Update: They Finally Found One – Media Swarm A Guy Who Claims He Signed Up For Obamacare – *Update* Not So Fast…It Appears To Be “coordinated”

So this so-called “ObamaCare Signee success” turns out to be an Obama Goon that works for “Organizing For America” and president of “Walker County Young Democrats”. Everything with this MarxoFascist regime is a freaking charade, a ruse, a fake, a plant. remember all those “doctors” that were applauding ObamaCare at open air rallies? This were all plants too. Just like the ‘plants’ at Obama’s past town halls who were given scripted questions. Do note the Media swarm over this guy as if he just won the lottery. Pathetic.

The Last Refuge

updateUPDATE Via WeaselZippers:   Whoopsie,  not so fast – it appears Chad “Glitchless” Henderson is a rube, a plant, an admitted and paid OFA organizer.  His Facebook, Social Media and Twitter accounts reveal his affiliations.

…Oopsie, turns out that lucky guy Chad’s social media info reveals he “volunteers” for Obama’s “Organizing For America” , he’s President of “Walker County Young Democrats”, and his Facebook says he is paid to “promote for an advocacy group”, a comment he now says was a “joke”.

They can’t even get a real true-life person to sign up to talk to, everything with this administration is a set-up, a lie or a cover-up….  (and more)

Begin the canonization campaign….   “Saint Glitchless” After three days of intensive media searching a man named Chad Henderson claims he successfully signed up for Obamacare.   Immediately interviewed By Washington Post, Politico, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Chattanooga Times, NBC, the U.S. Dept…

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