Biden: Obama May Use Executive Order To ‘Deal With Guns’.


Obama flexes his dictatorial muscles as the Vice President reveals plans to use Executive Orders to ban guns and gut the 2nd Amendment.

“The President is going to act” says Vice Dictator Joe “Bite-Me” Biden in regards to impending infringement on Americans’ God-ordained Right to arms.  Calling the movement to ban, abolish and even confiscate firearms from American citizens a “moral issue” in the wake of the Sandy Hook school massacre, Biden heads an Obama-appointed ‘task force’ that will recommend sweeping gun control measures on all Americans.  He met with ‘victim groups’ and outlined Obama’s plans to act on his own should Congress fail to do as Obama demands in regards to his effort to establish a federal gun grab.

“There are executives orders, there’s executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet. But we’re compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action that we believe is required.  It’s critically important that we act.

“As the president said, if you’re actions result in only saving one life, they’re worth taking. But I’m convinced we can affect the well-being of millions of Americans and take thousands of people out of harm’s way if we act responsibly.”

And ‘acting responsibly’ means  banning, restricting and even confiscating guns from the American people.  Obviously Executive Orders trumps the Constitution as Obama’s State media and Ruling Class oligarchs continue to establish the narrative and fuel the zeitgeist for Americans to surrender their arms to the Obama regime; either willingly – or via intimidation such as publishing the names of all gun owners.

Notable in attendance at the meeting is Eric Holder, the man behind Operation Fast & Furious – Obama’s first failed attempt to initiate public support for sweeping gun control. He’s the guy who 17 years ago stated that the government should ‘shame’gunowners and ‘brainwash’ Americans into rethinking their stance on gun ownership – the same way they ‘changed’ national views on smoking.

So it’s no secret what the MarxoFascist tyranny now ruling us seeks to accomplish.  All tyrannies with revolution, change and genocide on their minds, always disarm their people before subjugating and exterminating them.

The fuse may be about to be lit on an almost certain conflagration of resistance when they make this last mistake.  A mistake that this author believes is intentional, given the historical need of Marxist despots to initiate a bloodbath in order to exterminate political opposition and establish iron -fisted tyranny that the people will demand and beg for, in order to ‘return to normal’.


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2 responses to “Biden: Obama May Use Executive Order To ‘Deal With Guns’.

  1. People die every day in car accidents…should we ban all automobiles because of a few bad drivers? People die in plane accidents, should we ban and shut down all airlines? More people died from someone hitting them in the head with a hammer last year than a gun…should we take all the hammers off the shelf at Home Depot and Lowes and take them away from all construction workers too. No matter what you do, there are psychos who will enter schools and malls and attempt to harm people. If all the guns are taken away from law abiding citizens, then you will see this type of activity increase because the criminals will think that they will be unopposed. The administrations arguement holds no water, one life will NOT be saved, instead thousands more of innocent lives are taken by criminals…Nazi Germany he we come, unless we stand up America! The 2nd Amendment was put there for a reason and these elected officials who WORK FOR US BY THE WAY, should stop telling us what to do. Cut the deficit, stop the pork, serve the people and stop thinking you are above the law. You are SERVENTS of the people, not the other way around! Wake up America! before it’s too late…learn from the past, the government is getting too big and out of control…DEMOCRACY, majority rules, NOT MINORITY. Just because a few people make national headlines by doing the wrong this, you cannot take away the guns of tens of millions of Americans who have a right to protect their homes, family and property and who have done nothing wrong! WHEN GUNS ARE OUTLAWED, ONLY OUTLAYS WILL HAVE GUNS!! Can you say more home invasions when all the good people are unable to protect themselves????? By the way, Obamas agenda is to bankrupt the country at the same time!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

  2. invar

    It’s not about saving lives John. It’s about control, subjugation and eventual extermination of this regime’s ‘undesirables’.

    This is why attempting to apply logic towards banning hammers, cars and knives makes no sense. You are dealing with a regime and movement intent on subjugating us, and to do that – they cannot have any kind of resistance threat and they will disarm us.

    The willing dupes who also advocate disarmament are simply the drones of the regime who look to government and Obama as god, and do not trust anyone but themselves with liberty. To feel safe – they are willing to empower the government to strip you of everything they do not like. Idiots that do not consider that they will end up in ovens and mass graves themselves by the very people they empowered.

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