Netanyahu Wins And Immediately The Obama Praetorian Media Declares It…. You Guessed It…RACIST.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waves to supporters at the party headquarters in Tel Aviv

Obama’s shock troops sent into Israel to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fails miserably.  Obama media in this country declares Bibi Racist.

Nevermind that the Arabs lob rockets into cafes and strap bombs on their children to kill Israelis and vow to wipe the state of Israel off the map, the American media with absolutely NO understanding of how Israeli parliamentary politics works, are going berserk over the upset win of Bibi Netanyahu over Obama’s dog-in-the-race-radical Leftist Isaac Herzog.

They believed the big lie the media preached about Netanyahu’s inevitable loss to Obama’s man, and when reality slapped them upside the head this afternoon when the results of the Likud Party’s win – they were completely stunned into the typical angry rage that comes when Leftists are defeated by the people they want subjugated and ruled.

Therefore the old standby cry-wolf screech of “Racist”! and ‘Racism!” is being vomited forth after the talking points memo was no doubt sent out from Obama’s White House to his Praetorian media guards.  Like trained parrots, every media news broadcast in the last few hours has repeated this mantra of racism as the Leftists go absolutely batshiite crazy since Obama’s chosen lapdog lost to Netanyahu, who has proven to be clearly the only leader of the free world.


Netanyahu Engaged In “Racist Fear-Mongering” To Win Israeli Election…

Today, the prime minister engaged in racist fear-mongering to boost right-wing turnout, claiming that his government was “in danger” because “Arab voters [Palestinian citizens of Israel, who form approximately 20 percent of Israel’s citizenry] are coming out in droves to the polls.” Netanyahu’s alarmism over Palestinian citizens of Israel exercising their right to vote reflects an increasingly anti-democratic sentiment within Israel’s body politic.

Appearing on CNN’s The Lead on Tuesday afternoon, chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his Likud Party and “right-wing” allies for having “a sort-of racist police towards” Arabs that has been “very scary for them” as the world awaited results from the national elections in Israel.

…Continuing to build that victim narrative, Amanpour defended Arabs and declined to refute their straw-man argument about Netanyahu:

We are citizens of this country. Let’s not forget, it’s not like a bunch of Arabs from neighboring next door are being bused in to the elections. Israeli Arabs, citizens of the country, 1.7 million of them, as this parliamentarian told me, have been incredibly motivated in this election and they want to get out and try to better their lives, but they’re very conscious, as one of them – as this one told me, that they feel that the Likud Party and the right wing do have a sort-of racist policy towards them and it’s very scary for them.

While Amanpour was mounting a full defense of Arab-Israelis, she failed to cite the fact that the Arab parties that combined to form a joint list for the election include members who have some radical and arguably anti-Semitic policies themselves.

The remainder of the segment revolved around Amanpour running point for Netanyahu’s main rival, Isaac Herzog, for focusing not on foreign policy or the negotiations taking place in Switzerland over Iran’s nuclear program but the economy and blasting Netanyahu for refusing to move the needle on peace talks with the Palestinians to create a two-state solution.


CNN Host calls Netanyahu’s Arab-bussing comment DISTURBING, suggests it was RACIST

Netanyahu said today that the right-wing was in danger because the leftists in Israel were bussing in Arab voters in droves. CNN host Erin Burnett said this comment was pretty disturbing, comparing it to an American politician saying that about black voters, and asked Huckabee if it was a racist thing to say.

And of course do not leave out the Leftist Bird Cage Liner Of Record, the New York Slimes:

NY Times:[Netanyahu] railed against Israeli Arabs — because they had gone out to vote.

In many ways it is great fun to watch Obama’s SS go this nuts over a defeat of Obama’s chosen man and the repudiation of Obama’s attempts to interfere with an Israeli election in order to continue to aid and comfort Jihadists worldwide.  So Obama’s stormtroopers in media will do as they have been trained to do in order to brainwash the American public: any defiance of Obama’s will and desire, is racist!

Perfect keeping with the adage of telling the big lie,  and to repeat it often so it becomes accepted as the truth.


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14 responses to “Netanyahu Wins And Immediately The Obama Praetorian Media Declares It…. You Guessed It…RACIST.

  1. looks like that fox may have outsmarted himself this time. I’m so glad to see he didn’t get his way this time. In any case, the Lord’s will was done.

  2. GW

    Bibi bemoaned Israeli Arabs voting in the election; despite the fact that they are citizens of Israel. What a scumbag he is.

  3. Anonymous

    Bibi, I wish we had a leader such as yourself. Obama is such an embarrassment for the US…….

  4. Anonymous

    NO Racist big as Obama and Dems.

  5. Marie

    Obama would NOT talk to Netanyahu while here but OBAMA did say “if he wins the election I will talk to him then”. Made me feel that OBAMA had inside information and was sitting to the side until election over. I am positive that Obama is very disappointed in the results!

  6. pumpkin

    Obozo is foaming at the mouth like the rabid dog he has proven himself to be. Not only that, he has fixed it so that there will never be another black president elected by whites.

  7. Barack Obama is a major-league jerk. For all the undeserved goodness poured on Barack Obama by this country, he is not able to hide that he is an ill-bred, and unsophisticated boor.

  8. Robert L Becker

    I would be ashamed of him, regardless of his race. Obama is a disgrace.

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  10. Ari

    The announcement failed to explain. The number of sits in the Knesset is decided by the number of votes each party won divided by the total number of votes. For example is the Arab party has 20 voters out of 100 total votes in the country, they get 10% of the sits in the Knesset. However, if the total vote is 200, then the Arab party would get only 10% of the sits. Bibi encouraged his potential voters – non Arabs voters – to go and vote thus increasing his chances of winning the election. This was very similar to the call among Blacks to vote for Obama in presidential election.

  11. invar

    Sorry Ari, that fact does not fit the Obama Praetorian media’s narrative sent out via fax from the White House.

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  13. Anonymous

    Obuma will pay for his mistreatment of Isreal, he takes no stockin what the Bible says regarding what will happen if we don’t support Isreal as an ali , it obvious that obuma is not a Christian although he says he is, he is atraitor, a hipochrit, a liar and his actions may have cursed our country.

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