Obama Insists “ISIS Contained”, “Not Growing” Hours Before Jihad Attack In Paris


Horrifying slaughter in coordinated Beslan-style attacks in Paris happen just hours after Obama insists ISIS is contained.

The Trojan Horse In The White House has been shown to be either insanely ignorant or DELIBERATELY DECEPTIVE.  The very day he declares the Islamic State ‘contained’ and ‘not growing’ due to the drone killing of Jihadi John, ISIS Jihadists in Paris engage in a Mumbai/Beslan-styled slaughter on civilians in a theater, restaurants, stadiums and elsewhere.

Of course Obama also declared this week CLIMATE CHANGE to be the greatest threat on the planet.


Ask a Parisian about that right now and see what they have to say.

ParisJihad1 ParisJihad2 ParisJihad3

President Barack Obama told ABC that ISIS is not gaining strength and that “we have contained them.”

In an interview aired Friday on “Good Morning America,” George Stephanopolous told Obama that “even your friendly critics … say what you have on the ground is not going to enough. Every couple months you will be faced with the same choice, back down or double down.”

AFTER the Jihad attacks in Paris, the Trojan Horse in the White House again runs cover for his allies:

Obama: “I Don’t Want To Speculate” Who Is Behind Paris Attack

Yet it was logically obvious who it was and our speculations have proven correct when ONE of the Jihadists in Paris that was apprehended said “he was from ISIS”.

As this was about to go down in Paris – the Democrats were signaling that they were going to support Obama unilaterally close Guantanamo Bay and bring the Jihadist prisoners here to the US to be placed in our prison systems with access to our court systems on taxpayer dime.

YESTERDAY Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, said that while the Obama administration was continuing to examine responses to a refugee crisis that has overwhelmed Europe in recent days, the president has decided to raise the number of Syrian refugees admitted to at least 10,000 in the fiscal year beginning in October from fewer than 2,000 this year.

TODAY – “The Obama administration is moving to increase and accelerate the number of Syrian refugees who might be admitted into the United States by opening new screening outposts in Iraq and Lebanon, administration officials told Reuters on Friday. The move comes after President Barack Obama pledged in September to admit an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2016, torn by four years of civil war and disorder.”

Today – Right Before Paris Attacks – The First load of 10,000 Syrian “Refugees” Arrived in New Orleans – All Single Males 18-30 Years Old…


What happened in France, is just a matter of time before it happens here.  Obama is IMPORTING THEM.  Perhaps his own personal army for when he needs to ‘stand with the Muslims should the political winds bode ill”.

So Jihadists slaughtered over 100 people in the Bataclan theater alone this night.  Attacks still ongoing as of this writing.  And Fox news radio says Obama just announced he was CANCELING his big speech that announced the closure of GITMO.  I expect he will just postpone that action and do it quietly next month as a Christmas gift for his Jihadist allies.

Obama is perfectly aware that the FBI itself is investigating 1000 separate ACTIVE ISIS groups, individuals and cells INSIDE THE UNITED STATES.

It’s only a matter of time before what we saw in France happens here on a much larger scale.  We have an open border and they are ALREADY HERE.

Europe on the other hand – is likely toast.

Caliphate Invasion

Europe may have already sealed it’s fate with it’s open borders for millions of military aged-men from “Syria” as “refugees”.  They opened their borders and just let the Caliphate’s army just walked on in.  This is just the consequences of that stupid and moronic policy.

Before we have this same type of Islamic attack happen here, we best be getting serious with the fact that even though we do not have the guts to declare war on Jihadist Islam, Islam has certainly declared war on us.

CLOSE THE EFFING BORDERS NOW!  DEPORT ALL NON-CITIZENS NOW!! Before we suffer the same thing here.


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16 responses to “Obama Insists “ISIS Contained”, “Not Growing” Hours Before Jihad Attack In Paris

  1. Let’s get this straight, jihadis from the Middle East attack a concert in Paris, France, and you try to find a way to blame the U.S. President? Shouldn’t you be concerned about the French victims?

  2. invar

    First, there is no such thing as a reasonable liberal, because inside every single Liberal is a tyrannical fascist screaming to get get out.

    To your point:

    The French victims of ISIS from the millions of “Refugees” they imported into France are now DEAD.

    I want to bring light to the fact that your messiah is working to make sure the same thing happens here. Notwithstanding the fact Obama is the turd who lit the fuse in the Middle East attempting to depose the secular dictators to replace them with Islamists (Egypt, Libya and now Syria) and arming what became ISIS from out of the Benghazi Consulate. I will ALWAYS blame the traitor in the White House for what he is sowing for us and our kids, and I hold liberals like yourself equally responsible for everything that happens as a result of you voting for a Trojan Horse for prez TWICE.

  3. There are plenty of wounded who aren’t dead yet. You don’t seem too concerned about them. and their families. You just want to blame the President.

    Also, South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham said that President Obama is not a traitor:


  4. invar

    Did Obama claim ISIS was contained hours before the attack in Paris or not? I posted the video. Not a matter of blaming Obama for the Jihad attack in Paris. What is IS a matter of – is alerting the American people that Obama is paving the same exact thing to happen here.

    I can give two poops about what Lindsey Graham has to say. The fruits of what Obama has said and done are self evident to anyone who is honest.

  5. At least you don’t think Obama created and funded the attacks in France. That’s good, you seem less whacko now.

  6. invar

    I don’t care if you do think I’m whacko. Did you bother to read the headline? Or is knee jerking to make declarations to exonerate Obama at every turn the M.O.? Media Matters is that you?

  7. Groups like Media Matters and WikiLeaks helped Keep Bush, The NSA, and main-stream media from turning the U.S. into a fascist dictatorship.

    15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi Arabian…and we attack Iraq?

    Saudis even helped fund it, and we attacked Iraq…does that make sense?

  8. invar

    You are a true believer aren’t you? A goose-stepping Red Stooge who suggests the very instruments being used to install your Fascist Dictatorship under Obama were used to prevent it under Bush.

    Nice try – but your lies and Communist propaganda gets no free time here. We’re wise to the bovine excrement from you unreasonable Leftists attempting to install your utopia.

    Here, the Sword will be unsheathed and your treasonous garbage will be cut down to shreds, shown for the crap it is and used to inoculate liberty from the likes of your ideology.

  9. Even Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia. Shouldn’t we have attacked Saudi Arabia? But we didn’t because we are their oil partner. They ask us to bend over, and we do it because of oil.

  10. invar

    Why are you trying to prop up this straw-man argument that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact Obama said HOURS before the Paris attacks that “ISIS is contained” and “Not growing”?

    So STOP with the nation-state nonsense. We’re dealing with ISLAM – and their efforts to establish a global CALIPHATE. One you either choose to be willfully blind about – or ally yourself with because they serve the same disdain you have for what America and the West were not that long ago.

  11. Saudi Arabia is our oil “butt buddy.”

    Lube up and bend over…

  12. invar

    You are the typically delusional Lefty that cannot think outside whatever agenda talking points you get from the DNC. The ISSUE is Obama declaring ISIS “Contained” HOURS before they slaughtered innocents in Paris. You can shove your straw men up your dhimmitube.

  13. When Isis attackes America Obama will be with them and perish with them

  14. They already run a big, powerful “caliphate” called Saudi Arabia. ISIS and Saudi Arabia are both Sunni, and some scholars consider them both Wahabbists. They both have very stringent, tough punishment on those they consider “criminals.” They both do beheadings and crucifictions. Check it out on the web:


  15. invar

    Non-sequitor. Why do you liberal Lefties always attempt to derail the point of an issue to run cover for your Muslim Apologist Dictator int he White House? THE ISSUE WAS AN IS: OBAMA DECLARED JUST HOURS BEFORE THE PARIS ATTACK THAT ISIS WAS ‘CONTAINED’ AND ‘NOT GROWING’ OR A ‘THREAT’ AS GRAVE AS THE BOGUS HOAX OF ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’.

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