It’s Even Worse – FBI Reveals Every Piece Of Mail Is Scanned And Photographed


Your Phone, your internet browsing, your e-mails, your credit card purchases and now, – your letters and anything you send through the post office is read, photographed and catalogued.

Welcome to Obama’s Soviet Amerika.

Postal Service photographs every piece of mail it processes

According to FBI Agent James Spiropoulos, investigators accessed a Postal Service computer system that “incorporates a Mail Isolation Control and Tracking (MICT) programwhich photographs and captures an image of every mail piece that is processed.” Agents were able to obtain front and back images of about 20 mail pieces that had been processed “immediately before the mail piece addressed to Mayor Bloomberg.”


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3 responses to “It’s Even Worse – FBI Reveals Every Piece Of Mail Is Scanned And Photographed

  1. Hyperborean

    Use S/MIME or PGP. Problem solved.

  2. truebob

    This only bothers trolls, and terrorists who have a pathological need for anonymity in their day to day activities. I can’t understand why people are shocked that the government uses information technology to provide better service and has the added benefit of contributing to catching criminals.

  3. invar

    The Nazis used the same reasoning when they were implementing their form of Fascism too.

    “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”.

    That is NOT what our Founders established for us. Aside from the FACT that NONE of this ‘data mining’ stopped or prevented the Jihad attack in Boston.

    So your excuse is as stupid and inane as your insult to those who cherish their liberty to remain secure (read private) in their persons, papers and effects.

    But I know with the goose-stepping drones for the MarxoFascists – the Bill of Rights is something outdated and immaterial today.


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