Supreme Court To Decide In Next Ruling If America Is A Republic Or A Dictatorship


It will go-down as ‘the Day We Officially Lost the Country’ to an Imperial President if SCOTUS allows dubious Obama recess appointments

In the early 1930’s, a crumbling republic suffered a series of incremental “legal” actions that doomed it to collapse and dissolution.  A lawless minority party had it’s actions legalized and legitimized by the institutions the should have prevented the installation of a dictator.  But in 1933 Paul Von Bismark, under pressure from business in collusion with Nazi politicians succumbed to the demand that he appoint Hitler as legitimate leader of a government “independent from parliamentary parties“, which could turn into a movement that would “enrapture millions of people”.  In short, a lawless madman was made a dictator by “legal means”.

Yesterday in 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments regarding the constitutionality of Obama’s recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board.  A lawless imperial president has declared that he has the power to decide times and seasons in the order he proclaims them, in this case; when the Senate is out of session.  That may sound like a benign case of pettiness and of little importance – but it will in actuality be the most important case it decides since it made the pretzel logic ruling that ObamaCare was legal.  This decision will have even greater national impact than the debacle of 2010.  This decision will decide whether or not there is a Constitutional Separation of powers, or whether Obama can act as dictator – legally.  As in 1933, arguments are being made that Obama must ‘act independent’ of the political squabbles that he asserts cripple government from doing it’s business.

Justice Antonin Scalia ripped Obama‘s use of recess appointments to staff government agencies when the Senate is unofficially on recess. During oral arguments, Scalia shot back at an argument by U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli that the Constitution’s recess appointments clause is ambiguous enough to validate Obama’s temporary appointments.

“It’s been assumed to be ambiguous by self-interested presidents,” Scalia said, to “oohs” and laughs in the court room.

As Mark Levin noted in his show, the stakes for this case are no less than whether or not America is still a Republic, or whether SCOTUS will confirm his actions as a dictator are legal.  According to Levin, “even if we win this case, we will simply be going back to the way things were in 2009” – whereby decades of judicial activism had shoved the nation to the Left.  The stopgap in this case is reigning in a true imperial president and re-asserting that the Constitution still matters.  The life of the Republic is on the line on this one.  Depending on what is announced in June will determine if America is still a Republic or if we are now under a dictatorial oligarchy.

Remember what history teaches; genocidal and oppressive tyranny is always declared to be ‘legal’.

This Might Go-Down as ‘the Day We Lost the Country’ if SCOTUS Allows Dubious Obama Recess Appointments

Well, today’s the day we have to worry if the wobbly US Supreme Court will uphold what should seem obviously sensible rulings from three lower courts: that the Obama Administration had no business whatsoever claiming short-term congressional breaks to be ‘in recess’ and then exploiting them to ram-through constitutionally questionable ‘recess appointments’.

When questioned, the Obama WH’s only response has been ‘sue me’, which soon became a reality. Since then, a U.S. appeals court in DC -and two others- said that indeed President Obama had violated the Constitution when he used the recess-appointment power to fill seats on the National Labor Relations Board two years ago, back in January 2012.

The Senate was not meeting then, but it was holding brief “pro-forma sessions”- these sessions are specifically intended to prevent such recess appointments. Alas, the Obama administration claimed that the Senate is ‘generally not available’ to conduct business during such sessions, and went ahead and did as they pleased anyway, appointing three positions at the NLRB while making a complete end-run around Congress.

The case has now worked it’s way up to the SCOTUS, but nothing is an obvious slam-dunk in the bizarre Obama era. Sadly, the last time we expected the highest-court-in-the-land to save us from this lawless regime, constitutionalists were left scratching our heads while Justice Roberts moved Heaven and Earth to basically re-write both Obamacare and the Commerce Clause… all to stick us with the clearly unconstitutional ACA individual mandate.

Everybody can see that Obama was not acting in good faith nor the spirit of the law, except libs and MSM hacks in bed with them. But ‘everybody’ could see the government has no business forcing citizens to buy a good or service, either… yet here we are, with Obamacare being slowly implemented, relentlessly.

A lot rides on this ruling today- call it an indicator of whether Barack Obama isever going to be called-upon to obey the laws of this country… or not. What’s to stop this power-drunk, one man wrecking ball when the SCOTUS won’t defend the Constitution? As a lame-duck, he surely won’t care what you think -if he ever did- after this November’s elections, and once Obama’s been told he doesn’t have to follow any rules, either- then it’s time to really be scared.

What’s John Roberts going to do when Dear Leader finally succeeds in crashing the dollar, puts DHS troops in the streets, and cancels the 2016 elections? Same thing the MSM would do… nothing. Let’s just hope for the best today-some think the White House is unlikely to win this case, and it’s long past time somebody told Barack Obama ‘NO!’, isn’t it, Justice Roberts? On top of that,you owe us one…


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