Godless And Immoral Culture Embraces Homosexual Marriage


An excellent observation and a witness against both the church and the culture.

Leo McNeil

A great evil is sweeping our nation through judicial decree. In states all over the country, bans on homosexual marriage are being overturned by Federal Courts. In most states these bans were voted on by the people, usually by large majorities. The latest state to see its law overturned by judicial decree is Michigan. Within minutes of the Court overturning the Michigan law dozens of sodomites and lesbians got married at liberal county buildings all with the media present and cheering. To believe this wasn’t coordinated with the Court is to suspend rational thought. Homosexuals wouldn’t be marrying but for the decadent and godless culture America finds herself in.

Scripture is quite clear that marriage involves a man and a woman and that sexual relations between members of the same sex are an evil abomination. This history of mankind is such that until the 20th century no culture allowed people…

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2 responses to “Godless And Immoral Culture Embraces Homosexual Marriage

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t see how any of this is hurting anybody… Leo McNeil should move on and fight the real problem .. Obama killing the USA.. that’s the real enemy of the people ..

  2. invar

    Obama is a symptom of an immoral and indifferent people to abject evil.

    You don’t see how this sin hurts anyone? Try asking the baking company that was sued out of business and the owners risking prison for refusing to bend to demands they violate their religious values to support sin.

    America is destroying itself by supporting abominations and sins that erode, destroy and eviscerate the foundations that made liberty possible.

    “Our Constitution was made ONLY for a religious and moral people, it is wholly inadequate to govern any other people” – John Adams.

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