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Social Security Benefits To Be Confiscated If You Refuse To Enroll In Government Healthcare


Supreme Court refuses to hear Citizens complaint about their benefits being confiscated if they refuse to enroll in mandated government care.


Tyranny marches on hand-in-hand with federal robbery and intimidation.  Refuse to to do as they demand, and have your wealth confiscated by force and be denied benefits and healthcare.   This is how the Beast of the Federal regime rules it’s subjects.  No one may buy or sell without having the mark of the federal beast in their minds and in their actions.  Read it and weep.

Supreme Court Snubs Citizens Whose Social Security Will Be Confiscated If They Refuse Government Health Care

(Snip)…Despite having paid thousands of dollars each in Social Security and Medicare taxes during their working lives—for which they never sought reimbursement—the five plaintiffs were told by officials at the Social Security Administration and Department of Health and Human Services that they had to forfeit all of their Social Security benefits if they wished to withdraw from (or not enroll in) Medicare.

At this point, one might ask why someone would want to give up Medicare. The answer is that some people would prefer to keep their existing (private) health insurance, but that for various regulatory and economic reasons insurance companies are wary of insuring people already covered by Medicare. Talk about the prototypical case of government programs crowding out the private sector!

In any event, the troubling reality of the Supreme Court’s non-ruling is twofold: First, the government now has full authority to force citizens to participate in a financially troubled program (Medicare) that was originally intended to be—and operated for almost three decades as—a wholly voluntary program. If they refuse, SSA and HHS can deny them their Social Security benefits. If they seek to withdraw from Medicare, SSA and HHS can not only deny them future benefits, but force them to repay all benefits received from both programs. Second, the Supreme Court’s unwillingness to address the issue raised here allows federal agencies to bypass Congress with impunity when drafting and implementing their own rules.

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