Farrakhan: Blacks Must Rise Up And Kill Whites. Calls For 10,000 Black Muslim Men To ‘Retaliate”


While Obama and the Praetorian Media’s cadre of Leftists scream about the Confederate Flag being ‘offensive’ and ‘Right Wingers’ being domestic extremists – SILENCE from the same when there are calls for the mass slaughter of Whites in America.


I keep warning about the increasing signs of an impending genocide being openly discussed and planned in America by Leftist ideologues of various stripes.  

Official government documents refer to White Conservative Christians who oppose abortion as ‘potential domestic terrorists’, and classify Right Wing Conservatives and returning vets as ‘Extremists’.  Ideologues have called Southern Whites ‘Monsters’ and a bigger threat to the country than Jihadist Islam.  Some media hacks are demanding the entirety of Southern ethnic culture to be eradicated, along with whites.

Now that life is cheap and government-funded organizations are killing babies by the tens of millions and selling their harvested parts for profit, what does it matter that other ‘undesirables’ and ‘threats’ to ‘society’ are suggested to be eliminated?

The fact is It doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter in a former civil society that is collapsing into wickedness and evil.   The more heinous the suggested acts, the more it will be applauded, urged, lobbied and eventual policies made to enact them.  Human life is cheap in America now, and the ideologues and unfettered maniacs like Farrakhan and Malik Zulu Shabazz get applause for suggesting the wholesale slaughter of a race and people they have demonized.   White policemen today.  Conservative Christian Whites tomorrow.

If you take Farrakhan at his word, (which you must understand his black Muslim followers do) – he is demanding the Federal Government do the deed of eradicating White people whom he blames for everything from slavery to the deaths of black children.  The rhetoric is designed to incite action into violence.  He is asking for 10,000 black men amidst a “million” (another march on DC in October 15, 2015) who are willing to die, to kill those whom Farrakhan blames for black issues.   There is no mistaking his words here:

“Retaliation! If the federal government won’t intercede in our affairs, then we MUST rise up and kill those who kill us; stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling!”

See and hear it for yourself:

So the question comes up when watching this: why isn’t this hate-mongering genocidal wannabe Islamic terrorist arrested for ‘terroristic threatening’, ‘death threats’, ‘Incitement’ and any and other charges that would certainly be levied against any white Christian Conservative talking this way about say……. abortionists and their clinics????   Certainly any White Christian anywhere publicly advocating violence like this, would be met with calls for immediate arrest, if not warranting a SWAT team.

UPDATE: The U.S. Attorney’s Office for Southern Florida has determined the racially charged July 30 speech by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan did not cross the line of what is considered protected political speech under the First Amendment.

“… after looking into the matter we have determined that the Farrakhan speech is protected by the First Amendment and we will not be pursuing an investigation into the speech.”

…”They’re cowards at the Department of Justice, especially the Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch-led DOJ,” Clarke said. “I wonder why the DOJ doesn’t feel that Dylann Roof waving the Confederate Flag (in South Carolina) isn’t protected speech?”

Because some animals are more equal than others Officer Clarke.  Let a Christian business owner assert their religious convictions  and refusing to accommodate homosexuality – why then the Feds say Christians have no FIrst Amendment Rights.  Let a Southern group wave that Confederate Flag, and watch the Beast come crushing them on every charge that can be levied, INCLUDING incitement.

Double standard and a witness that we suffer the curse in Deuteronomy 28:43 manifesting itself here. See in Obama’s Amerika, it is a crime to protest death mills harvesting baby parts for sale, but it is ‘free speech’ to incite 10,000 black men to rise up and KILL Whites – whether they be police or families and people based on the color of their skin.

The civil society is unravelling.  You cannot co-exist alongside a people who want you and your race dead and demand that their government help them do it.You cannot co-exist alongside a people who will vote for those who will make their demands become pogrom and policy.

We can thank His Heinous Barack Obama I, for creating the conditions that will exacerbate a race war, followed by a genocide.


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24 responses to “Farrakhan: Blacks Must Rise Up And Kill Whites. Calls For 10,000 Black Muslim Men To ‘Retaliate”

  1. Planned Parenthood better look out…

  2. Paraclete

    We know who they are ….when they make their move, it’ll be their last.

  3. whodowetrust

    Sadly he quoted from the Koran in a “Christian” church.

  4. John

    Just Like Obama & the rest of the Black Leadership, Farrakhan is trying to get the blacks to Riot & Pillage, which is going to get a whole lot of them killed.

    The Military is practicing with the Police for Riot & Crowd Control in several drills.

  5. ……….only 12% of the US population is black. He is obviously not that good at math. Sounds like he declared war on himself. Not surprising.

  6. km

    Farrakook is nothing more then the globalists lackey! He’s only screaming their narrative, for their agenda! Do the negros really believe he will be leading the charge – LOL! He’s the same as the Kenyan in the WH, stir up trouble, and then run and hide!! And of course the double standard is put in place to anger the whites, thereby pitting one group against the other perpetually until total chaos and bloodshed! Then of course the end game is a military force ruling the masses where all will be in the same boat!

  7. skipNclair

    And if the Black people are foolish enough to fall for this then they will get what they deserve. When the black and white understand it is divide and conquer that allows evil to prevail and they come together to do battle with evil, then and only then will the truth and progress be made.

  8. evoval

    Others have said and done much less and been arrested for inciting violence. We’ll see the true feelings of the DOJ in their actions regarding Louie.
    What is a terrorist threat if this isn’t one?

  9. Beano

    I told you Negroes don’t like you. Yet you made one president and broke the law to desperately prove to Negroes you are not a racist. So ironic.

  10. John

    “Then of course the end game is a military force ruling the masses where all will be in the same boat!”

    Exactly, along with a loss of our weapons they will finally be able to force the merger of America, Canada & Mexico for the final piece in their Ten Economic Zones – The North American Union

  11. Mark Jacobs

    Better to be a live racist than a dead man/woman. I do not care what they may call me. I care about living my life out in peace and without these insane threats from this bombastic racist black man who lives to hate one and all

  12. Calm down let him prattle on…We do nothing and nothing happens…..Its time the race as a whole grows up and, stops listening to fools who spout hate.

  13. invar

    “we do nothing and nothing happens”????? Yeah, I remember when Mommy told me not to make bullies angry at me by daring to fight back. She was dead wrong, and you will be if we let such a fool ‘prattle on’. Because his followers are willing to do what he says.

  14. em

    Ummm… im pretty sure they would need alot more than 10,000 hahaha

  15. invar

    Who needs10,000 when their messiah leader will kill millions of us having nationalized healthcare, farming, energy and giving Iran nuclear weapons and billions of your dollars to make them?

  16. David

    Louie is a would be calypso singer. I kid you not. He failed at calypso singing so he’s pulled a reverse charlie manson and wants to start a civil war. Louie is nothing but a joke and wanna-be. the guys following him must not be too bright! I bet they even give him all of their money. there’s still 230 million whites in america. I for on am not too worried about some tired old wanna-be calypso singer,who hates the world because of his own failures.

  17. This is a planned civil war that the elite want in the USA.
    Black Christian brothers and sisters, don’t fall for it, the true enemy of the Lord and the black community is the United states government which does everything in its power to further division and hatred.
    Let’s help each other through the coming tough times and focus on our Lord Jesus, who is the only king, all other leaders are but a cheap imitation.

    Tribulation starts soon

  18. Charles Hughes

    I see that you administrators conveniently removed my post on what the truth of what the Minister said was so that all these false statements about what he said can prevail. That’s ok, I pretty much expected you to do so.

  19. invar

    The video of what Farrakhan said is embedded in the essay. The truth is, we know what he means and know what he intends: Incitement to mass murder based on skin color. We don’t tolerate or permit apologetics for Farrakahn or Leftist/Marxist screeds to be posted here or argued. We simply cut it to shreds. That’s the purpose of this blog.

  20. Anonymous

    This Farrakhan is a very sick man and anyone who would listen to or support this man’s hate speech is also very sick. He’s a black suprematist.

  21. Will Louis Farakhan be arrested for his call in public to murder and chaos ? I hope he will… Louis Farakhan is not a muslim, he s a freemason, a luciferian and so his organization Nation of islam. He and nor NoI are not recognized by the muslim community.

    The Nation of Islam and the freemasons http://www.rense.com/general72/freem.htm

  22. Matteo

    Fartoogone, you and Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson fare among Hitler and the Nazi’s and the KKK and the Black Panthers..you’re all MURDERING DOGS. And you know what happens to rabid dogs…

  23. Anonymous

    Freedom of speech does not cover terroristic threats against the people of America he is getting paid by isis and his religion alone tells the story… If our president wont do his job we should impeech him and elect a president that is not in line with the terrorists…. obama did not win iraqi or afgahnistan our brave soldiers and the president that believed in taken down terrorist did Bush thank you all soldiers that served and protected our great nation. Yes i believe racism is way to far spread in this country but more blood shed is not the answer. Im sure we can come to a better solution… dont tutn farafaget into a marter but arrest his ass and make sure he can never speak out like the terrorist he is… freedom of speech does not cover threats and recruitment of people to carry out terroristic actions, he needs to be made an example of period or bannished from these united statea which are found by all people of the world not just white black hispanic asian we the people red white blue ask that farafaget is dealt with.

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