“America Needs A Spiritual Cleansing” – Rand Paul

Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul says America needs a, “spiritual cleansing of the people” and explains that “salvation” doesn’t come through elected leaders.

Amen and AMEN to what the good Senator from Kentucky has to say. Now if only more Americans would understand and live the – we might have a chance to pull a Nineveh in this country before God pulls our plug for our national and collective wickedness.

Exclusive: Rand Paul Says America Needs A “Spiritual Cleansing”

The Brody File

In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, Senator Rand Paul says America needs a, “spiritual cleansing of the people” and explains that “salvation” doesn’t come through elected leaders.The Brody File spent a couple days with Rand Paul and his family down in Kentucky. Rand Paul’s wife (Kelley Paul) sat for the interview as well at their home in Bowling Green Kentucky.

Video here.

Senator Rand Paul: “I think it’s important that people know that for the country to get better it needs more than just politicians. Politicians aren’t enough and it needs resurgence through churches, through revivals through a spiritual cleansing of the people.

…“Changing a particular law is not going to make us a better people but that comes from the people themselves.”

…“I don’t want people to think that salvation comes through elected leaders. It doesn’t.”

…“What’s the number one cause of poverty in America? It’s having kids before you’re married. Can you have a law to prevent that? I don’t think any law even if you did have a law couldn’t prevent it from happening. We have to convince kids that it’s a big huge mistake not only from a religious point of view but from an economic point of view that it’s not a good idea to have kids before you’re married. The hard part is then people say you’re harsh and you’re against single moms. Well, I’m not against single moms. I just want to talk to them before they become the single mom. I want to talk to them when they’re 17 years old and convince them wait, get married and your life will be better and it’s a better way to do things.”

…”People say you shouldn’t talk about moral issues. Well, I think there are moral issues that no law will be able to fix but there’s no reason why a political leader can’t also have some impact in moral issues that really the law may not be able to fix but maybe by me saying that the marriage unit, the marriage unit, the family unit is an important structure, it’s been with us for thousands of years and we shouldn’t give up on that.”



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2 responses to ““America Needs A Spiritual Cleansing” – Rand Paul

  1. David Hammond

    We need to have the illegals removed from America, but you want to give them ammesty. I doubt his sorry ass ever work a real job in his life

  2. Pastor Robert

    It’s a great idea, but we need to keep focused on the fact that only by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ will we have a true spiritual cleansing. Being “spiritual” will not cut it. We must be Spirit filled with the cleansing power of our Creator. Only the Lamb of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, can cleanse us of our sins. To get there we must repent of our terrible sins and confess them to Him. We must confess that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and believe that God has raised Him from the dead. We must, like our founders, proclaim, “No king but King Jesus”. May God have mercy on us all. May God have mercy on our children.

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