Life Imitating Art: Liberty Dies To Thunderous Applause

Absolutely everything a sane American needs to know about Obama’s State of The Revolution speech on Tuesday is contained in the following 2 minutes:

UPDATE – It is absolutely AMAZING that of the thousands of clips of the Star Wars trilogy that have been on Youtube for YEARS, the video I posted has been blocked worldwide by Youtube based on a supposed complaint by ‘Fox’, which no longer has copyright to those movies save the first one, since they were sold to Disney by Lucasfilm.  I uploaded the edit onto the link provided, and it will be interesting to see how long it will remain before they too block it.

See, the video is a perfect parallel of the transition of the Old Republic in Star Wars Episode III, into a despotic tyranny by a dictator – with nearly identical clips of Obama’s speech on Tuesday night.  As Senator Amidala notes the delegates clapping like trained seals of what will eventually become their doom and slavery; “So this is how liberty dies…. to thunderous applause”.



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7 responses to “Life Imitating Art: Liberty Dies To Thunderous Applause

  1. Anonymous

    link not working

  2. invar

    .gov had it pulled under the auspices of a copyright complaint from FOX.
    Fox no longer owns any copyright for the Star Wars movies except the first one. Disney owns them. Funny how there are thousands of such clips on Youtube – but this one gets yanked – because it shows Dear Leader for what he is: a mirror image of Emperor Palpatine.

  3. it saying blocked by FOX for copyright

  4. invar

    Oh yes. The Powers That Be do not like the obvious parallels. That was a very quick blockage. Sad, when there are plenty of clips from Star Wars all over Youtube without any such blockage.

  5. invar

    New link uploaded. Let’s see how long that lasts. Obviously Obama and his stormtrooper lackeys do not like the obvious parallels.

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  7. A great comparison of change in a movie to a real change (that you can believe in!). The good news is that more Americans are waking up to the fact that the present regime appears to favor Islam and communism more than Christianity or freedom. It is sad to watch freedom dying to thunderous applause for a tyrant. As in the movie, hard choices may be ahead in the days ahead.

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