They Want Blood


A nation is on the precipice of French Revolution-styled bloodbath as the MarxoFascist Left and Union Thugs call for blood.

The Left.  The Right.  Secularists.  Christians. Socialist Liberals.  Conservative Constitutionalists.  Democrats.  Republicans.  Unions.  Non-Union.  Government Sector.  Private Sector.  Welfare State.  Individualist State.

The divide between Americans gets deeper, more entrenched and the calls for open violence are escalating.  Not since the early 1860’s has the nation been at a crossroads of impending violent conflict.  As the nation declines and the economy collapses into a MarxoFascist tyranny – Obama’s regime is stoking  civil conflict while at the same time preparing domestic agencies for a bloodbath via buying up millions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition. At the same time, as tea leaves point to conflict –  myriad factions and groups are readying themselves for what appears to be an inevitable course towards violence.

The canary in the mine may have just been the latest round of union thug violence.

The MarxoFascists and their gravy Train sycophantic worshippers of the State, along with the money-laundering operation between Unions and the Democrat party are already getting violent, threatening to kill their opponents while taking to the streets.  Merely questioning their demands, or being opposed to their monopoly on cronyism – is met with violence.

This kind of intimidation, coupled with a kind of ‘austerity’ of devolving Union thuggery from it’s iron grip over a man’s right to work without confiscatory dues that go to Democrat politicians in exchange for more monopoly – is a precursor to the seething rage of America’s unity boiling just below the surface.  The moment someone stands up to Obama’s Brownshirt Union thugs and the MarxoFascists in power – it all comes unravelled and these promises of blood, will not go unfulfilled given history.

Democrats threaten violence – “There will be blood”

Jimmy Hoffa Warns Of “Civil War”

White House Refuses To Condemn Union Violence

And of Course Obama’s Propaganda Media is silent, when during the TEA Party rallies and opposition to ObamaCare the same media went overboard to castigate the protesters as racists, bloodthirsty demons, insurgents, ‘screaming racial slurs/epithets’.  But when actual violence and threats for bloodshed are screamed by Union thugs and Democrats….. crickets.  Redefinition of what actually is going on.

Networks Skip Union Violence in Mich., Insist Protesters Are Simply ‘Voicing Their Anger’

ABC, CBS, NBC Are Censoring Footgage of Union Thug Violence in Lansing

Michelle Malkin makes notice of the same trend:

‘There Will Be Blood’ – Union Violence in the Age of Obama

Not so many moons ago, President Obama urged us all to “make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.” He Who Heals advocated “a more civil and honest public discourse” in the wake of the January 2011 Tucson massacre. As usual, though, the White House has granted Big Labor bullies a permanent waiver from the lofty edicts it issues to everyone else.

This week, menacing union goons unleashed threats, profanity and punches in Michigan, which is now poised to become a “right-to-work” state. Obama met the initial outbreak of violence with the same response he’s given to every other union outbreak of violence under his reign: dead silence.

Obama’s Union thugs and MarxoFascists may say they want blood now. Once that turn begins, America will rue the day it started.  If civil war be our lot – the slaughter may not stop until millions are lost to it.

And maybe that will be God’s Righteous Judgment for our own slaughter of 2 generations of unborn.



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3 responses to “They Want Blood

  1. Dacid

    So where did the middle class come from?

  2. invar

    Not from Unions I can tell you that.

    The Middle Class came from the ability to own private property and enjoy the fruits of our own labor. Not from having money robbed from a worker so 95% of it can go to elect Democrat Socialists.

    Unions bankrupted GM, Hostess and a myriad of other businesses they ran into the ground.

    Unions are a scourge on this nation. A criminal enterprise, like the Mob – run by the Mob, acting like a mob.

    Unions are the tools of Communists and Marxists. Unions have wrought more damage and harm to people’s livelihoods than the government itself. But Americans have wised up about Unions – and this is why Unions are dwindling to irrelevancy and screaming bloody murder when they can’t have their way when the companies they bully go out of business and all their members are left out in the cold.

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