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Kristallnacht Via Hamas Comes To America


“Jews back to Birkenau”; “Drop dead, Zionazi whores” were chanted by CAIR-organized Muslim mobs with violent assaults on Jews and pro-Israel demonstrators.

Google this name:  Haj Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.  This is the Father of the modern Islamic push to eradicate ‘infidels’ in the world.  This is the man who replanted the doctrine of Hitler’s Final Solution into the “Palestinian” and Islamic Jihadist movement in the Middle East and the world.  He knew it well.  He personally met with Hitler and then raised an entire division of Chechnian Muslims to fight alongside the Nazis on their quest to purge the world of Jews.  The ideology of the Final Solution is the DNA strand found in the charters of Hamas, the PLO and many other Islamic Jihad groups.

So it should come as no surprise that today, the Islamic world is engaged in a global kristallnacht.  What is surprising is that such a heinous seed of evil is found on the streets of America.   Even after violence against Jews and pro-Israeli groups on the streets of the USA,  there is silence and capitulation to the mobs that would burn down every church and synagogue and kill every Jew and Christian they could if given the chance.  Like the rest of the wickedness and evil in America, the nation is silent and capitulating in the name of ‘tolerance’ and being led by the Obama Praetorian media to support the Islamic terrorists raining down rockets on every city in Israel while denouncing the Jews.

In Chicago, Boston, LA, and other cities where CAIR organized pro-Hamas protests, the underlying meme was a bloodlust for violence against Jews.  There was violence in Miami complete with the desecration of a synagogue with swastikas.

Kristallnacht has come to America in a new but old movement.  As the conflict against Hamas in Israel continues to be waged and the media continues to parrot the propaganda from Jihadists and their supporters – what happened 76 years ago will simply spread and grow into a global zeitgeist that Hitler could only have imagined.

There is this simple fact that Americans do not understand because they are largely ignorant of history (even their own): this world HATES the God of the bible, and it will seek to punish and war on those who follow Him. Night is falling upon the world and the wrath of the Devil is about to be unleashed in full fury – because he knows his time is short.  Woe to those of us on this earth not sealed in protection by the God of the bible that this world rejects.

Kristallnacht In America







It seems hard to believe that racist demonstrations, verging on riots in some places, could take place today in America with no intervention from the authorities, but that is exactly what happened in cities across country in the wake of Israel’s defensive actions against Islamist rocket attacks from Gaza.

In Boston anti-Semitic chants such as “Jews back to Birkenau” and “Drop dead, you Zionazi whores” were followed by assaults on Jews and pro-Israel demonstrators.

One of the assaulted students, Chloe Valdary, a University of New Orleans senior, pressed charges with the Boston Police Department against a woman for actions related to the incident.

“There were several cops who literally did nothing,” wrote Valdary on her Facebook page after the protest. She also posted videos and photos of the “disturbing” incident.

Brett Loewenstern and other witnesses said that protesters yelled slogans that included the Holocaust references cited above.

According to The Times of Israel, fifty anti-Israel demonstrations have taken place in the US alone since the start a week ago of Operation Protective Edge. A number of the protests have seen incidents of violence, including in Los Angeles and Boston.

In Los Angeles a pro-Israel rally was nearing its conclusion when “a verbal and physical altercation ensued between the occupants of two vehicles leaving the area,” the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said in a news release.

Jessica Ravitz and Catherine E. Shoichet of CNN reported that four people were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, accused of driving up to the protest in a truck and hitting pro-Israel demonstrators with handheld flagpoles,

One witness told The Los Angeles Times the clashes were deliberately provoked by the men in the truck with Palestinian flags.

“They were looking for a fight,” Judy Friedman told the newspaper. They were “taunting and threatening” people, thrusting their sticks toward demonstrators on the sidewalk.

An officer with the Federal Protective Service was forced to intervene and fired his weapon at the truck driven by pro-Palestinian agitators.  The Federal Protective Service called for an ambulance to treat a woman allegedly hurt by the men, who were later picked up and booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon CNN affiliateKTLA reported, citing police..

The anti-Semitic tenor of the demonstrations has gotten so intense that the Anti-Defamation League warned Jewish institutions to step up security in light of violence and anti-Semitic expressions at what it described as anti-Israel rallies across the United States. An ADL website tracking recent protests listed events in New York; Washington; Dallas; Portland; and Tempe, Arizona.

“The tenor at some of the anti-Israel rallies has been extreme,” the ADL said, “with protesters chanting ‘Death to Israel’ and other hateful messages and slogans.”

The group said Wednesday that a surge in Hitler-related hashtags might be fueling hatred at rallies as well. Over the weekend, #HitlerWasRight trended on Twitter, part of what the ADL described as an “online outpouring of anti-Semitism.”

Yet, in the face of this violent anti-Semitism you can’t find a statement from a major national figure in America condemning the violence toward Jews expressed in these near riots.

After the violent anti-Semitic protests in Paris which resulted in a synagogue being attacked and Jewish shops being raided Meyer Habib, a MP representing French citizens living in Israel, said that “an atmosphere of Kristallnacht” spreads over the country. We are afraid that, absent a strong expression from American leaders in all walks of life that anti-Semitism will not be tolerated here, the same atmosphere will grow in America.



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Borrowing A Page From The Nazis and Antiquity

Like a favorite old shirt the world loves to wear, the rulers love to put on the ‘blame the Jews’ and ‘warn of their poison’.  We made the mistake of assuming this philosophy was killed at the end of WWII.  It never died.  It was merely transported and magnified within the Arab and Muslim mindset.  But the mindset is now growing across the globe and it is becoming more blatant: blame Jews, blame Christians for everything.

Demonization of a targeted people and religion is done for one purpose: to prep the populace to accept their eventual persecution and eradication.  That the world hates God is self-evident by mankind’s history.  That the world goes to war on people God has blessed and carry His Word and Commandments, is the history of the world.

John Galt finds yet another example of this yet again – in another part of the world.

Malaysia Goes Old School: Jews And Christians behind recent pro-Democracy Protests

By John Galt
July 27, 2011

It’s always a pleasure to see that some old formula can be dusted off from the pages of history and restored for modern political purposes. Why let Hitler and the Arab governments monopolize bigotry and propaganda when shifting it several thousand miles to a Far East nation works just as well, even though many in the Muslim population have lived at relative peace with religious minorities in Malaysia for decades. Before the recent Berish protests (See: The Islamist Summer rolls on: 1,667 Arrested in Malaysian Protests), Christians were being accused of proselytizing and sowing discontent with foreign ideas that corrupted the purity of Islamic thought and government structure.

Now that the protests have calmed down thanks to a massive sweep of political opposition by the Malaysian regime, it is time to find another religious minority to single out as the controlling political party could never be held in contempt as they are as pure as Islam itself.  The newspaper, Utusan Malaysia,which is controlled by the party of Prime Minister Najib Razak, published an editorial on July 18th that I have just become aware of and should signal the change in world perception that I have been warning about for years. Thankfully, Glenn Beck, who has a much larger audience has also taken to warning the world of this coming evil also, and this editorial highlights the myth that old habits die hard and the ideas of Goebbels and Hassan al-Bannain will only perish when the Jewish race is eradicated from the face of the earth.

I present this editorial from the English edition of the newspaper for my readers to digest and understand the coming storm of hate and persecution coming for people of the Christian and Jewish faiths:

Do not let hidden hand colonialize the country


The reminder by former Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Rahim Noor that there exist certain element which ensures any countries that go against the Jews and Israel, will fall, and Malaysia is one of the countries, should not be taken lightly.

This is because at a time when the drumbeats in the name of human rights are getting boisterous, it will give the best opportunity for the pro-Jews group to interfere in any Muslims countries.

In this case, Malaysia is no exception especially when there are too many non-government organisations (NGOs) exist for the so-called struggle of human rights.

The quarters supporting the NGOs not only prepared to funnel funds but also looking for local leaders whom they think can be manipulated to achieve their objective.

As Rahim has said, the quarters will utilize every means and make the local leader whom they have learnt about their background, as the target.

Such leaders will care for nothing as long as his political aspiration is achieved at whatever cost.

We have seen this happens in our country where a political leader is said to be very close with the Jew leaders and NGOs.

All this should make the people aware especially Muslims on the danger that awaits them.

Muslims and Malaysians should not allow any party especially the Jews to discreetly interfere in the country’s administration.

We might not realise that the obsession to support certain action including through the demonstration may trap us into doing favour for the foreign elements which attempt to control the country.

The recent illegal rally, is not spared from foreign support when thousands of ringgit were channelled into the accounts of those who organise it.

The contribution is not just for nothing as it is given out for certain purpose.

As such, Malaysians should be very calculative in their political move. Do not be overwhelmed by their hatred towards the government be manipulated by the foreign elements to interfere in the country’s affair.

Street demonstrations or protest is not the best way to express their dissatisfaction. We have appropriate channel including the general elections process to exercise our right to speak up.

The action of going to the streets may allow foreign elements to infiltrate into the country and it is not a smart move.

As an independent and sovereign nation, we have our own way to find solution to our problem and not through foreign culture.

The success and prosperity of Malaysia as a model Islamic nation has created jealousy to certain country and this is made worst by Malaysia’s firm stand in fighting against violence by the Jew in Palestine.

The Jews will find ways to destroy our prosperity and well-being.

We probably think that this is a misplace concern but we must not forget the fate of certain countries which have been victims of the hidden hands.


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