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Would You Like Some Tanks To Go With Your Bullets?

DHS SWAT squad

Obama’s DHS purchases and deploys 2,700 light-armored tanks to put on American streets accompanying billions of rounds of stockpiled ammunition.

“Nah… you’re just being paranoid” is become an echo chamber to those sounding alarms about Obama’s regime arming itself with billions of rounds of ammunition and authorizing thousands of drones to fly over the country while asserting they have a right to kill Americans they deem a threat to the state.

“You’re just paranoid”, “That can’t happen here” are mantras screamed by those presented with facts who refuse to understand that the United States has an overt Marxist for it’s president and a Communist regime being established for it’s government.

These myriad facts regarding the Obama government arming itself for use against the America people ‘in the name of security and safety” are undeniable.  DHS and the federal government have armed itself with BILLIONS of rounds of hollow-point ammunition in .40 and .38 caliber that are being staged around the country in beige painted containers.  We have seen pictures of new armored DHS APCs and have wondered aloud what they are supposed to be used for.  Now we learn that DHS has ordered nearly 3,000 of these armored MINE-RESISTANT TANKS (MRAPs) for deployment on OUR STREETS.

The Department of Homeland Security (through the U.S. Army Forces Command) recently retrofitted 2,717 of these ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ vehicles for service on the streets of the United States.


So what army is massing on our borders threatening invasion that warrant such ‘preparation’ of ammo and tanks?

Well, none….. unless you refer to Obama and the feds having opened the gates over the last 30 years to let a foreign army of illegals within our gates, but they aren’t armed with RPGs and armored vehicles for a military takeover – the government is just handing it over to them by law.

So, the only other portent for such an arming-up – is for use against the American people themselves.

There is NO OTHER REASON for this militarization.

Remember, Obama himself stated in 2008, that he wanted a civilian national security force, as powerful as the U.S. military.  I guess this is the genesis of his SS Gestapo Stasi Homeland Praetorian Guard.

Since 2009, the Obama regime has been insisting that Conservatives, returning vets and white Christians are going to become ‘domestic terrorists’.  Nary a word about Jihadists – but this regime by all facts  of its actions, appears to be preparing to go to war against the America and Americans they hate.  If you connect the dots – the picture is becoming clear.

DHS targets

Too bad so many refuse to believe what is actually happening around them.

Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile

This is getting a little creepy.
According to one estimate, since last year the Department of Homeland Security has stockpiled more than 1.6 billion bullets, mainly .40 caliber and 9mm.

DHS also purchased 2,700 Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicles (MRAP).

homeland security mrap

Modern Survival Blog reported:

The Department of Homeland Security (through the U.S. Army Forces Command) recently retrofitted 2,717 of these ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ vehicles for service on the streets of the United States.

Although I’ve seen and read several online blurbs about this vehicle of late, I decided to dig slightly deeper and discover more about the vehicle itself.

The new DHS sanctioned ‘Street Sweeper’ (my own slang due to the gun ports) is built by Navistar Defense (NavistarDefense.com), a division within the Navistar organization. Under the Navistar umbrella are several other companies including International Trucks, IC Bus (they make school buses), Monaco RV (recreational vehicles), WorkHorse (they make chassis), MaxxForce (diesel engines), and Navistar Financial (the money arm of the company).

DHS even released a video on their newly purchased MRAPs.
Via Pat Dollard:

The MRAP featured in this video is was in Albuquerque, New Mexico for Law Enforcement Day which was held at a local area Target Store. This MRAP is stationed in El Paso, Texas at The Homeland Security Investigations Office. MRAP is a Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicle.

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