America No More


The Marathon attack and subsequent shootout and capture of Jihadists revealed how far America has fallen into a willful Police State

I remember seeing black and white pictures of Nazis forcing Jews from their homes at gunpoint and wondering to myself when I was young, ‘why do they not fight back?’.

Gestapo 1













I could never wrap my mind around the notion of an entire people ignoring the insanity of what Hitler was preaching and the masses worshipping him as a god, and literally enabling their entire society to be transformed in just a few short years.








I could never understand how an enlightened people would fall for the demagoguery of an entire class of fellow citizens, and then cheer at their criminalization and extermination and pretend they did not know what their government was doing to them.







I could never understand how thousands of people would willingly walk themselves into boxcars for death camps or stand neatly in lines waiting to be machine-gunned into mass graves.















After the last 5 years, these pictures and these two videos – now I know.

US Gestapo2






Residents watch as police officers search house to house for the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings in a neighborhood of Watertown







Residents watch as police officers search house to house for the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings in a neighborhood of Watertown








US Gestapo






Boston Herald Media


US Gestapo4

Where it all leads:


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3 responses to “America No More

  1. Dear Patriots and lovers of America – Don’t GIVE UP! Don’t despair and say,”America is No More”. NEVER!! While all those who love her are there, she is very much still there!!
    But your beloved country is in big trouble and bleeding a main artery right now, she could succumb from her wounds. SHE needs your brave ACTION NOW! – because all words have long since been said about her progressive illness.
    It may seem that it is easy for me to talk as I am not an American, but I am as much committed to Freedom for All as you are and what is happening to your nation disturbs and saddens me to the core. Words are so trite somehow and mostly fail to convey what is in the heart – suffice to say I daily feel utterly compelled to give my support by way of comments wherever I feel it may bring a bit of hope and my husband often ends up doing the cooking!! I hope this comment says something about how desperately I wish for you all to remain ENCOURAGED AND FILLED WITH HOPE and not give up EVER – this is simply NOT AN OPTION! To feel encouraged right now (apart from the daily dose you get from your conversations with God), visit this website, whose headline article I quoted below: Political Vel Craft and read this massive article:
    Just google the headline below:

    “Day Before Boston Bomb & Texas Missile Attack: CIA, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., & Barack Obama Indicted By Congressional “Constitutional Task Force” For Crimes Against Humanity!”
    (from Political Vel Craft by Volubrjotr)

    If you have already read it or are aware of the above action, please dear Sword at the Ready et al, be inspired by it!!
    Small as my offering is here, I can only recommend that all activist groups in the US (all states), all Americans who are passionate to save your Republic (no matter from which political orientation anyone is), should set aside their differences and concentrate on the task at hand: SAVE AMERICA!! From what I have read and heard on video of Ron Paul, there is no doubt that he loves America with his whole being as I know you all do who follow Sword at the Ready and I think he is dying to have you all get together and take united action.
    When you all band together as ONE, any differences and divisions you may have now, will fall away like scales off the eyes, when you discover just how POWERFUL you stand against this terrible evil you must face and OVERCOME. What I’m suggesting here must surely already be in your minds or in the making freedom of groups that are forming and shaping up for battle all over the US as I write! If not, you need to form communities IMMEDIATELY, by neighborhood and then state by state, until you are a huge national community. While this is in the offing, work out and plan your ‘war’ strategy – which may start off as passive resistance, but may possibly turn bloody should you be called upon to defend yourselves. There are so many among you who are war vets and retired military or ex military men and women from all levels, who are exceedingly capable at defense strategics etc. Also you are richly endowed with those from the judiciary and other professional backgrounds. This organization you will form as quickly as possible will not offer a platform for egotists. You are fighting to save America and the survival of your own future and those of your children and grandchildren. This should be the goal to keep foremost in mind at all times. When your forebears fearlessly booted King George out of your Land, so can you boot out the current enemy within your own ranks!
    You have VERY LITTLE TIME and must not let another day pass, without putting these steps into action. THIS IS CRUCIAL IF YOU ARE TO WIN THROUGH – DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!! PLEASE I BEG YOU ALL!! Do not rely on your current administration although I am sure there are many minorities among them who are good people, but they simply do not have the good old fashioned guts to spill the beans and perhaps have to die for it.
    I am sure you must all realize that to regain your Freedom will take guts and ACTION! BUT DO IT!!!! ACTION IS PLANNED BY THE MIND AND IMPLEMENTED BY THE SENSES AND BODY!
    You need to get beyond this lethargy of simply continuing with your daily lives as you are used to — because your “used to”, well-ordered daily lives will soon be ripped apart by the ENEMY WITHIN on Capitol Hill and the Bilderberg foreigners who hijacked it!!!
    You will have to delve deep and access every bit of strength you have within you and God will make up for the shortfall you will find –know that! So many of you have families and often none of us realize how much we love them until they are threatened – I know many of you have become gravely aware of what unconditional love is all about especially in the last few years, months and now hours — after the terror and tragedies of Boston and Waco. That these are the types of horrors which shred the human psyche to pieces inside.
    But what you must NEVER forget is that TOGETHER YOU ARE AN IMMENSE POWER! The moment you take action to allow this UNIFIED FORCE to come into being, take shape and become an unstoppable physical and highly organized civil army, your despair will disappear like mist before the sun!
    However, having said that, it is for everyone of you to decide how much a “Completely Free America once again”, means to you? How much you value the freedom you always had and which is everyone’s inherent human right to enjoy not only in the US, but all over the Planet! Would you DIE for it? Like your Seals did at Benghazi – without flinching?
    It is the toughest call you as a civilian may ever have to face, especially when you never thought you may ever have to do so! But this is a civil call to duty by your United States of America – it is not a military call up – it is far more…it is a cry wrenched from the soul to save what is near and dear and a way of life you know you can NEVER GIVE UP as it will drive you insane to become imprisoned!! To see your children imprisoned!!
    Most of all it is your right to determine that each one of you may practice his or her faith in complete freedom across all religious denominations without threat imposed by a traitor government or any force in the Universe.
    In conclusion I can only say that as much as other countries may have reason to hate the US right now — none of them hate “YOU THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”, they hate the top echelons of your government and what is has come to stand for:
    A ruthless, corrupt, greed-driven invader and destroyer of sovereign countries all over the Planet for its own selfish ends to create a NWO and a so-called one world government.

    But this will never happen if we as freedom loving people all resist it.

    We as the common people of other nations don’t want it either and we are RIGHT BEHIND YOU and will fight to the death to preserve whatever hard won freedom we have!
    Remember throw fear out ALTOGETHER! There is no room for it in a true believer’s heart! As the old truth goes: When God is with you who has the power to be against you! The body may die, but the soul is immortal… if we but know that dying is nothing less than walking through a door… and how wonderful it is that in ‘dying’ honorably and selflessly, that God would be there to meet you!
    As I daily try to remain up to date with happenings in the USA and all over the Globe, as I visit the activist and freedom sites and read the news, I am inspired that despite of the decadence pervading and polluting our beautiful World, there is still so much Purity and Light radiating from so many people!
    Hope another Thomas Jefferson is ready and in the wings to lead America once she is safely returned to the bosom of those who cherish her with tenderness and selflessness because they care about their neighbors and all their faraway neighbors in other countries….
    God Bless

  2. The only ‘agenda’ Ron Paul has is his deep and passionate love for America and is that abiding feeling of love not the only agenda all true Americans should have? Love for one’s country is surely the most natural and inspiring of feelings — to be justifiably proud of your heritage and your nation is wonderful as it lights up and fills the spirit with kindness and this in a nutshell is what always defined and made America such a great and generous nation….. but she will bloom again even more greatly and then once more all around the Globe, everyone will fall in love with her all over again… you’ll see…

  3. invar

    I do not doubt Mr. Paul’s devotion to country. I doubt his understanding of the real world we live in and I loathe his constant blaming of our nation for instigating all the woe in the world (i.e.: They attacked us on 9-11 because we’re ‘over there’). His understanding of Jihadist Islam as a global threat and Islam in general is beyond reprobate and negligent. His statement that Iran should have nukes because they fear the USA is as stupid and ignorant as anything Obama himself is doing in arming Al Qaeda and The Muslim Brotherhood around the world. RP’s solutions to international diplomacy are rooted in naiveté and outdated notions of national security.

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