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Obama’s New SS – Holder Announces New ‘Homegrown Terrorist’ Task Force


The Obama regime says we must concern ourselves with the danger posed by Americans who may have anti-government animus or racial prejudice.

While we have been occupied with things like the VA scandal and the surrender of 5 Jihadist Taliban commanders for a Deserting Traitor, last week the Obama regime quietly announced a new ‘task force’ that will crack down on ‘homegrown terrorists’.   Citing the Boston bombing and the mass shooting at Fort Hood as the justification from a Congressional report – Obama’s Atty. General Eric Holder announced the creation of a task force within the Justice Department to combat an “escalating danger” from “homegrown” terrorists within the United States.

This is almost laughable considering that Obama himself just declared open season on Americans to every terrorist network in the world given his actions with trading Bergdahl for Jihad generals.

Taliban Commander Says: More Kidnappings to Come After Bergdahl Deal

So what’s the purpose of this ‘task force’ if Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Jihadists are no longer a threat to be concerned about according to Obama?

Yes you read that right – In 2012, the Obama regime produced a draft National Intelligence Estimate that stated with insistence that al Qaeda was no longer a direct threat to America. That classified assessment, which was never before disclosed, was in keeping with the message coming from the White House that the war on terror is over.

You couple this with the fact Obama has opened the Southern border wide and is pushing for Amnesty by creating a humanitarian crisis – and obviously by their own fruits and words – the Obama regime DOES NOT CONSIDER RADICAL ISLAM TO BE A TERROR THREAT.

So who does this regime REALLY consider to be a terror threat?

YOU and ME.  The Conservative Christian who has disdain for the Federal Beast of a government and those who are declared ‘racists’ – THAT IS WHO this task force will target in conjunction with efforts by the IRS, the DHS and FBI to name just a few alphabets.

We must also concern ourselves with the continued danger we face from individuals within our own borders who may be motivated by a variety of other causes from anti-government animus to racial prejudice,” Holder said in announcing the group, named the Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee.

“…as the nature of the threat we face evolves to include the possibility of individual radicalization via the Internet — it is critical that we return our focus to potential extremists here at home,” Holder said.

This is NO LESS than the creation of Obama’s SS, a special force designed to “combat” “extremists” here at home within the USA.  Those whom Holder said have “anti-government animus” to “racial prejudice”.  He is talking about Conservative White Americans here, TEA party-types.

This government is preparing to do what all Marxist Dictatorships do to their political opposition and groups they want ‘gone’.  This “task force” lays the groundwork for Obama’s SS, his NKVD, his Stasi, his secret police, eventually his death squads if we are not vigilant as to what this ‘task force’ will be perverted into.

History and the fruits of this regime in whom they punish and persecute speak plainly to the concern.

Holder announces task force on ‘homegrown’ terrorists




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Conservative Americans Are Now Terrorists Like Those on 9-11


We’re All Ragheads Now

by John Galt

April 14, 2009

The Washington Times ran this story today titled “Federal Agency Warns of Radicals on the Right” which was presented by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Right Wing Extremism. To say the contents were disturbing is an understatement. This one sentence from page 5:

”Antigovernment conspiracy theories and “end times” prophecies could motivate extremist individuals and groups to stockpile food, ammunition and weapons.”

While the sentence in and of itself is perfectly logical from a mainstream media or average person’s perspective, when taken in context of the entire paper, it tells the world that everyone or anyone who might be a gun owner just looking to protect his family, a plinker or God forbid, someone who stocks food up for emergencies like a hurricane or earthquake could be equated to “anti-government conspiracy theories and end time prophecies” or worse: Those evil militias that have taken over our nation 399 times in the last 200 years. It is a sad statement to the level of paranoia that the far left extremists running our nation exhibit about the far right extremist paranoia which has never held power, never attempted to hold power and only usually comments to the “out there” ideals instead of what used to be the mainstream. You remember the ‘old’ mainstream, right gang? That would be the Constitution, that damned piece of paper that gets in the way of an oligarchy and the extinguishing of the flame of Liberty once and for all.

If you use the logic presented in this document and the train of thought they project:

If you dare to speak the truth about the economy, you are probably a threat and need to be watched.

If you dare to speak the truth about the financial industry, you are probably a conspiracy theorist and a threat and need to be watched.

If you do not blindly accept all programs, reports and proclamations from Washington, D.C. or your state’s government, you are probably a threat and need to be watched.

If you buy freeze dried foods or more than the FEMA recommended 3 cans of tuna fish, you are probably a thread and need to be watched.

If you pray to God and acknowledge the sweet baby Jesus as your Savior, you are probably a threat and need to be watched.

If you did not vote for the current regime, you are probably a threat and need to be watched.

If you believe it is a crime to remove an 8 month old baby from the womb and kill it by stabbing surgical scissors into the base of its skull, you are probably a threat and need to be watched.

If you advocate the United States Constitution, you are probably a threat and need to be watched.

I’m sorry but being equated with a raghead Islamofacist camel jockey who uses his wives and children to carry vest bombs on to a busload of five year old children in the Middle East then prays to Mecca based on the writings of a child molesting “prophet” does not just insult me, it infuriates me. The fact that America has reached this level of distortion, the fact that we are tagging people with alternative ideas, be they of the Christian faith or other, and the fact that espousing the Bill of Rights is now being criminalized to insure political hegemony over a society should be a wake up call to those on the fence. This document, regardless of its outcome, being leaked to the media and validated by reliable news sources the day before the Tea Party protests was done so to scare people away from these events and to have their attendees tagged with the “radical nutcase” label.

Based on that reason alone, I shall try to finish my business in South Florida tomorrow and attempt to attend the gathering in Sarasota. So Ms. Napalitano, bring your camera, I’ll be the man in black.

This now brings validation to the fears of many in my opinion. The fear that everyone who was of the camp that believed that we are on the path to a police state is now a realistic possibility not because some internet or shortwave radio program told you so; we have all heard and discussed this for years on end. The size and scope of this document after the leak of the Missouri State Police report indicates that it is no longer an isolated incident but in fact that there is a coordinated effort to insure data gathering on malcontents shall continue at full speed ahead under the auspices that those who disagree with either political party and their actions will be met with massive intimidation from the State.

Unfortunately the Stasi model is not the program that will be adopted as there is enough history and information on their activities to dilute their effectiveness if such a program were implemented in the United States. Instead, the program will consist of enforcement and oversight will emanate from the school teacher via the children, the cashier at your local warehouse club, or even the clerk at the local shooting range. Worse, it could be that sweet little eighty year old lady who lives across the street from you. What the State usually does when faced with the unknown is to reward the people you interact with on a daily basis, such as a “Citizen’s Freedom Initiative” where neighbors are asked to report “suspicious” activity to an anonymous 800 number which could result in financial rewards. What a great concept during an economic downturn. Would you care to gamble on the quality of the data that eight year old provides should she see you carrying your rifle case into your home and later a case of canned corned beef?

Such a program will provide the government with immunity from criticism as they can always blame the citizen should a court eventually find their seizure of your personal property during an “investigation” into a conspiracy to commit a Federal felony charge as illegal and unjust. Unfortunately you can never recover your reputation nor your belongings once America travels down that road. You will lose your job, your savings and the trust of friends and family alike. All because you dared to advocate any one of the Amendments to our Constitution or worse, believed that the Emperor’s new clothes were covering up a future wrought with tyranny.

I am very fearful for our nation now. The radical Statists who control our society now, both Democrat and Republican, have created a nation where people who follow the example of our Founding Fathers like Franklin and Washington, Monroe and Adams, and dare to pray for the salvation of our country, can now be lumped into the same category of the ‘ragheads’ who flew airplanes into the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001.

We, like Thomas Jefferson, are all ragheads now.

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