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Diagnosis: America Has A Malignancy


All the evidence is conclusive, America has cancer.  The only question is whether or not this people will remain in denial, because the longer we wait to undergo treatment – the less chance we have of survival.

This is one of the best, concise “rants” I have read in a long time.  In a nutshell, Neal Boortz lays it all out for us – all the ugliness of the tumor found in the head of our nation, the defacto dictator that rules by “executive action”  while refusing to enforce laws he disagrees with (open border anyone?) – and punishing those peoples and industries he has targeted for destruction.

I like how Mr. Boortz paraphrases Churchill at the end of this blog rant – and it is true: if we will not fight when the cost will be minor, we may face the fact we will have to fight and perish with no chance of victory, or live as slaves.


By Neal Boortz


Sometimes reality slaps us in the face.  Reality arrives, stands before you, grabs you by the throat and shakes you around a bit ..and still you can’t believe it.  Can’t absorb it.  The reality is just so foreign to everything you’ve ever thought or believed all your life. When that moment comes denial will inevitably be your first response.  Anger soon follows … often directed at the person or persons who brought the dangerous, destructive reality to your attention.

Maybe an unexpected cancer diagnosis could illustrate this.  First .. Denial.  “No.  It just can’t be true.  Not for me.”  Then anger at the doctor who brought you the bad news. I know a doctor who had his nose broken by a patient to whom he broke the devastating news.

Now in a sense, whatever the tragedy or crisis, this denial may be helpful.  It might slow you down enough to fashion an appropriate first response based on good information rather than a panicked response that could possibly make the situation worse.  Sooner or later, though, you have to accept the reality that you have cancer; and sooner rather than later you must move denial and anger to determination … determination to do whatever you need to do; undergo whatever therapies and treatments you need to endure; in order to beat the disease.

OK.  Sit down.  I have a diagnosis for you.  This reality is going to be hard to accept.  You may have first heard this diagnosis a few years ago, and totally rejected it.  New tests – more modern tests — have been run.  Better research has been performed.  I’m sorry, but the diagnosis has been confirmed.  Many of you who are just now studying the issue are going to embrace the denial stage immediately.  If you read on, if you pay attention, if you have even a semblance of an open mind, you’re going to see that this diagnosis is pretty much accurate.

Diagnosis:  America is currently being ruled by a man who came to this country in 1979 determined to destroy America as we know it, and who is well on his way to realizing that goal.

There!  There’s the denial, right?  That Boortz guy is just a hater.  Barack Obama cares so much for people.  It’s those Republicans and their obstructionism that have made him look so bad. Go ahead … go with that response for a while, but I’m going to give you some facts to digest.  Call them dots.  Connect them yourself.  See where they lead you.


I’ve blogged about Obama’s history – his upbringing – many times.  If you’re reading this you’ve probably read my previous thoughts on the subject. I do have a different and more concise way to express to you the reality of 0bama’s formative years.  Let’s try this:

With one exception, every single person involved in bringing Obama into this world, nurturing him, educating him and escorting him into adulthood literally despised America.  From the time he was born until the time he left home in Hawaii to attend Occidental College in California, every single person involved in raising Obama thought America was a blight on the world.

Now I did say that there was one exception.  That would be a man named Lolo Soetoro.  Soetoro was the second husband to Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.  Soetoro was an Indonesian businessman, and when he started doing business with American businessmen he made the mistake of expressing positive thoughts about America in front of young Barack and his mother.  According to researchers this resulted in Obama being shipped out of the house to Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents.

So there’s your first dot.  The people who taught Obama as a child and as a young adult harbored a deep dislike of The United States and they did what they could to make sure Obama grew up with the same attitude.

You only have to read Obama’s books to find the second dot.  When Obama arrived at Occidental he felt that he didn’t really belong.  It wasn’t until he found some Marxist student groups and professors, the people he admits to being drawn to, that he felt welcomed and accepted.  Another dot.

While at Occidental one of Obama’s friends was a student named John Drew.  At that time Drew was a Marxist.  That’s also the way he described Obama as a new student; a Marxist-Leninist.  That’s a polite way of saying “communist.”  Head to Google and enter “John Drew Occidental” and start reading.  You’ll learn that it was Drew, now a PhD political scientist, who convinced Obama that a violent communist revolution just wasn’t going to happen in the United States.  If Obama, as was his stated wish, wanted to bring America to Marxism it was going to have to be through political means, not violence.  Another dot.

Not much is known about Obama’s educational journey after he left Occidental for Columbia.  The records are pretty much sealed.  It is rather strange that not one person of note has surfaced who claims to have known and been close to Obama at Columbia.  Ditto for Harvard. We do know that Obama became the president of the Harvard Law Review without ever writing one single law review article.  That hasn’t happened before or since.  No … not exactly a dot.  A smudge perhaps, but not a dot.

But what about the people Obama associated with when he moved to Chicago after Harvard?  I told you above that virtually all of the people involved in raising Obama had a strong dislike – bordering on hatred – for America.  Then in college he gravitated toward Marxist students and professors .. more people you don’t exactly hear saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning.  Well … once he arrived back in Chicago he was right back at it.  Obama decided that he was going to need a church to join .. part of his credentials as a Christian he felt were necessary for political advancement.  What church did he join?  Jeremiah Wright’s church of “God Damn America.”  Doesn’t that qualify for a dot?

And then there’s Obama’s friends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.  Terrorists.  Marxist terrorists.  These are people who planted bombs in government buildings as part of the Weather Underground movement.  And just how close a friend to Obama was Bill Ayers?  There’s some pretty convincing research, research that I accept, that it was Ayers who ghost-wrote Obama’s “Dreams from My Father.”

But to really define the closeness of the relationship between Obama and Ayers (a closeness Obama denies) you have to look at that moment when Obama decided it was time to announce his entry into politics.  Obama was going to run for the Illinois State Senate.  He wanted his announcement to be as meaningful as possible, and to do that he would have to carefully chose just where that announcement would be made?  His decision?  The living room of Bill Ayers.  Are you absorbing this?  Obama announces his entry into the world of politics – his journey that would lead to the White House – from the living room of a convicted Marxist domestic terrorist.  And you thought that Lewinsky and Clinton in that room off the Oval Office was bad!  Another dot.


Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.  Names you should know.  They were sociologists and political activists in the ‘60s.  They were professors at Columbia University … Obama’s alma mater.  Cloward and Piven set a goal, to end poverty. They developed a strategy to do just that, called the Cloward-Piven strategy, and outlined that strategy in a May 1966 article in the liberal magazine The Nation entitled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty”.  Here – in their words – was the plan:

“The ultimate objective of this strategy—to wipe out poverty by establishing a guaranteed annual income—will be questioned by some. Because the ideal of individual social and economic mobility has deep roots, even activists seem reluctant to call for national programs to eliminate poverty by the outright redistribution of income.

Sound familiar?  A guaranteed annual income and income redistribution are liberal goals to this day, and Obama speaks of income redistribution often.  In a 2008 interview with Charlie Rose Obama was questioned on his plans to raise capital gains taxes.  Rose told Obama that when these taxes had been raised in the past it had only resulted in lowered tax revenues.  Obama’s response?  “I would look at raising capital gains taxes for the purpose of fairness.”

What?  You raise taxes NOT to get revenue for the operation of government, but because it’s just not fair that those people who invested and earned those capital gains have that money?  There’s your income redistribution for you.  Only in the case of capital gains taxes, it’s wealth redistribution, not income redistribution.

The Cloward-Piven strategy for achieving this goal was simple.  You overwhelm the federal government with entitlement payments; welfare payments, disability payments and other social entitlement benefits to the point that chaos erupts and the congress simply has to step in to stop the bleeding, and the only real way to do that would be through a massive wealth and income seizure and redistribution program known as a Guaranteed Annual Income.

OK .. there’s Cloward-Piven.  Once again, Google that phrase and do some reading.  You’re going to recognize what’s happening here today.

So, since he took office what has Obama been doing to implement the Cloward-Piven strategy?

  • Through an Executive Order he removes the welfare work requirement.  This requirement was put into place during the Clinton presidency.  Clinton was forced into it by a GOP congress.  Immediately the welfare roles began to diminish and the income levels for those in the lowest income quintile began to climb.  As soon as Obama eliminated the work requirement the welfare rolls started to expand again .. as did the expense of the program.  Another dot.
  • The rules on Social Security disability were softened.  Today the numbers of people claiming and receiving Social Security disability checks has exploded.  I recently read of one Democrat administrative judge who overturned virtually ALL decisions by Social Security hearing officers to deny disability benefits.  Yet another dot.
  • Obamacare.  Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but Obamacare is a massive wealth seizure and redistribution plot.  Younger and healthier Americans are being forced to pay huge premiums for insurance policies with far more coverage than they need in order to subsidize the insurance policies for older and poorer Americans.  The cost of Obama will overwhelm the federal government and the cry for “single payer, i.e. socialized medicine, will eventually win the day.  Another dot.
  • The Hispanic invasion.  Since pretty much day one Obama has steadfastly refused to secure our borders.  He has repeatedly made public utterances that have been interpreted by Central Americans as an open invitation to come to America, without permission, to sit and wait for the eventual amnesty.  Our social welfare systems in the border states are being overwhelmed by the costs of the hundreds of thousands of so-called “immigrants” swarming across the border.  Another dot.  By the way, don’t buy this Obama Bolshoi about how his administration has been deporting record numbers of illegals.  It’s nonsense.  It’s all in what you call a “deportation.”  Obama has ordered that when a Latino shows up at a border crossing without proper documentation, and is turned back, that should count as a deportation.  Uhhhhh ….. right.
  • Unemployment insurance.  Under Obama we’ve seen endless expansions and extensions of unemployment insurance.  Unemployment insurance costs have gone up for employers and for the federal and state governments.  The cost is quickly becoming unsustainable.  Another dot.

Ignore the diagnosis if you will.  Denial is common.  Get angry if you will.  Call me a racist, a hater … anything you want.  It doesn’t change the diagnosis.

Whistle past the graveyard!  Maybe that will work.  Know, however, that governments are not forever.  Constitutional Republics like ours based on the rule of law and property rights generally destroy themselves after about 230 years.  Ignore that though.  Couldn’t happen here, right?

Before you go … something else.  America is the only nation in the world that has seen a decrease in economic freedom for seven years in a row.  Another dot?

Connect them, ignore them.  Sooner or later, though, you’re going to have to fight.  You’re going to have to undergo the therapies and treatments that will restore our body politic – our country – to health.  Are you going to do that now when victory is possible?  Or are you going to wait until the situation is so far along – the Cloward-Piven Strategy and Obama’s destructive plans – that victory is doubtful .. but you fight because your back is against the wall.

Your choice.



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Useful Idiots For Marxist Persecution of The Faithful


by John Galt

September 1, 2010

There are few issues in my life that stir up more emotion than American patriotism, hypocrisy, and history as it relates to our nation and the events happening during my lifetime. Because of one man, who I and many others  can attribute all of the problems we are debating in this brief blog entry, I can offer only one statement somewhat modified from it’s original form which summarizes  the ensuing discussion:

G*D Damn you Glenn Beck

While this might appear to be a similar rant apparently parodying the good Reverend Wright of President Obama’s “past” and the commentary he offered about America, the truth is not far from how I am sure the good Reverend felt after his words and actions were revealed and rebroadcast on Mr. Beck’s program repeatedly.  Why do I dare say G.D. old Glenn? Well, let’s talk about hypocrisy for starters.

For years he preached about the ultimate “Progressive” that Senator John McCain was and still to this day is.  What does he do in November of 2008? Old Glenn proclaims:  “I voted for Sarah Palin, not John McCain.” Bunk. That’s the ultimate in hypocrisy and to this day I continue to call him out on that.   Then Sarah Palin “returns the favor” by helping Senator McCain in his re-election bid by campaigning for him in Arizona and Glenn dares to act incredulous. Is this the only incidence of Glenn’s hypocrisy? Of course not.

Glenn has become a spokesperson and friend of the National Rifle Association and its President Wayne LaPierre. While engaging in support for this organization, Glenn has refused to address the issues of their contributions in the past to Senator Harry Reid’s campaigns and another liberal, Senator John Dingell (D-MI). In fact while Sarah Palin was with the Tea Party Express protesting in front of Senator Reid’s home in Searchlight, Nevada, Glenn was oddly silent about the event occurring at the same time, Slick LaPierre’s lunch time meeting with Senator Reid in Las Vegas. And to this date, the lack of commentary on the N.R.A.’s endorsement of the progressive Senator McCain speaks volumes, at least to myself. I am not sure if this is hypocrisy on these issues in they eyes of some, but if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, well you get the idea.

Fast forward to August 28, 2010 and the hoopla surrounding the gathering in Washington, D.C. The American people are spoon fed information from various mainstream media outlets leading people to believe the gathering is a political recruitment device concocted by a gathering of conspiratorial conservatives and those evil Tea Party types who actually sit in their Mom’s basements screaming “Wolverines!” every chance they get. That would be the somewhat “left” perspective of the event before and after it happened. On the flip side the real conspiratorial loons of the alleged right accused Mr. Beck of using this “gathering” as an opportunity for several goals. One group is accusing Glenn of attempting to usurp all faiths and create a universalism movement where the lines between various denominations within Christianity is deliberately blurred so those evil Mormons can take over the religious leadership in our country. Another group from the woo-woo patrol is accusing Mr. Beck of  conniving to deceive “true Christians” by conning them into believing that working with other Christian sects and those evil Joos and Muzzies will diminish and destroy the “real God” and cause America to be damned to Satanic rule.

Thus the attack goes after the modern day version of the persecution of 1930′s German Jews of our society, the Church of Latter Day Saints. For some strange reason there are people within our society that view the Mormon faith as dangerous. Perhaps I am ignorant of recent American history, if so then someone can correct me then if I am wrong but:

– Last I checked, there were no Mormon hijackers on 9/11, nor pilots of any of the planes that killed thousands of Americans that fateful day.

– I’ve never heard of Mormon Suicide Bombers putting on vests and running into crowds of people, including U.S. soldiers, and detonating themselves.

– It wasn’t a Mormon who committed an act of terrorism and slaughtered all of those soldiers at Ft. Hood, TX.

– I’ve never heard, read, or born witness to any aspect of the Mormon faith demanding the U.S. Constitution accommodate “their” legal system, nor modify the document to assimilate the American people to their faith.

– Mormons are not setting up churches nationwide while calling us “infidels” or beheading our citizens overseas.

I’m just sayin’.

The scariest aspect of what I have witnessed in the past week has not been the hucksters like the welfare poverty pimp, Al Sharpton’s protest and typically fictional accounts of reality and the events which happened in Washington, D.C. this past weekend.  The most horrifying aspect of the entire time period was the apparent willingness of American citizens who proclaim to be people of faith aligning themselves with Marxist ideologues to attack an event based solely on a harmless religious doctrine which just happens to be the faith of the 8/28 organizer.  Based on this it is safe enough to presume then that Christmas should be canceled because those dastardly  Mormons celebrate it also and that means those evil trees are actually antennas designed to receive mind control instructional videos from Salt Lake City, Utah.

What I would like to know is where were all these Christian hypocrites when another Mormon, Senator Harry Reid (D-UT) proposed and ushered through act after act which expanded the integration of Marxism into the American economy and codifying activities which in the future could possibly endanger their ability to engage in activities unique to their versions of Christian belief? Why were they silent about Dirty Harry’s religious beliefs when he was engaged in the praise of our enemies, support of the dilution of the Constitution, and engagement with the President to expand the ability of the Federal government to dilute their freedoms? Is it perhaps the hypocrisy I accuse Mr. Beck of pales compared to the sinful act of Envy these alleged religious leaders have apparently engaged in over the past ninety-six  hours?

The reader may wish to take his or her time to search for articles relating to Senator Reid’s religious beliefs  or how it pertains to the legislation of  Socialized Medicine, Cass Sunstein’s Financial Reform Act, and the Stimulus Slush Fund but you will find nothing from any of the preachers, reverends, philosopher’s, or commentators who are attacking Mr. Beck or the Mormon faith recently.

Those who believe that this is an evil Mormon plot to seize control or some other such silly conspiracy, I have but one thing to say to you:

You suckers, you dupes, you useful idiots are doing nothing more than succumbing to the devils of history we already know….

Hegel, Engels, and Marx.

You launch your “holier than thou” attacks on Glenn Beck’s Mormon beliefs but not once did he demand conversion of faith, or you attend a LDS service, nor travel to Salt Lake City to beg for forgiveness. When people applauded his generous and charitable actions to open the American public’s heart and soul to the ideals of restoring Faith and Honor in our society to save our nation, you dared scoff and accused him of proselytizing to convert the souls of your families and those of your followers. Masking your commentary with unrelated Bible passages to justify your attacks, you hypocrites of sin assumed that the sheep of your flock will expand by attempting to engage in the art of deception to expand your audience and promote your careers. I shall not nor will I dare expand upon that by mentioning your filthy tripe on these pages nor engaging in the religious bigotry so ignorantly displayed by your spite so as to publicize you any further.

In the mean time, your efforts do nothing but allow you to surrender and serve as the willing whore, a dupe for the powers of darkness who dance you around like a puppet, with the Obama administration’s Marxist idealists  on one string and the Islamofacists on the other. They laugh at your actions as their plans succeed because you fear a man and a religion more than you fear the Lord, thus allowing the strategy of “divide and conquer” the opening it needs to destroy the ideals of liberty and freedom you claim to profess. Your efforts, your lack of foresight, and your deceitful ways shall have no impact, because the “true believers” in our nation will not entangle themselves in your puppet strings and will not remain in the darkness of ignorance, a fear that our Founding Fathers had which caused them great trepidation as they demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice their lives for your very existence.

So many have written on their blogs of the evil of Mormonism and its impact on “Christian” society yet these same authors and commentators of the faith stay silent as they pump Saudi petroleum products into their vehicles as that nation enslaves, rapes, tortures, and murders Christian families and children; as they have for over twelve hundred years. According to the information that I have available as of tonight, there were no slaves in the state of Utah, nor a policy of persecution by the Mormon faith.

Keep it up you clowns as you suckle to a narrow-minded belief system which accommodates the twisted desires of the left all in the name of your “true God” and the beliefs you wish to share with the multitudes. Sadly your efforts to profit, to engage in acts of personal jealousy to make a name for yourselves on the coat tails of a man who did nothing more than work hard to achieve success and to share those blessings will yield you no fruit and only a bitter ending for your attacks upon the 8/28 events. While you attempt to divide the believers of Liberty and Freedom in an attempt to protect and expand your flock, these very actions and words are handing a victory to your future masters; the Marxists who ultimately will eradicate your religion, your freedoms, and the ideals of protecting the one and only “true God” of yours, which ceases to exist, after you assist them in attaining success.

NOTE: The * in the title is not  the letter “o” nor am I cursing Mr. Beck in any way shape or fashion as I am not as shallow of the President’s former religious adviser. Let the false prophets and misguided souls do their works of propaganda and evil for the left, as I shall not. For the good that Glenn does in our society, our nation, and for our Constitution, I say a hearty “GOD BLESS YOU GLENN” and not the narrow minded persecution being engaged in by many at this time. My personal fear is that the Mormon faith shall be selected as the “Jews” for a future holocaust, not much unlike that of the 1930′s in Germany, but similar to the practices of persecution and prosecution for the convenience of the powerful, to cover for their errors in judgment and mismanagement of our nation’s affairs. I have nothing but praise for the LDS, their suffering and successes, and their belief system. For the record, I have not nor ever have been a member of the Mormon church nor participated in their faith, it’s practices, or services.

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