Vets & Sarah Palin Storm D.C. Memorials – Riot Police Show Up To Intimidate

Palin WWII Memorial

Barrycades removed and returned to White House as thousands gather to protest tyranny by Obama’s shutdown.  Mainstream media is silent and refuses to even report.

The question of whether or not law enforcement will adhere to their oaths and the American people or follow orders from a dictator in the White House is being answered with all the ridiculous affronts to liberty and punishment they are willing to impose on citizens:

Gestapo Tactics’ used on American Seniors

Feds use guns to hold tourists hostage at Yellowstone

Police remove Vietnam vets from Memorial Wall

Obama Orders barricading of open air war memorials

Hired Goons at Independence Hall:

Well America has had enough of His Heinous, Barack Hussein Obama’s petulant man-child punishment of those Americans he hates.  His ridiculous use of funds and force to close open air monuments to veterans has reached the level that thousands decided to descend on Washington this weekend to force those monuments open.

But you will not read or see about much of it unless it is presented with a Confederate flag and painted in a negative light by Obama’s media goons.  It requires the use of alternative media and the internet to get the truth out.  Today Angry Americans attempted yet again to PEACEABLY assemble at THEIR memorials.

Vets Salute


Americans decided enough was enough – and they pushed passed the Barry-cades, with vets collecting the gates – and moving them.  Even this wounded war vet decided to do his part:

Vet moves Barrycade

ObamaTearDownGatesIwo Jima Planting Barrycades

Sarah Palin came with Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz to speak to the crowd:


The protest then moved on from the WWII memorial to the Lincoln memorial with Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Conservatives.

Many protesters began returning the gates and barricades to the One who sent them to be put up.  One sign on a pile read: “Return to sender”.

Tearingdown Barrycades

But the police and the agents for the regime showed up in force to intimidate the protesters.

ObamaThugsPreparearrestThey came with APCs and tear gas:

Riot Truck  at memorialRiot Police Tear Gas They came on horseback:

Mounted Police Near WH

The police begin to force out the protesters and re-Barrycade the memorials.

Police attempt to rebarrycade

They even resort to pushing back the Americans gathered at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial:

Protesters vs Police

At the White House – The Riot Police attempt intimidation and fail:

THANK YOU AGAIN VETERANS FOR RISKING YOURSELVES FOR LIBERTY!!!!!  It’s time we all STAND UP and RESIST this tyranny from Washington D.C.


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5 responses to “Vets & Sarah Palin Storm D.C. Memorials – Riot Police Show Up To Intimidate

  1. Anonymous

    WOW! What can we say? Unbelievable! Are we talking about America? Thanks for once again standing up for our Constitution and the Freedoms we have cherish for my entire life.

  2. American Disable Vet

    I cant believe that racism is still buried in so many people. As I looked into the crowd which was 99% Caucasians leads me to think, hmmm is it about the government being shut down or having a black President? Newsflash, the President didn’t shut down the government, send us to war or cause all these problems you are blaming him for. When he got in the White House these issues were already here and you who do things like have so called veteran rally’s contribute to embarrassing, ignorant moments to call yourself Americans

  3. invar

    I doubt you are a disabled vet. Common tactic for the MarxoFascists is to claim they are something they are not as to attempt more gravitas in their opinion.

    That said – it goes to figure your own racism you exhibited against white folks in your comment. I know the mainstream media has called the Tea Party ‘confederates’ and it simply goes to illustrate that you get your marching orders and understanding of the news from Obama’s propaganda machine. We wear such calls of ‘racism’ as a badge of honor coming from people like you.

    You haven’t an ounce of intelligence to your credit when you have no ability to comprehend it’s not skin color but ideology, rhetoric and actions that we oppose.

    You are too stupid to understand that not only did Obama himself shut down the government and order those barricades put up at significant cost, but he has REJECTED every offer made to reopen the government unless the GOP capitulates to every single demand he has.

    Today the GOP offered him everything he asked for – and he rejected their offer, saying he wants a permanent exemption for Unions from ObamaCare.

    You can stuff yourself. We do not consider people like you to be patriots at all. Just drones and goons for Obama.

  4. IndGuy

    Invar you are completely uninformed. Have you been gone for the last several years or just not paying attention? The Tea Party Republicans said they were going to shut down the government two years ago. Did you mis the part where Boehner agreed to open the government up if the Senate removed 70 billion from their budget? That was a compromise agreed to by Democrats and Republicans in June. That was when negotiations happened. What we are doing now is simply funding what was agreed to. Do you not follow how this works?

    It was not Obama that broke his promise, it was the Republican House because Boehner is trying to work with irrational Tea Party obstructionists and will lose his job if he allows democracy to work by bringing a bill or budget t the floor for a vote. We need to vote out every last one of these cretins to save the Republican Party and the US.

  5. invar

    So you are a Ruling Class Judenrat stooge for the MarxoFascists spouting the same talking points that were heard on MSNBC yesterday.

    That said – obviously you are CLUELESS to the Constitution – as the power of the purse WAS reserved for the House of Representatives, and they have the power to DEFUND or fund ANY appropriation. That the TEA Party decided to cut out ObamaCare funding was within their Constitutional prerogative to do.


    Obama and idiots like you are in violation of the Constitution.

    But seeing you are a STOOGE who thinks America is a democracy and not a Republic – there’s no point of having a discussion with you.

    I’m not interested in saving the Republican party – they are Judenrats and collaborators with despotic tyrants. They need to be rendered as the Whigs were.


    How’s that for “obstruction” for you pal?

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