WAR! Russia Invades Ukraine – Obama Hangs Curtains, Plays Golf



Putin’s Soviet Bear reasserts itself, invades Crimea.  Obama Regime says it is NOT an invasion, but an ‘Uncontested Arrival’.

UPDATE: Obama SKIPS National Security Meeting On Russia/Ukraine

Who needs Pravda when Soviet President of Russia Vladmir Putin has the Obama Regime on his side?

Thanks to our man-child boy-king, the world is laughing at us and taking advantage of the fact we have  treasonous wimps for leaders who have sold us out and set us up for our enemies while our own government prepares to go to war against We The People.

Americans did not want to believe that when Obama said America is arrogant and derisive, that he intended to take it down from it’s status in the world and relegate it to the bottom of nations.

That is Obama’s visceral hatred of the country and WHY in response to the Russian invasion of Crimea, Obama said: “We will stand with THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY in affirming there will be costs for any military intervention…..we will continue to coordinate closely with our European allies”.

Obama is going to hide behind the skirts of the Europeans in taking any responsibility for world stability, because in actuality – Obama supports the world becoming a Global Marxist government.



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4 responses to “WAR! Russia Invades Ukraine – Obama Hangs Curtains, Plays Golf

  1. kp152

    What exactly would you rather see him do?

  2. tombreyfogle

    He actually has press conferences about the situation – if you didn’t notice.

  3. invar

    What exactly would I rather see him do?

    Besides RESIGN, it used to be the practice of a decent LEADER of America to stand against such aggression, set the tone of opposition for the world and our allies instead of hiding behind them and leaving it for them to deal with.

    But then Obama is only skilled at drawing red lines,and then erasing them when they are crossed.

    Obama is leading America to it’s ruin and destruction.

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