DHS and Military Prepare For ‘Civil Unrest’ In USA This Summer


DHS and DOD are conducting desensitizing exercises to military occupation all across the U.S…. preparing for mass civil unrest in major U.S. cities.

If one is connecting-the-dots about the recent DHS purchase of billions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition, the distribution of armored personnel carriers to local police departments and military drones being given the green light by the Obama regime to kill American citizens if they are deemed a ‘threat’– it should also come as no surprise that DHS and the regime in power are busy training for war in and around American cities.

Considering this regime in power has repeatedly declared “Right Wing Christian Extremists”, returning veterans and gun owners to be domestic terrorists – it is not hard to deduce whom the government sees as the enemy to be warred upon.  I find it interesting that as Obama and his MarxoFascists ratchet up the division and get more in-our-face while screaming about disarmament and abolition of our Constitutional Rights – the timeframe discussed for ‘civil unrest’ is stated to be this coming Summer.

All of this happening at the same time Obama has taken down Southern border security, reducing our nuclear weapons stockpiles and making overtures of negotiating directly with the Islamofascists in Iran.  Of course now, Obama has more flexibility t0 do our enemies’ bidding.

Can you say “Trojan Horse Obama?”


DHS Source Tells Why Military Trains in U.S. Cities

A news article was sent to me earlier this week.  It appeared in the Beaufort Gazette.  The article stated that later this week about 150 Marines and Navy personnel will holdrealistic urban trainingin Jasper County, South Carolina.

This was one of many joint military-local law enforcement exercises that had come to my attention in less than one month.  Held in cities across the U.S., they were becoming more common and more intense.  But why?  Why train in populated towns and cities where accidents could produce unnecessary casualties?

Realistic Urban Training is happening all over the U.S.  In Miami, Florida on January 26, 2013, Army Backhawk helicopters swooped through the city at night, firing door-guns and chasing make-believe bad guys like something out of an action movie.  The fired blanks echoed off of the buildings, scaring many residents into taking cover.  The local news reported excitedly about the exercise, stating it was only a drill and for residents not to be concerned. However, there was no journalistic follow up asking hard questions.  Such as, who authorized an exercise without informing the public?  Why conduct this type of training in a populated U.S. city and put citizens at risk?  Isn’t this a violation of Posse Comitatus?  No hard follow up questions were asked, and to my knowledge, have not been since.  Not even when the same exercise occurred in Houston, Texas on January 29, 2013.   The U.S. Army along with other agencies took over the Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston on Monday. Alarmed residents called police and complained about gunshots and helicopters.  No details were provided about the training.  Watch the KTRK-TV Houston report and hear how alarmed residents responded after hearing gunshots and seeing military helicopters flying over their homes.

…Wednesday, January 30, 2013.  The same types of exercises were conducted in Galveston, Texas.  The Houston Chronicle reported The training involved about 80 soldiers from the U.S. Army Special Operations Command in coordination with local law enforcement.

I spoke with a high-ranking, military source in DHS.   Preferring to remain unnamed for obvious reasons, he told me, “DHS and DOD are conducting desensitizing exercises all across the U.S.,” he paused, then added, “we’re being prepared for mass civil unrest in major U.S. cities.  DOD will be expected to help – when we’re requested.”

I asked if there was a timeline for expecting civil unrest in our cities and why should we expect it to begin with.  I was told that there were many reasons, but that the continued devaluation of our currency, the predicted history-setting prices for gasoline this summer and the continued gun control debate are forming a perfect storm of civil discontent.  When this storm hits, it will most assuredly produce mass casualties.  When does DHS expect this to happen?  This summer.

From a high-ranking source deep within DHS, who has strong DOD ties, we are being told that joint DOD-local law enforcement exercises are to desensitize us to military occupation.  When asked if there was any concern about violating Posse Comitatus, he stated “no concern at all,” and added, “That’s been a non-issue for a long time.”

Reuters recently reported Jesse Jackson’s request for armed TSA in the streets of Chicago.  Is it no longer a question of IF we see armed soldiers patrolling U.S. streets – but WHEN?  And notice the way most mainstream media presents these training exercises.  They are presented nearly like entertainment.  The ones approaching public service announcements mostly center on what areas to avoid because of traffic closures.

No major concerns about military patrolling our streets are being spoken in national dialogue. Those that do are assigned fringe status.  But in closing, I’d ask where do these training orders originate?  Who is responsible for issuing the orders and at what level in DOD/DHS do they originate from?  Since it crosses all military branches, we can assume it comes from the highest levels.  Perhaps we should begin asking our elected officials to dig a little deeper into the subject.  And if they will not, perhaps we – the People – should.




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43 responses to “DHS and Military Prepare For ‘Civil Unrest’ In USA This Summer

  1. Esther

    Such nonsense. You have to hide from CNN and the Times publications to believe this hillbilly nonsense

  2. the obamanation

    Such nonsense. You have to watch CNN and Times publications to not believe this. You know….the ones who no longer know what constitutes news.

  3. Average joe

    In your wet dreams!!!! Hahaha get a grip

  4. Anonymous

    You’d better think again ESTER! It is happening and people like you will be hollaring “Why didn’t somebody stop this from happening?”

  5. Jeremy

    So the military will follow.orders rather than upholding their oath. That’s bad news for America. Welcome to nazi America.

  6. invar

    As usual Esther from Obama-Goose-stepping MarxoFascist stooges such as yourself – you do not refute or provide any proofs to debate any link, fact or substance provided in the OP – so you like all you leftist ideologues simply declare what you hate to be ‘hillbilly nonsense’.

    Hillbillies have far more sense, manners and shooting skills than any of you high-falootin’ stormtroopers for Obama are capable of.

  7. Trent

    Damn, if we are planning some crazy war on the people we all swore to defend….I wish they would atleast let us know. Bloggers like this guy seem to forget that the vast majority of gun toting law enforcement and military men are republicans and took their job because they love this country more than the average citizen does. Does he not realize the ones that would supposedly carry out these redicilous accusations are Americans also? Does he actually think a federal agent or soldier is going to go to war against his own freinds and family? They swore to defend this country and are willing to die for the American public…yet this fool makes ridiculous accusation and disrespect the ones that he will have in the event of a true attack on Americans. He probably feels like he can fight off an entire foreign army with his hoards of rifles, ammo and MRE’s but the truth is…if a foreign military wanted to take out his entire neighborhood he couldn’t stop them. You know who could though? That big bad American military that he is disrespecting for some reason because they are training on America city streets. To a logical person, training on the same streets you may need to defend someday seems like a very good idea for obvious reasons. He can try and rally his fellow extremists and pretend some bullcrap war is coming, but the truth if the matter is…there isn’t even another military that could stop the US government from taking what they wanted…what makes him think his daddy’s shotgun can stop them? But luckily for him, the people that defend his sorry ass are good people and wouldn’t do that, so he should try and just relax and enjoy his great country and be thankful for the ones that keep it that way and stop living his life in fear of make believe mayhem.

  8. Anonymous

    Ditto Trent!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Trent, In some ways I agree with you. In the event that civil unrest does unfold there will be many soldiers and law enforcement that stand up for our constitution and fight alongside the American Civilian Patriots. But lets not pretend that there is nothing to worry about because the “military will protect us.” It is obvious that there is an imperialistic presence involved in global politics and that presence has certainly infiltrated the American Political scene. We have been slowly stripped of our 200+ years of constitutional protection that has made living in this country great. We have had most of our civil liberties stripped. False flag tragedies are happening every few months. They regime is aiming to remove from the civilian population, the very same weapons that they use in military missions. (and its not about safety because more people die by hammer than “assault rifle” in the US). We have drones killing Americans, sensorship of the internet, detention without trial, everyone who disagrees with the US is labeled a terrorist. (including peaceful protesters). Since 9/11 there have been multiple new federal agencies that are now operating in the US and preparing for war by buying billions of bullets and armored vehicles and secret teams. This was never neccasary before. Now we are to believe that there are terrorists everywhere and we should all be afraid of them. Listen Trent, I know that you want to believe that there is good guys and bad guys and that we are the good guys, after all thats what we have all been taught since elementary school, but its just not that simple. The American Government has not been for the people by the people in a long time. Revolution has been on the way since 1933 when we sold out our financila security to the wealthy globalist who created the privatized banking scam we currently see destroying our economy. Obamas drones and Sandy Hook are just more fuel for the fire. I have military and law enforcment friends. We have talked at length about possible outcomes with where the United States is headed. The one theme that is always at hand is that no one trusts the government anymore. Not civilians, or military. I know who my friends and comrades are. The problem is I am not sure how deeply rooted our enemy is inside our cultural system. Any man trying to disarm me, or force me to live under marshall law, or trying to take my constitutional rights is my enemy. Ask yourself Trent, who are your enemies. PLEASE PLEASE dont say Al-Qaeda, or Adam Lanza, or the NRA. If these are your enemies that you just dont think for yourself.

  10. Anonymous

    I believe if it came down to it they would use Nato troops or troops from another country,because they wouldnt have a problem shooting Americans. jmo

  11. Anonymous

    People in Germany wouldn’t believe the govt was killing it’s own citizens either: as Auschwitz was pumping out 12,000 crispy jews a day.

  12. dymo

    a friend of mine that has been in the military for 20 some years and a green beret,(God Bless Him) told me that they, the military has been doing these exercises since the 80’s…..

  13. Here’s what appears to be the 2013 timeline: In about a week the sequestration budget cuts begin; shortly after millions will lose their welfare and food stamps due to “budget cuts”; sometime by this summer the stock market and the US dollar collapse; millions of desperate Americans take to the streets in protest of losing their benefits and hyperinflation; some will bring their guns and that’s when martial law is declared. Of course the DHS will be ready to deal with the unrest. This can’t be good.

  14. invar

    Trent, you are either totally clueless and did not bother to read the supporting links and proof presented in the OP – or you are a disinfo ‘truth squad’ agent for Obama’s regime.

    You make the outrageous claim the LEOs and military love this country more than the rest of American citizens. How arrogant. That puts you in the Elitism category of which given the statements of leading LEO’s in urban areas – also share. They say things like ‘average citizens cannot be trusted with firearms’ etc. and give themselves godlike status in terms of what they say is their mandate to ‘protect us’. The facts and news of the past few years plainly teaches us that cops are there to protect themselves and kill the family dog and terrorize citizens in wrong house busts. Or, when they are threatened – they panic and shoot up every suspect without so much as a pause. (i.e.: Dorner hunt in CA where several citizens were shot with no warning from LEOs who assumed their trucks were Dorner’s).

    Will law enforcement and military open fire and kill Americans? I know for a fact that most cops have no problem enforcing any order given them. Most are there for the paycheck and will do whatever they are told. Some have actually written and said they will go and confiscate citizens firearms if an order comes and kill anyone who attempts to stop them, because we lowly citizens have no right to firearms. Here’s one cop who wrote the following reply to the question as to whether he will confiscate the guns of citizens in ‘American Handgunner’:

    “Absolutely I would and for several reasons.
    1st. my job is on the line. I may not like it, but I will follow orders. If I don’t and someone is killed because of my inaction to follow orders, I may be left high and dry by my dept.
    2nd. I have a gun. I will get to keep my gun. Nobody will take my gun home because I am the law. I will take your gun. See #1 above.
    3rd. I believe in the Constitution, but it is a living document. With the way gangs and illegals are today, I want all the guns off the street. Only law enforcement should own guns. You don’t have the ability or desire to train and be profecient with a weapon. A single shot shotgun is about all you need for home defense and I’m really pushing my comfort zone to accept that.
    4th. I will confiscate any weapon I find. You have a gun? You have a permit? Your gun is mine. I’ll let you spend a few thousand dollars with the judge to get your gun back if you really want it that bad. It doesn’t cost me a thing to confiscate your weapon, but it will cost you lots of time and lots of money to get it back. If need to depending on the weapon I may add charges even if I have to make them up to keep you away from the gun.
    5th. I am sick of the .gov is coming after us. I know barrel jerkers like so many gun nuts are hoarding guns and ammo. Keep it up, because when we do come for them, I already know your neighbors won’t support you. Why? Because I am the law. You are guilty till the judge tells me you are not.”

    You sir, sound just like this jerk. Telling us not to worry about the arming of DHS and the militarization of our police while legislation is being rammed through at a rapid pace to disarm the American people. You instead tell us to lay back and enjoy the country because arrogant people like yourself are “defending our sorry asses”. Us lowly and inferior citizens who do not love the country as much as you and your fellow badge-wielding posse’s do.

    You do no such thing. You defend only your own arrogance and paycheck. You and those like you are the reason we fear this regime in power and the agents that work for it, because clearly you see us as an enemy and a threat, while we see you as the same due to the facts outlined above in the essay of this entry.

  15. Say No To Homophob and gunloving Idiots!

    oh boy,no wonder the rest of the world is laughing about the dumb conservatice americans and their crazy gun culture and dumb patriotoc behavior und brainwashed bible talking.thanks for the entertaining,always a good laugh to read such blogs filled with crazy paranoid talking! 😀

  16. invar

    We Americans can care less that you MarxoFascists say the rest of the world is laughing at us. We crazy gun culture dumb patriots and brainwashed bible Americans are armed to the teeth and waiting for you tyrants to make that last mistake. You won’t be laughing once you goose-stepping Marxists make that mistake. And we know it’s coming and we’re waiting for you idiots to attempt that which will result in a fight you will regret you started. You can run to daddy Obama and hope HIS GUNS and drones will save you from those of us you hate – but that simply illustrates how morons like you end up supporting genocide of your own people that you want to get rid of.

    But we know this of you people already – and the time for talk is over. We’re just waiting for you to make that last mistake and the gloves will come off as well as the safety’s.

  17. Anonymous

    You Sir, are the idiot. We know what’s happening and we aim to stop it lawfully and peacefully. But you and those like you will be the ones to start a war or revolution against many of the same people that either supported you as a law enforcement officer or what ever your profession is or may be. Why is it you all are so blind to the goings on around you? Do you live in a fairy tale or lala land that we all seemed to have missed somewhere! Did we make a right turn instead of a left turn. I say to you and all of those like you, bring absolute 100% proof that our govenment and law enforcement entities are not doing any of this and that our lawmakers are not involved in this. Proof is positive so bring it on!

  18. invar

    The evidence and proofs that the Obama regime, the DHS and the Alphabets are preparing for civil unrest is linked to in the blog entry. Even talk radio host Mark Levin stated that the arming up of our government is because they intend to collapse the economy and deal with the unrest that follows. It does not take a rocket scientist to connect-the-dots of what is being prepared against the American people by the MarxoFascists.

    Those that ridicule these facts are engaging in the Rules For Radicals Alinsky tactic of smearing the messengers with ridicule to discredit the truth, and in short they are part of Obama’s online ‘truth squads’ that now infiltrate most conservative forums, blogs and news comments to do this regimes propaganda.

  19. Say No To Homophob and gunloving Idiots!

    you guys made me laugh again,thank you!!! 😀
    marxofacists??? LAMO 😀 i almost forgot that you conservative americans are not the brightest when it comes to history and education!
    have fun with this kind of creepy delusional thinking! 😉

  20. invar

    Ah yes, Alinsky yet again. You tyrants really need a new playbook because we’ve read-up and studied the one you keep using.

    That you MarxoFascist ideologues have attempted to rewrite our history and heritage is no big secret. We Conservatives simply reject your efforts to remake our society and transform us into a Communist hell-hole.

    And just so you know – we’re no longer laughing at the likes of you Leftists stooges for Obama.

    We’re locking and loading and waiting for you creeps to make that last mistake.

    A mistake you and your bunch will rue you ever attempted to impose upon a free people.

  21. Anonymous

    I want some flapjacks

  22. @Trent: I am a combat veteran, and I wish you would not speak for everyone who has served. My 10 years of service and 2 combat tours have taught me that there are 4 factions within our military. The first one is exactly as you described. They are patriots who love this country. The second one is the lapdogs who will do what they are told even if it violates the law of land warfare and the Constitution. The third group would love to take over the government but not for the sake of the people or the federal government. The 4th group served their country with honor, but they have never witnessed the other groups with their own eyes, and they are clueless to their existence. I am not saying that you are not a patriot. I am simply stating that there are a multitude of civilians that I would be honored to stand beside to defend this nation (Notice: beside, not in front of, we are equal) .They are willing to give their lives for their freedom. How can you give more than your life? Either you are a paid troll, your worldview is getting in the way of you seeing the truth, or you have not had to deal with it. For some time, I have been telling my friends that I feel that something bad is going to happen in March because there are plenty of warning signs. I hope I am wrong. I also do not agree with the author or anyone else lumping us all together. I speak for myself. These thoughts are mine alone. The military is a reflection of the overall society. If people want to change the values of those in uniform, they should start by teaching those values to their own children.

  23. invar

    Well stated, but a point to be made sir – this author did not lump you together with the cabal stoking unrest. I provided links and dots to connect in terms of analyzing where, why and when all of this is happening.

    What you state is true about the military being a reflection of our current society. More takers than makers. I know a whole mess of Guardsmen with tours in the sandbox who told me point-blank after asking them about their oaths to the Constitution – they are only there for the paycheck and will do whatever they are told, including disarming citizens. Constitution is irrelevant to them, and those are the actual words they used. They are there for the money, and they want to get home. Whatever it takes to have both.

    Not all think that way – but I was surprised by how many actually do.

    Since society now has a greater number of people beholden to government, and the younger crowd worshipping Obama and his policies in large numbers of supporters – that demographic also now exists in the military.

    Something wicked this way comes. This sequester, the gun ban legislation and whatever is going on with Iran right now – makes for a very dangerous portent in our near future.

  24. JANE

    I guess none of you were around when KENT STATE HAPPENED????

  25. JANE

    well , lets say, If there was a collapse and if there were thousands of people laid off, ( which is going to happen ) , and the borders were unsecured, ( which is going to happen ) and there was a food shortage or sharp inflation, there would be a lot of pissed off people, ( and that just keeps happening)!! I think there most certainly could be a lot of civil unrest, especially in the bigger cities where it happens in summers anyway without much of anything, other than ITS HOT and people are cranky, but people who are hungry, get a lot CRANKIER! And people who have NO JOBS and no prospects and whose families are starving? Well, its is scary and very real!

  26. Here are my thoughts for what they’re worth: The time for talking is over. Divisive party politics too, is off the table. If Americans want to save America, it is time for UNITED ACTION right NOW! It is every American’s Constitutional and Human Right to know why their government is performing these highly disturbing military exercises without informing ordinary citizens of the reasons behind it and then notifying them of relevant dates. You are an extremely enterprising nation and a representative of each State should be chosen urgently and a date set for all to collectively meet with Obama in the Oval Office (due to the seriousness of your address). This meeting should be highly organized, well publicized in advance and as many citizens as possible should march in peaceful protest (large placards and slogans stating your ‘displeasure’!). Try for at least 2 to 3 million marchers, even if you surround the entire White House, blocks deep. Chant your grievances but very important: remain orderly and peaceful. Agenda of this meeting should demand Obama sets aside the required time (2 days or 2 weeks) – whatever is required! He must provide answers to every grievance ordinary citizens have had with what has become nothing but a Rogue Administration led by a Power Hungry Liar president, bent on destroying America – don’t forget Benghazi! Also, don’t forget – your president is employed by the Citizens of the United States of America – you pay his salary. Your tax dollars were used to buy all this armament DHS is flaunting all over America, even scaring the feathers off chickens, while back on the ranch, this president, this ’employee’, wants to disarm you all by grabbing your guns! You need to demand all independent and global press sit in on this meeting, so that he is in the hottest seat his ever found his butt throughout his lying life. No more hiding Mr President aka Barry Soetoro – whoever you are – its “face the music time” because we ain’t gonna leave until the fat lady sings!” Hell No!! Remember you are parents, grandparents, many of you have family in the military, which by all accounts, must now make the choice to mow you down or not! America is not for sale to ANYONE EVER and definitely not to some half-baked low life sob bent on destroying the American way of life! Select your representatives with care -knowledgeable people able to hit the usurper on every issue. Don’t get side-tracked – stick with the agenda and if you’re not satisfied – file a 50 States lawsuit against the president and his corrupt minions and run him out of your White House. If this president is not guilty as charged, it is up to him to prove his innocence. I wish readers to know that my suggestions and remarks above were not given out of presumption but simply because I believe in the sacrosanct Rights every human being has to live free of any form of oppression by the Divine Laws of God – because there is only One God – no matter by what name each of us choose to call upon Him.
    If Obama thinks he can even attempt to turn the USA into a Marxistic regime his got another thought coming, because it will NEVER work – not now or in 10,000 years ~ Americans will revolt big time and a blood bath will ensue for as long as it takes to free America. Americans are slow to provoke, but if I go by your history, once angered, you will fight to the last man or woman standing. Lol

  27. SMH in disbelief… some of you people have yet to accept the fact that the military will fire on american citizens( they even said it so go look it up ) and for the rest of you that think all of this is just a bunch of BS well you just go ahead and keep hiding behind the government , but dont be shocked if you end up in a concentration camp somewhere.

  28. And sorry to disappoint you ( america is not for sale ) but america has already been sold…it now belongs to china

  29. This is BS, the PEOPLE are ready for unrest because our CONGRESS of OLD, LAZY, ALCOHOLIC, COKED OUT, REPUBLICANS are TRYING to break the backs of the HARD WORKING, STRUGGLING, and TIRED OF THE BS, middle and lower class citizens. They are sell outs to big money interests and spew mouth full after mouth full of nothing but lies and made up scandal Give us jobs, let us earn a living wage, let us be the people we deserve and strive to be. Stay out of our bedrooms, leave a womans body alone, it isn’t YOURS.
    Make it affordable to stay healthy. Take care of the men and women in our Armed Services, who risk their lives to protect the home of the Free and the Brave, learn to appreciate our Firefighters, First Responders,Police Officers, Teachers, most of all our TEACHERS, these people are raising our children.
    Pull your heads out of your robust backsides, and pay attention.

  30. invar

    So Tim Presnell is a Good little Goose-stepping MarxoFascist drone. An enemy of the Constitution and our liberties.

    Let’s illustrate why.

    PEOPLE are ready for unrest because our CONGRESS of OLD, LAZY, ALCOHOLIC, COKED OUT, REPUBLICANS are TRYING to break the backs of the HARD WORKING, STRUGGLING, and TIRED OF THE BS, middle and lower class citizens.

    Class warfare Union Socialist talking points as usual from Drones like you. What you are pissed off at is that the Republicans won’t capitulate to you Union Thug supporters. I know plenty of hard-working, struggling and tired of the B.S. Americans who were ruined by Union thugs such as yourself. Watched all their hard dues go to pay for electing corrupt Democrats who haven’t done squat for them. Watch Obama take over GM in a Fascist Nationalization that would make Mussolini blush, and ends up moving production to China.

    They are sell outs to big money interests

    Class warfare again. Don’t you Marxists have any new talking points to spew outside of Marx and Engel? Funny how you lecture against Capitalism and corporations, yet your MarxoFascist Party bosses sell out our taxpayer interests to giant black holes like Solyndra, sell outs to Mexican invaders, sell outs to the UN etc., etc.

    and spew mouth full after mouth full of nothing but lies and made up scandal

    Right. Benghazi is all a lie. The IRS officials caught lying and attacking Americans you Democrats don’t like was just a lie. Fast & Furious is just a lie, even after two American border agents are dead with thousands of Mexican nationals slaughtered with guns Eric Holder and Obama “walked” into Mexico so they could have a pretext to gut the 2nd Amendment.

    The one actually lying here, IS YOU. A lying Marxist sack of crap who simply shouts at the cloudless clear blue sky that it’s not really blue.

    See, we Conservatives are informed, watchful, vigilant and studious in being alert to the criminality and tyranny you and your kind perpetrate daily. All you drones have is the low-information voter. The emoting imbecile who is ignorant of everything except what show is on cable and what the Hollywood stars are wearing.

    Give us jobs,

    “Give you jobs”???? From where? The government? Does the government create jobs? Where does government get money to do anything?? Gimme, gimme, gimmee – that’s all you people are. Leeches. Mooches. Parasites. Why don’t you take a risk like the rest of us and start a business of your own and create jobs? But no, you Marxists think businesses exist to provide you a job, and everything you demand in life. Your neighbor’s money belongs to you in your twisted, sick and perverted mind.

    let us earn a living wage,

    Right. So when will you Marxofascist stooges demand a minimum $100 an hour as a “living wage”? I mean, who determines what is a “living”? Should everyone live in a Hollywood mansion and have government mandate that be provided? of course you do. You won’t admit that because eyou have to hide behind a curtain of lies to conceal your true intentions. But we know what you Leftists want. You want to take everything you think belongs to you FROM those you are envious and jealous of.

    let us be the people we deserve and strive to be.

    Then get government OFF OUR BACKS. STOP STEALING OUR MONEY. STOP SPENDING ME, MY CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN INTO TENS OF TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF DEBT. But no. You MarxoFascists won’t do that. You drones want what you want without any opposition and by the iron fist of government.

    Stay out of our bedrooms, leave a womans body alone, it isn’t YOURS.

    Then why do you people want to force homosexuality down our throats? Why do you insist on practicing genocidal infanticide? We watched the Kermit Gosnell trial. The Nazi death camps are NOTHING compared to the horrors you cretins support in the abortion mills, just so you can have sex without consequences.

    Make it affordable to stay healthy.

    Says who, Emperor Obama your messiah? I thought the gods in your party have done that with ObamaCare? You are about to discover just how ‘affordable’ “free” healthcare is. The ObamaCare plan itself states that the MINIMUM family plan is going to cost $3000 per person in annual premiums. How’s that for making healthcare affordable, creep?

    Take care of the men and women in our Armed Services, who risk their lives to protect the home of the Free and the Brave

    Next time you have a chat with your messiah Obama, try telling him to rescind his executive order gutting VA benefits and treatments for vets.

    , learn to appreciate our Firefighters, First Responders,Police Officers,

    What you mean is that we must learn to appreciate their UNIONS. That’s what you mean. Not to honor them for the jobs they do, no. What you mean is to ‘appreciate them’ by funneling more money to their unions.

    Teachers, most of all our TEACHERS, these people are raising our children.

    THERE’S the problem right there. Teachers have no business raising OUR kids. PARENTS have the role of raising their children, not government indoctrination centers via a Marxist Teacher’s Union.

    Pull your heads out of your robust backsides, and pay attention.

    Always telling others to do that which you yourselves are in desperate need of doing.

    We’re done talking to you slimes on the Left. You cannot reason with the unreasonable or the enemies of our rights, Constitution and common sense. You simply need to be defeated and rendered irrelevant, which is what this blog is all about contributing to.

  31. Ray McLennan (@RayMcLennan1)

    your government have violated your constitution and will continue to do so until everyone rises up. To quote V ” “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”
    ― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

  32. Jack

    Conservative Americans aren’t the brightest? Huh, that’s interesting. Rush Limbaugh and George Bush JR. have higher SAT scores than a multitude of their liberal detractors including Al Franken, Janeane Garafalo, and John Kerry.

    Furthermore, Rush has a higher SAT score than Al Gore! 1530 vs 1355. Now, I’m no statistician, however, I would assert that is statistically significant.

    Not bad for an illiterate hillbilly who doesn’t believe in the boogeyman of global warming and doesn’t wake up everyday ready to capitulate to the usurpations of his majesty BHO.

  33. greybird

    I’m not on the political left or right. I consider myself politically unaffiliated. I don’t care about gun laws and I listen to all news sources. Here’s what I’m going to say: do not trust ANY news source at face value. ESPECIALLY major news broadcasting corporations, whose main allegiances (journalism? Truth? I doubt it) are at least suspect. Entertain all ideas and remember to look at all the information available as a whole. Both the Bush and Obama administrations are symptomatic of a government system which is no longer representative of the people.
    You do not need to be a liberal or a conservative to agree that power in this country has become highly tyrannical and opaque. I hate to say this, but we are on the verge of a police state, and we do not have a Free Press. I don’t have a gun, and I don’t particularly want one, but that doesn’t mean I can dismiss offhand the widespread evidence pointing towards martial law and heavy government surveillance.

    Keep in mind where we are in this country is due to many convergent factors. Leave your mind open, consider them all, and do not fall into the mind meld of extremist conspiracy or drooling masses. The truth is in between. Consider the unstable American currency, growing civil unrest, extreme weather events, the 16 trillion dollar debt, the EXTREMELY overstated risk of “terrorist attacks” (you are less likely to die of a terrorist attack than the common cold) and the amount of liberties suspended to ensure our security from said terrorists.

    This is a classic power play governments use in order to seize tyrannical power: make the people afraid. And I have no doubt – Do you??

    if you showed George Washington our country today, he would weep.

  34. there is nothing that can be done to prevent or induce anything at this point in human history. All the cards have been dealt over many centuries and humans have ended up inevitably doomed. Doom comes via either method under current circumstances. Whether it is a food shortage due to over population and wastage as the catalyst or and a resource decline or whether it be from a protected human species which no longer wars and over population by this method slams the door on fate and yet again seals doom.

    The world truly is a prison.

  35. Pingback: Anonymous

  36. tbone magoo

    Obama is going to destroy this United States, The military and police will follow orders and fire upon and kill anyone whom oppose the upcoming civil unrest. Obama will disarm the American people and declare himself King he is truly the anti christ as those whom believe in that have described. I saw this coming and will just be glad to get it started so that we can get it over with. Those of you who voted this evil monster into office i hope you suffer the most because it is because of your ignorance this is to happen. Once again as always it will be left up to the truely good and brave Men And women to put back into place a just system of government and society once all this horror is over. It may not come for a while but rest assured it is coming. Just look at all the changes for the worse this clown has implemented. He has since his time in office done more damage to this country than all the previous presidents combined! I gave him the benefit of the doubt at first. [i did not vote for him] he has failed as a leader, as an American and most of you ass kissers fell for and believed his crap so dont cry when we are all in concentration camps. I am so saddened that we have become such a nation of idiots that allowed this an administration as this to be put in office. At this point all one can do is wait for the other shoe to drop.

  37. invar

    We as a nation, if we were still moral and religious could have survived a tyrant like Obama – or even the Party of Tyrants in the DemoFascist Party.

    It was impossible for us to survive the millions of fools who made them their prince and their system a god.

  38. Anonymous

    its time for civil war.

  39. tbird

    hmm, Summer came and went. I am all about exposing corruption, but when you predict and provide false dates, it is very similar to Harold Camping predicting the end of the world.

  40. invar

    I did not provide dates. I said “the timeframe for this being discussed”

    That the regime is preparing for civil conflict is undeniable. That they are training for it is self-evident.

    WHEN they plan to do something, provoke something or respond to something – is the variable we do not know.

    But the regime IS preparing to go to war on the American citizen, or at least those they consider to be the enemy.

  41. This is biblical prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes, so I suggest that anyone reading this and has not accepted jesus into their heart get on their knees and cry out to him in repentance for your sins! P.S Hell is also real and permanant ( e.g., lake of fire)

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