some degree of freedom. And when even that gets tiresome for them, they start slaughtering people. By the tens of millions.

Note that all of the so-called pundits on the so-called “right” are avoiding the issue of massive voter fraud. They’re all just spewing the same nonsense as ever:

The fight has just begun! This is when the real hard work begins! Yay! We’ll show ’em in 2016! Yay!

Meanwhile, here in the land of reality, my inbox is filling with emails from people who are just now realizing that they are probably going to die an unnatural death, and probably within the next several years.

But it’s cool, because Ace put up a recipe thread today. Spit on one’s hands and hoist the black flag, indeed!


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5 responses to “America’s Gone Soviet. Elections Were Just Theater To Placate The Masses

  1. I cannot fully agree with Ann and don’t find myself particularly sad as a voter, just sad for this country. She makes good points on some things, but misses the mark regarding the pundits, those I watch and listen too were concerned with voter fraud… her accounting is not completely accurate. Now, here is where I agree; the left continues to march on, apparently unopposed… the real fault lay with an American public which has disengaged more and more from what is vital or substantive and is only interested in the superficial of personality and celebrity, hence we are left with the empty suit, they and the press have manufactured as president. The root of the problem or better written, roots, are everywhere, our families (what is left of the them) our schools, our churches (yes our churches, vacuous secular temples of feel good) our judicial system to name a few, but most problematic of all to fix… the entirety of our entertainment and media culture. We are a society quickly losing its virtue en masse. I don’t plan on dying any unnatural death, at least at the hand of any man I see first, but like many others Ann, I will continue to fight and speak out. I won’t give up on America so easily.

  2. Laura

    Reblogged this on Here and Now.

  3. Barnhardt says the republic was overthrown four years ago. I’m tired of people with short memories cutting the republican party so much slack. The republic was overthrown in the 19th century. Even before Abe “I-Wipe-My-Ass-With-the-Constitution” Lincoln took office, Nathaniel Macon, in 1832, said the Constitution was dead.
    I don’t believe the GOP is an actual party, anymore. They were originally what the democrats are now. Then, somehow, the democrats became the same as the repubs. This seems like a coordinated effort; accuse me of wearing a tin foil hat if you want.
    Proof that the GOP is a fake party is in the inability to find a republican who actually works for the things that the party is supposedly for. Instead they bring us the patriot act, DHS, war on terror, war on drugs, and refuse to actually try to overturn anything the dems have done that they are supposedly against.

  4. I have to agree with Ann, the national elections are a cleverly orchestrated charade to make the public think they actually have some say in what goes on in Washington, and it pretty much works.

    I have several articles posted on
    that make mention of this and also what a sham our “two party” system really is. Unfortunately, this problem goes all the way back to Lincoln and his Marxist/republicans and nothing has really changed since then. If you want to learn how all this started get the book “Lincoln’s Marxists” which is available on and do some homework. You may not like what you read but you will learn from it.

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