Curioser and Curioser: Sandy Hook Massacre Is The Impetus For Disarmament


Conflicting accounts, contradictory statements, bizarre timelines and the mad rush to disarm the American people raise eyebrows and alarm.

I’m not a conspiracy consumer by nature – but Occam’s razor does figure predominantly in the end-justifies-the-means morality of the MarxoFascists who are now working furiously to disarm the American people.  The incredibly rushed and government-led push to sweeping gun control and disarmament is reaching critical mass as Obama seeks to keep the issue hot while stoking his regime and Congress to act fast.
Keeping true to his bullying tactics that are a hallmark of Marxist despots in time past, Obama has summoned the NRA to the White House to answer to Uncle Joe Biden’s blue ribbon panel on gun control.  One can assume they will be threatened to abandon their charter and/or go along with and support Obama’s disarmament plans.
Furious efforts in several states to ban guns, magazines and issue new restrictions on possession and ownership are reaching frenzied levels.  The Mayor of Newark NJ is offering cash to anyone who turns in neighbors who own guns to the government:
On top of continuously conflicting accounts and reports of the weapon actually used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the silence surrounding the alleged perpetrator and his family, comes more grist for the tinfoil mill.  Several accounts of condolences, anti-gun awareness and fund raisers for Sandy Hook victims were set-up in the days BEFORE the massacre, adding fuel to the conspiracy conflagration.
The Daily Caller is reporting that The United Way of Western Conneticut denies the efforts to raise money from the tragedy 3 days in advance of the shooting is anything but a Google *glitch*.

“It’s preposterous,” executive vice president Isabel Almeida told The Daily Caller Tuesday, dismissing what she called a “flawed” Google search result that suggests her organization issued a statement of condolence — and launched a support fund for the victims’ families — on Dec. 11

….Meanwhile, another Google search result is adding fuel to the fire. It shows a San Jose, Calif. woman’s private effort to raise money for the Newtown victims’ families. Google’s search result shows that Desaree Juarez’s fundraising page was created Dec. 13, one day before the shooting.

What is true and accurate no longer matters in this country today, because the MarxoFascists have made setting the narrative and justifying their ends with tyrannical means, the ONLY thing that matters.  So trusting anyone in authority in this regime and all those who enable and support it’s efforts to abolish our rights and liberties, is not an option for anyone wishing to retain their rights.  There is no way to know the truth in the midst of such a treasonous and criminal cabal in power in this nation.

Given that Operation Fast & Furious was a covert effort by Obama and Eric Holder to whip up anti-gun hysteria in America – it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Sandy Hook massacre is nothing more than a means to the end, the impetus of disarming the American people.  How it happened, who really did it and with what no longer matters.  What matters to this regime in power and those who seek to rule, rob and subjugate us – is to abolish our God-ordained rights and say things like “No American NEEDS an ‘assault rifle with more than a 10 round clip”.

With the avalanche of such statements and efforts to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms – the conflicting accounts, and weird timestamps for victim fund-raisers days before the massacre make everything curiouser and curiouser.  Because this regime and the Leftists supporting it, have no record of integrity or honesty – nefarious conspiracies of a false-flag Reichstag fire massacre, is not easily dismissed out-of-hand in our current state of things in this post-Constitutional nation.


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