Obama Sets The Stage For Civil War In America


When a government no longer follows the rule of law, imposing instead it’s own law by decree – history teaches that a society becomes ruled  by the gun.

Legitimate government bound by the rule of law has the moral authority to uphold the law and impose justice.  A government the discards the rule of law, for it’s own rules and laws, no longer has any moral authority.  As such, the rule of law is always replaced by the rule of the gun – either to force compliance with a government’s dictates and whims, or in resistance to the government’s dictates and whims.  Regardless which is employed (usually both) – rivers of blood follow as history teaches that civil wars and conflicts are usually the most brutal.

Obama and his party (and to a minor degree the GOP leadership oligarchy) – are setting the stage for that exact consequence to be visited upon what used to be the home of the free.

What we are witnessing, is the devolution of the civil society into tyranny prompted by the incitement of anarchy.  The stoking of unrest in Ferguson by the White House, it’s attorney general and assorted race pimps like Sharpton, illustrate this fact in the local sense.

In the larger sense, the Ruling Class pass laws upon the people that they absolve and exempt themselves, at the same time they use a corrupted judiciary to strike down the will of the people to impose the will of the Leftist State.  This includes the domino fall of nearly every state’s Constitutional ban on Homosexual marriage or those laws limiting marriage to the biblical and natural law.

A despotic Executive who when not playing golf, decides what laws he will ignore and no longer enforce, while decreeing  policy as law that contravenes existing law.  This was once understood to be the definition of a dictatorship, but today the people are ignorant of facts, history and current events for the latest cultural fad via social networking.  For a people fast asleep to what is happening to them, the awakening to the cage they are shackled to will be violent, as history teaches.

Arbitrary laws mean there is no longer any common respect for the law – by either the government, or those it demands to rule.  Law is then determined by the end of a gun.  By those seeking to impose compliance or by those resisting it.  The cost of which is beyond the comprehension of most when one considers not just the violence – but the privation, starvation and brutality that lies in the wake of civil war.

But America is being shoved headfirst off the cliff by the man who holds the White House and those in government.


Rejecting The Rule Of Law Means Inviting The Rule Of Guns

Kurt Schlichter – Townhall.com

What is the alternative to the rule of law? We may be on the verge of re-learning that ancient lesson the hard way. Of course, those of us who is served in places where there was no law, where leftists and other aspiring totalitarians ignored the rules and norms of civil society, already know.

The alternative to the rule of law is the rule of power. And the rule of power is always the rule of men with guns.

The disgraceful indictment of Rick Perry in Texas is just the latest example of this trend, albeit one that carries the seeds of hope. The judicial lynching under way in Ferguson offers less reason for optimism – our disgrace of an Attorney General and that clown masquerading as Missouri’s governor are practically salivating at the idea of sacrificing the police officer on the altar of indignation, facts and law be damned.

Liberals are committed to destroying the rule of law because law, by treating all equally and recognizing their inalienable rights, frustrates their fascist impulses. This isn’t just another annoying manifestation of the left’s utter failure as functioning ideology. It’s a trend that should terrify everyone concerned with the state of our union.

History shows us where this leads. We now have a President, an alleged constitutional law professor, who believes that if the people’s elected representatives in Congress refuse to bend to his will he can just do what he likes anyway. At least when Caesar finally destroyed the Republic, ancient Rome ended up with a dictator who knew how to win wars.

This guy golfs while the world burns.

We have government agencies like the IRS and EPA simply ignoring laws, like the ones that that require them to maintain records so they can be held accountable to the people they purport to serve. Where are the consequences for their conscious failure to do so? The problem is that those sworn to uphold the law are the very ones undermining it. Can’t Eric Holder take a break from telegraphing to his progressive pals that his lackeys won’t be deterred from crucifying the Ferguson officer by obstacles like facts, evidence and law, and do his job?

He never will. Today, there are no consequences for those whose law-breaking aids the establishment.

And when not actively ignoring the law, the liberal establishment seeks to change the foundations of our law to strip the civil rights from those who oppose it. It is mind-boggling: We now have one of our two major political parties that, as a key policy position, believes that the First Amendment allows too much freedom of speech. The Democrats literally wish to amend the Constitution to restrict our right of free expression.

Yeah, that’s America’s problem – too much free speech by people critical of the government. That and gender specific bathrooms. And global warming, which science teaches comes from unicorn flatulence.

This isn’t a surprise. In the name of “campaign finance reform” – that is, the protection of largely Democrat incumbents – the Obama Administration actually sent an attorney representing the United States of America into the Supreme Court to argue that the government has the right to ban a book critical of a politician.

The clowns are to your right to read and think what you wish as John Lithgow was to dancing in Footloose. Which makes conservatives Kevin Bacon.

So what happens when the government is not restrained by law? What happens first is that the government does what it wants, as it wants, without accountability. That provides those left unprotected by the law two ugly choices. On one hand, they can submit, and allow themselves to be oppressed, existing at the pleasure, and subject to the whims, of their masters.

The alternative is to fight. Look at the Declaration of Independence. It’s largely a chronicle of English lawlessness, though the members of this administration no doubt consider that document unworthy of study because the Founding Fathers were cisgender, phallocentric racists or something.

Chairman Mao, who is a big favorite of the half-wits in the White House, said it best: “Power comes from the barrel of a gun.” If there is no law, there is no moral reason not to pick up a rifle and take what you want. The moral imperative of the law is that you will obey and respect it even if you disagree with it because it was justly imposed and will be fairly enforced. But if the law is neither justly imposed nor fairly enforced, that moral obligation disappears.

I walked through the burnt-out villages of Kosovo after the moral imperative of the law there had disappeared. The baffling concept that half of America will simply shrug their shoulders and submit to the dictatorship of the other half is as dangerous as it is misguided and foolish. When you toss out the law, bad things happen. This is a major theme of my new book, Conservative Insurgency, a speculative future history of the struggle to restore our country, and the consequences of short-sighted attacks on the rule of law for short-term political gain are not pleasant.

But there is hope. When that drunken Democrat convict of a district attorney indicted Rick Perry for doing his job – and that is exactly what she indicted him for – even some liberals swallowed hard and shook their heads. Perhaps this was the bridge too far that finally made a few liberals re-think their comrades’ chosen path downward into chaos.

The reaction of a few liberals to this charade is a sign of hope, but sadly many other leftists are clapping their soft, pudgy hands like trained seals, eagerly welcoming this latest step towards their liberal fascist Utopia. Somehow they got the impression that the American people will accept whatever they do, whatever injustice they impose, whatever whims they choose to enforce. That is an unbelievably dangerous notion. The sooner we stomp it out and return to the rule of law, the better.


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14 responses to “Obama Sets The Stage For Civil War In America

  1. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Plato discussed this coming battle or the 2nd American civil war when he talked about the five regimes (forms of government) and in the 4th which was democracy it was his view that it would turn in to a Tyranny — which does seem to be what is happening today.

  2. Goes with ……divide and conquer.

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  4. Thank you for speaking out in support of the concept of having a lawful government. It is a very sad thing to witness how unstable our former Republic has become, where it is, and where it is heading. “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” (Psalms 9:17).

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  6. Arizona

    RICK PERRY IS THIEF, MURDER,AND CRIMINAL,before you call his indicment disgraceful,YOU NEED TO LOOK closer at him and the things hes been doing,HE forced hundreds of young girls to take guardicil and IT KILLED DOZENS OF THEM,was he put on trial for murder NO,why not,because BLIND CHRISTIANS don’t listen to GOD, or his PROPHETS,and HE SAID:,your government is ROTTEN TO THE CORE,top to bottom,inside and out,OUR DEAR LORD also said,AMERICA your nothing but a pack of COWARDS and VOMIT in my mouth,now ALL you goood law abiding citizens might want to ask your self what hes going to do to a nation who KILLS homeless people and RAPES,TORTURES,AND MURDERS THEIR CHILDREN……..JESUS was a homeless man, your good at killing women and children,LETS see you kill him when he comes cowwards….

  7. DasTroof


  8. Arizona

    LET me tell you how BLIND you goood christians really are,ALL across the south,churches are having to tell their young WOMEN,to NEVER travel alone,AND to always go with at least two or three in their car at all times,BECAUSE THE POLICE GANGS ARE STOPPING THEM and dragging them out of their car and RAPING THEM right on the side of the road,AND THE OLDER,goood GOD FEARING CHRISTIANS fully support this….because their blind and stupid to whats going on,IN THE REAL WORLD……DENIAL,AIN’T A RIVER IN EGYPT……but americans are so lame now,they think it is….STOP SUPPORTING THESE DEMONS FROM HELL,your working for SATAN….you wonder why your country is in failure,LOOK IN THE MIRROR,you are the problem……the party is over because of you….NOW HELL will come on america,and it can’t be stopped……

  9. invar

    Westboro, is that you?

  10. Semper Fortis

    Badges ARE —> REDCOATS!

    anyone that would infringe on peoples’:
    — 2nd Amendment rights (THERE IS NO EXCEPTIONS, ALL CAN BE ARMED),
    — freedom of speech (free speech “?zones?”)
    — freedom of assembly (ATTACKED using weapons)
    — revenue generation (tickets, fees, court costs)
    — arrests for a PLANT (one that our founder thought very important)
    — checkpoints (that just sounds TYRANNICAL)
    — perpetuate from SLAVERY (for profit prisons)
    — Civil Asset Forfeiture (true REDCOAT behavior)
    — swat raids (unless a lunatic is inside killing and eating people)
    — throw people out of homes so foreign entities profit (mers fraud)
    — stop and frisk (clearly unreasonable search and seizure)
    — be the ACTUAL police in a POLICE STATE (traitors)
    — be a soldier for the ELite, bankster owned, foreign controlled govt.

    these SCUMBAGS (= all cops)
    carry out tyranny for the 3 P’s (paycheck, pension, prestige)

    they are the BIGGEST ENEMY of a free REPUBLIC <—

    "just following orders" is an admission not an excuse
    "just trying to feed their family" is a coward excuse
    "mostly good people" is the phrase of COINTELPRO__!

    only controlled opposition and stupid sheeple use these phrases to excuse the TRAITOR police.

    Our founders are ROLLING in the graves..

  11. I could tell form day one, Obama was one stupid SOB.

  12. Cathy

    Regarding Arizona’s first comment at 9:35 a.m. What Arizona wrote about Rick Perry is not correct. Perry did write an executive order to give Gardasil to school girls. It was stopped when the Texas legislature overrode his executive order. No girls were ever given the vaccine due to Perry’s executive order.

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