Obama’s Soviet Amerika


A former Soviet warns us that we have been transformed into what she escaped from and notes the similarities of Obama’s regime and that of her former Soviet Overlords.

I love to hear the stories and warnings from those that have lived through hell on earth and warn us about making the same mistakes.  A relative of mine through marriage lived through Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, and gave us all stern warnings and lectures the last few Thankgivings about the similarities of what he saw take shape in his youth and what America is being transformed into by Barrack Hussein Obama II.

There are warnings from those who escaped Castro’s Cuba who cannot help but notice the similarities in rhetoric, program and application of Communism with Obama and his MarxoFascists in power.  In the last few weeks we have learned just how Soviet we have become under Obama.  Our phones are tapped, our e-mails collected and stored, everything we do digitally is collated, stored and known to the government.  While Obama pardons illegals and Jihad terrorists like the Taliban, his giant machine has targeted Conservative America for scrutiny and harm.  Just as so many Communist and Socialist regimes have done to their own people time and again.

But we continue to assume (wrongly) that we are free and not like those genocidal dictatorships.  We have simply grown accustomed to our own chains and implementation of Socialism at the hand of the Oligarchy in Washington D.C.

Those that have lived through similar hell know what they see happening in America today via Obama and the Democrats, for they have seen it all before, and sometimes barely survived it.

Svetlana Kunin at Investors.com is yet another of those voices warning us of what Obama has turned our nation into, for he matches the style and rhetoric of the old Soviet Party thugs who terrorized the Russian people for over 70 years.  She would know.  She escaped it during the height of the Cold War.

Obama Rhetoric Matches That Of Old Soviet Leaders

President Obama insists his policies are driven by a “common sense” approach. He also speaks in terms of “we the people” and “the government is us.”

Such declarations are reminiscent of old Soviet posters displayed for all to see: “ALL POWER BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE” and “PEOPLE AND COMMUNIST PARTY ARE ONE.”

But the real power in the USSR was in the hands of Communist Party leaders. They, in the name of the people, defined foes of centralized government as “enemies of the people.”

Similarly, Obama’s Department of Homeland Security has defined right-wing extremists as “those that are mainly anti-government, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority.”

His National Security Agency has specified that in addition to gun owners and veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, right-wing extremists also “may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.”

Soviet bureaucrats were justified in harassing and persecuting “enemies of the people.” IRS bureaucrats, empowered by NSA definitions, feel free to harass and intimidate people and groups who question administration policies.

Tea Party groups that want the government to follow the American founding documents are right-wing extremists, and pro-Israel Jewish groups need extra scrutiny by the IRS as potential terrorists.

To watch citizens in every corner of life, the Soviets relied on embedded snoops who reported on conversations and moods of co-workers and friends. The Soviets would envy the tools available to the Obama administration to spy on American citizens today.

Soviet leaders freely sacrificed citizens to reinforce their agenda, cover up incompetence and retain power. They loved to use teachable moments to demonstrate what happens to citizens who do not follow government directives.

Information accumulated on citizens was handily available and used by all forms of state media to publicly denounce, humiliate and punish non-conformists.

In the name of security, the NSA needs to use all tools available to catch terrorists. Therefore, the NSA is justified in accessing personal data of American citizens, and the Justice Department under Attorney Gen. Eric Holder spies on journalists’ emails and phone conversations.

In the Obama administration’s war on non-conformist media, Holder was preparing a show-trial when DOJ spied on Fox News correspondent James Rosen and his parents.

Few noticed the fate of the American Internet prodigy Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide in January at age of 26. In an online “manifesto” in 2008 Swartz wrote: “Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.”

Obama’s Justice Department filed multiple charges against Swartz for advocating free virtual public access to information on the Internet. He faced $1 million in fines plus 35 years in prison. Was Justice also preparing a show-trial against Swartz?

Soviet Communists professed “FREEDOM AND EQUALITY FOR ALL HUMANITY.” President Obama talks about fairness, equality and social justice.

Like Communist Party leaders in Moscow, government leaders and their acolytes in Washington lead lavish lifestyles. Soviet citizens faced constant shortages of basic necessities. Here, food stamp enrollment is up 70%.

With the implementation of ObamaCare, life in America will have even more in common with that in Soviet Russia. As members of the government had in the USSR, members of Congress will have dedicated, taxpayer-paid clinics with upscale technology and care. The rest of us will have to rely on less-expensive, low-quality medical services.

But while President Obama’s use of rhetoric, social policies and intimidation has a lot in common with Soviet Communists, his administration doesn’t rationalize all means of production. “If you talk to us, it turns out we’re pretty common-sense folks,” Obama said at a fund-raiser this month. “We don’t want to tax all businesses out of business.”

In fact, he needs rich patrons such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Google’s Eric Schmidt. Crony capitalism as practiced by his administration has more in common with “the merger of corporate and government power” that was Benito Mussolini’s approach in Italy.

Americans as a result don’t need to worry about toilet paper shortages as experienced in the former Soviet Union and in communist Venezuela today. We’ll have our toilet paper, just not our liberty and freedom.

• Kunin lived in the Soviet Union until 1980, working as a civil engineer. She is now a retired software developer living in Connecticut.


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6 responses to “Obama’s Soviet Amerika

  1. Was GWB a Marxist Tyrant too?

  2. toekneebelowknee

    Passion for Progress, why is it that not one single thing may ever be said regarding Obama without someone like you interjecting GWB ?
    Obama has naught to do with the Posterity as spoken of in the Preamble to the US Constitution. He is alien to it & wants it abolished – period

  3. Ela Brzezinski

    I was born in Poland, a socialist country. From my childhood until the age of 26, I was able to see what socialism does to people. I have seen what freedom, democracy, justice, and social equality, preached by socialists, truly stands for. And I have to tell you that the truth is very different from what is presented by Obama’s government and the media’s propaganda.

    “In socialism there is no hope, no freedom, and no pride in achievement.” I want to assure you, in socialism, nothing is free. Help from the government, if any, comes from peoples’ own capital, which was previously stolen from them by the socialist regime. Government handouts make people more and more dependent and enslaved. In socialism, there is no division between the rich and the poor. All of the people live on a similar level, regardless of their education or type of work. Everything is planned by the regime, so the workers’ earnings, or the so-called “government benefits”, are sufficient only for simple survival. In socialism, people become poorer year after year. And that is what I see is happening right now in this country.

    America’s wealth came from the efforts of individualism. Yes, in Obama’s America, the rich will be poorer, but the poor will also be poorer. It seems as if people do not learn from the past. Despite evidence of so many millions of victims of socialism and communism, too many politicians still praise this slave system of government.

    I wrote the book, “Freedom Under Socialism”, about my life experiences in the tyranny of socialism. I wrote my story not because I wanted to write a book. My book came from my great frustration about recent events in respect to our constitutional rights and liberties, which the present government is trying to erase from our history and our future. I want to warn the people and tell them the truth about what is coming to America with Obama’s “fundamental change.” I already lived by this tyranny once and when I saw what Obama’s changes have already done to this country, I am scared to live by it again.

    Socialism it has already delivered mass starvation, poverty, and terror to its own people. It promises universal brotherhood, peace, and prosperity, but delivers conspiracy which gains power through deception and stays in power with brute force. These are the facts that can be found in every history book. And we, as the American people, cannot ignore them. I am just one more voice of many, who, not by accident, came to America for the same reasons – freedom. On the other hand, have you ever seen a person who has left the United States for a better future? I haven’t. Ever.

    Our great president and patriot Ronald Reagan ones said: “America is the last free land on Earth; if we lose our freedom here there is no place to escape to.” This is so true.

    Socialism is poverty. If you are a parent, can you imagine telling your child that there is nothing for them to eat in the morning? Can you imagine telling your children that you don’t have even simple bread to feed them? I remember the time when my mother had to face this horrible truth.
    In socialism, food is not something that you can just go to the store and buy. Under socialism, food was something that you had to organize. Imagine that suddenly all of the food in stores vanished, leaving only mustard, and vinegar. That is what happened in Poland in 1980. The food was rationed, and standing days and nights in a line was the only way to get some. However, there was no certainty that one would. Food was not the only thing that we had to deal with. There were shortages of absolutely everything from food, clothing, and furniture and so on. This is the environment that I grew up in.
    Socialism means constantly thinking about how to survive tomorrow. And I know firsthand. I remember how terribly Polish families struggled to survive, because my family was one of them.

    In socialism, you do not see the wealthy people on the streets. You can only see miserable, poor citizens, with no hope for a better future. This is because their future is empty and their dreams are shallow. Life for them means to fight every day to buy ordinary bread and dream that one day they may be the proud owners of a washing machine, refrigerator or TV…

    Now I am here in the United States of America. I love my country beyond words because true life in freedom began in America for me, and not in socialism and communism. God bless America!


  4. invar

    No. Just your messiah. Bush was a simple Ruling Class Statist, not a Marxist.

  5. invar

    Thank you Ela! We would do well to heed your warnings about what we are being transformed into.

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