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Any Federal “Gun Buyback Program” = Mandatory Gun Confiscation


A Justice Department memo illustrates the fact this regime plans to implement national gun registration, followed by mandatory confiscation of firearms.

They just keep pushing and poking with their stick – hoping Americans will finally bite back and give them a justification to put all those billions of rounds of ammunition and drones to use against a people this regime wants to eliminate.  A white paper prepared by NIJ deputy directory Greg Ridgeway is titled “Summary of Select Firearm Violence Prevention Strategies” and essentially states that any assault weapons ban ‘unlikely to have an impact on gun violence’ UNLESS the federal ban is coupled with a “gun buyback and no exemptions then it could be effective.”  What that means in plain English and not ObamaSpeak – is that gun owners will be REQUIRED to turn in their guns where they will get money, probably a paltry sum – and therefore this will NOT be called ‘confiscation’ even though ‘selling your gun to the government’ will be MANDATORY. NO EXEMPTIONS.

Nearly all gun control legislation now pending is calling for bans on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and a ‘registry’ that coincides with a new “background check” where gun information will be kept in a federal database where it’s use is not being specified.  It appears this ‘white paper’ by the Department that handled Fast & Furious arming of Mexican drug cartels, is having it’s recommendations added to nearly all the legislation being introduced out there.

This white paper, written by the research arm of Obama’s Justice Department is the blueprint for the agenda against gun ownership this regime and it’s puppet-media clowns are harping on every single day.

The NRA was given this paper in the lead-up to Obama’s gun control agenda.  They outline what this means for gun owners in this ad:

If there is one thing to know from history it is this: gun registration – no matter what “common sense” legislation the MarxoFascists try to call it – gun registration always leads to confiscation (regardless if they call it a buyback program) – which always leads to extermination (which the MarxoFascists will call ‘putting down the domestic terrorists’).

Do not believe anything the Obama regime tells you about their agenda on gun control. Remember this is the regime that promised us that with ObamaCare you would get to keep your current insurance plan and keep your doctor and save tons of money, and we are finding out what overt lies those were.  Obama’s efforts are specifically designed to set the stage for total forced disarmament in our very near future.

As history teaches, every population that was disarmed was shortly exterminated thereafter.

And I discern that this is what this regime intends of it’s political enemies based on the statements and writings of those whom put Obama into power:

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