Obama Sets Table For Abolishing 2nd Amendment

Obama's crocodile tears

Obama: “Are we prepared to say that such violence upon our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom?”

Never letting a crisis go to waste for the purpose of shoving his Marxist agenda down our throats, his Heinous: Barrack Hussein NerObama,  tonight used the occasion of a prayer service for the slaughtered children and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary as the springboard for gun control, gun bans and the ultimate goal of abolishing the 2nd Amendment.

Of course this is coming from the regime that supports full-term infanticide and ‘walked’ assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels and heavy weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria and Libya where the slaughter of innocents continues daily. The same man who just celebrated Korean Rapper PSY who sang about killing Americans, a President who had no comment about the threats and violence Union thugs rained down on Michigan last week – tonight – lectures America about violence. Hypocrisy does not matter when there is an agenda to disarm the American people from possessing the ability to defend themselves from a tyrannical government and a deteriorating animalistic society.

In the minutes since the tragedy began unfolding last Friday – the gun-banning hordes of liberal Socialists, Marxists, Gun Ban Advocates and government Alphabets have been incessant in their demands to get guns out of the hands of Americans by insisting it is our liberty to arms that generates the slaughters we are enduring of late.  I’m not going to bother to list the literally THOUSANDS of sources that quote everything from government officials, state governors to Hollywood imbeciles screaming about the need for gun bans and more gun control in the wake of this rampage.

Of course you would be silly to think Congress would uphold their oaths to the Constitution, which most of them see as nothing but an obstacle to be abolished.  Dianne Feinstein announced today what many knew instinctively was going to be inevitable upon our Constitutionally-protected liberties.

Not missing a beat, Obama – after his crocodile tears moment on Friday, took to the airwaves Sunday night to again, insert his political agenda of disarmament of the American people to the forefront.  His sickening screed, carried all the insinuation that he plans to act on his own authority if Congress does not do it for him by stating he “… will use all the power I have” to end the violence.   All for the children, of course.

His Heinous told the nation that “we will have to change” to prevent such horror in the future. ‘Change’ of course in Obama’s lexicon means abolishing the Constitution and the Rule of Law for the imposition of his Marxist worldview.  “We can’t tolerate this any more, these tragedies must end, and to end them we must change … We can’t accept events like this as routine.”  Obama belched, pretending to be tearful at times.  As always, he did not offer any specific policies, but made it certain in the coming weeks he will use whatever powers he can “in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this.”  That prevention is of course – gun bans and abolition of our divine right of self defense.

Even Communist China made demands that America makes no delay in enacting gun control. Why does Communist China care about American gun ownership?  Perhaps they have future plans for our mainland?

It’s a cacophony of deafening noise now.  Media outlets are injecting the MarxoFascist narrative of the necessity of banning guns at every opportunity, suggesting that the Connecticut rampage has changed the political  dynamic of opposing gun control.  The Sunday political porn shows for Obama all stated the same rhetoric from talking points probably sent by the White House; that the shooting rampage was ‘the final straw’ in the gun control debate – and it was time to end America’s nightmare of citizens having the right to own firearms, asserting they had a moral imperative to ban and restrict their ownership and availability.

I imagine any opposition vocalized or stated of the Marxist agenda towards disarming American citizens, will be met with the Alinsky-styled suggestion that anyone supporting our Constitutional Rights advocates killing kindergartners.  Of course, coming from advocates of killing infants in the womb – the hypocrisy will be lost on everyone else rushing to hide themselves from any labels the MarxoFascist Left is going to paint on them.


So a reminder as the political demands for defacto abolishment of the Second Amendment reaches screeching levels from the Regime and the Ruling Class oligarchs in D.C. – genocides by national Socialists/Marxists by their own people always occurs after they are disarmed by those regimes.

Time will tell if the Sandy Hook School rampage was a Reichstag fire, or merely another crisis capitalized upon by the demons in D.C.  But make no mistake – disarming the American people is now a top priority.  If they manage to achieve this – then our genocide at their hands in not far off in the future.  Mark these words, because history teaches that to be a fact.


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2 responses to “Obama Sets Table For Abolishing 2nd Amendment

  1. gregory rink

    I am awaiting for God to let our community know what to do! We are all willing soldiers for God and His will! We pray for you Invar! Speak on Brother in Christ!

  2. Dan III

    If the unconstitutional soetoro-obama comes after our 2d Amendment rights….rights bestowed upon us by our Creator, then it will be time for all good men to come to the aid of our country. That is….DEFEND the Constitution and the BoR with our lives. One’s life will truly change if we must act with violence against the tyranny of soetoro-obama and his many minions, minions of who many are neighbors, friends and relatives.

    God Help Us.

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