If You Are Wondering – The Time Has Come



November 30, 2018 · 10:23 pm

5 responses to “If You Are Wondering – The Time Has Come

  1. hunnybizness

    Merry Christmas Invar…i miss you….

  2. RM

    God bless you Invar and God speed.

  3. Anonymous

    I think you are just an attention-seeking coward. Why tell publicly you went Galt? No one in the book told anyone. They just went.

  4. invar

    You can think what you like for all I care. Subscribers deserved to know I did not kick the bucket, only that this blog is dormant and that I no longer participate on various forums I was a member of.

  5. Lo

    I miss you Invar, not the same without ya knocking heads with that flair you possessed. God Speed sir…

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