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Will The Economic Pearl Harbor, Give Rise To A Fascist Global Empire?

As Greece suffers mass bank runs amidst a Euro Collapse, can a global financial collapse give rise to a ‘savior’ who the bible describes as an Anti-Christ?

We live in interesting times indeed.  The way of life most of us have known for the last 70 years, is rapidly ending.  America is being irrevocably damaged and weakened, with a rearrangement of the global powers to fill the void the very short anomaly of Christian Anglo power has occupied for half a millennia.

Beasts are rising on the world.  Each has desires of global dominion to rule with iron fisted brutality on what nations and peoples they see as inferior.

Islam sees their time is at hand to establish a global caliphate.  Marxists and Communists see that their time to crush Capitalism and establish global Communism is at hand.  Germany is positioning themselves to become Europe’s economic landlord.

And while all this is going on to a seemingly oblivious secular people, Christians who have some familiarity with scripture are asking themselves if “This is it”?  Is this the end of the Age?  The time of the end?  The return of Christ?  The beginning of the Great Tribulation?  Or at minimum the rise of the anti-Christ?

Certainly it does not take a prophet to forsee that what is transpiring will lead to the end of the Age of a prosperous American superpower.   A time of the end of free market Capitalism.  And what it harbors is a return of the world the way it prefers itself to be: a world of beastly empires of men, enforcing it’s caste of nobles and serfs upon all.  Ushering in a time of tribulation and dark ages that may well set the stage for the rise of a singular authority and his confederation of nations to rule the globe.

The Ignorant Fisherman has an essay that poses some sobering questions about what is transpiring before us.  While a good essay, this author differs in understanding in that it is not wise to set any dates for a Messianic return of our Lord (Matthew 24:36) or the subscription to the Rapture.  Jesus said specifically in Matthew 24 that His followers would be hated and persecuted of all nations for His name’s sake, and there was no respite from martyring death for the Apostles.  Why should Christians in this time be any different?

As the Marxist fist tightens into absolute oppression and despair, I often wonder whether the Christian body in America will hold onto their faith when they have bought into the notion that nothing bad will befall them or they will get zapped out of here before it all goes down, when their brothers and sisters in the 3rd world; in India, China and in Muslim counties are persecuted and killed for nothing more than their faith.

Will they do the same here when they begin to suffer the same fate Christians in the rest of the world are suffering?

The Fall of the Global Markets and the Rise of the Anti-Christ

Never in the history of the “global markets” has so much been at stake. Markets across the world are on the verge of utter collapse. This is not a hyper, over-the-top assessment or a pessimistic “doom and gloom” perspective. This is only the current reality that many do not want to face.

The current global markets are extremely volatile and highly unstable, reflecting doubt and pessimism about what the future holds in regard to their currencies. In view of the economic crisis in Greece, the Euro at present is tanking hard and is sending great panic and uncertainty throughout the world markets. These markets all affect each other like a “chain gang.” When one is thrown overboard, they all go with it.

“They are doing everything in their power to delay what they know in their hearts is coming, a worldwide global collapse of the markets and currencies”

The British pound is on the verge of being akin to toilet paper. The American dollar is weakening at alarming rates. The price of gold has skyrocketed to new all-time highs. The escalating price of gold shows that people are abandoning the currencies of the world while looking for a more sound financial investment that offers better security. What is most insane here is that many of the world leaders have their “heads in the sand” and are trying to be optimistic despite the sobering realities at hand. They are doing everything in their power to delay what they know in their hearts is coming, a worldwide global collapse of the markets and currencies. What is also devious is that somewhere – in the smoked-filled back rooms – are opportunists just waiting to fill the void that will be left after a global collapse with a seizure of absolute power and fascist control. The time honored principle holds that history always repeats itself and nothing is new under the sun (Eccl. 1:9).

The financial crisis in Greece is just a small microcosm of what is coming our way. As countries are spending and printing more currency than the worth it possesses, national debts are skyrocketing. The realities are dreadfully sobering. The present markets are so unstable that a significant crisis could send the markets into a freefall of doom. Just one key act of terrorism, just one key natural disaster, just one key global crisis will cause a chain reaction of panic and fear that will erupt into the world markets and propel them into a fatal tailspin which will bankrupt the world. How close have we actually been in avoiding these catalytic acts in America these last couple of years? (link)

Those Who Have Eyes to See

For the serious student of the Bible – especially those who study Biblical prophecy and end- time events – the table is fully set ….

…  Sadly, as we are at the very doorstep of these events, the majority of world is absolutely oblivious to and clueless about what is to soon transpire. They remain comfortably numb in their delusional, narcissistic and subjective state of ignorance and feel optimistically secure and protected in their paper-walled houses as the world is about to go headlong off a cliff.

However, the Word of God states:

For you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape (1 Thess. 5:2-3).

The Cause and The Effect

When the Dollar and Euro finally implode under the massive weight of debt, it will send a chain reaction throughout the global markets. Since the markets are all interwoven, they will go down like a house of cards. The world’s reaction will be that of absolute fear and panic. This fear and panic will send shock waves through the world’s investors, markets and traders causing even greater trauma and ruin. There are only two securities in this world that people can trust in. One is money (or mammon) and the other is the Person of Almighty God. An individual can only serve just one of them (Matt 6:24). Sadly, it is in the “almighty dollar” (and other currencies) that most of mankind puts its surety (trust) and hope. In the end money will never redeem our bankrupt souls. Only the precious blood of God’s Lamb can truly redeem us (Col 1:20). In the end the precious blood of the Lamb is the most vital security for both time and eternity.

With the peace and security of the world in great jeopardy and trouble and turmoil all around, the world’s inhabitants will be quite willing to turn over their rights, freedom and national sovereignty. They will hand over all authority to the one who promises to restore that which has been decimated. It is at this point that a world leader will arise in Europe to a place of prominence, and he will seek to restore prosperity by creating a new world order (Dan. 7:8, 20, 25; 9:25, 11:36-39; 2 Thess. 2:2-12; Rev. 6:1-2; 13). The climatic end result of this allegiance will be the “Mark of the Beast” Rev 13:16-18. /

I find this interesting, as at one time I also thought a Eurobeast would fill the biblical prophetic bill.  I am not so sure at this point in history that this supposition is correct.  A Beast is indeed rising, the vacuum the West leaves will be filled.  But as it stands right now – unless Europe starts breeding like rabbits, the Muslim immigrants in their midst are going to overtake the natve populations.  Simple numbers say that much of Europe is already undergoing Islamization.  So if it is a Eurabia that rises, perhaps that may have some prophetic application, but I am somewhat doubtful a United Europe is going to fulfill this role that the American Christian Church has supposed for many decades in various church movements.

With war looming (Rev. 6:1-8) and global economic collapse at hand, the world’s masses will seek for one with all the solutions and answers to the crisis of all crises. They will be quite willing to turn over their liberties and freedoms in a desperate attempt to stabilize the world and salvage as much as they can to insure a “bright and hopeful” future. Little will they know that they in so doing will reap eternal consequences by giving their allegiance to him (Matt 24; Rev. 13, 14: 9-11).

The Master Puppet Master

Lucifer, the master Politian and original Fascist, knows all too well how the game is played. He has been practicing for a long time, waiting patiently for the precise moment to bring forth his master plan and global unity. That plan is global worship for himself (2 Thess. 2:3-4; Rev. 13:4, 8, 12) and global war against Almighty God (Dan. 7:25; Rev. 13:7; 16:13-16; 17:14a). ,

“As the world at this time is in fatalistic panic and dire need, Lucifer will provide them with his man of lawlessness, i.e., the Anti – Christ”. There is no greater way to grab power and install radical laws and ruthless policies than when a people and nation are at the very place of poverty and suffering. In this place they are consumed by their daily needs and are quite willing to even sell their souls to the devil for a piece of meat or a loaf of bread. As the world at this time is in fatalistic panic and dire need, Lucifer will provide them with his man of lawlessness, i.e., the Anti – Christ (Rev. 13). Since they have rejected natural laws and the eternal, righteous absolutes of Almighty God and His saving grace, the world’s inhabitants will be in a state of spiritual darkness and ripe for making a deal with the Devil himself to their doom and eternal ruin (Matt. 25:41). At this point man’s casual unbelief will be channeled and focused into a powerful laser beam of violence and absolute defiance against Almighty God and His program (2 Thess. 2:2-12).

Such events as we are seeing and witnessing today – including the pending global market collapse – are the ever increasing sounds of the steps of the soon coming Day of the Lord.

How Will You Spend Your Dollar? My friends, this life is but a dollar bill easily spent, giving but little satisfaction in doing so. We are here for just a brief moment, and then we are gone (Eccl. 1:1-3). To put “all of our eggs” into the temporal and doomed basket of this life is the height of insanity, rebellion and unbelief. Eternity is our future and we must all be ready for it on God’s terms, which are holiness and perfect righteousness. That righteousness is only found in Jesus Christ (Romans 10:2-4). , “This life is but a dollar bill easily spent, giving but little satisfaction in doing so”

As these darkening and difficult days come to a close and the morning lights are shining on the horizon of the Kingdom of Heaven, may you be sure to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior! Your final destiny – and your ultimate destination – depends on your choice. Place your trust in Him today; you will never be the same!



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Obama State Church Emerges – Clergy Leads Congregation in PRAYERS TO OBAMA

This video shows a church congregation PRAYING to Obama and asking HIM to deliver us as if he were God.


If this does not scare the crap out of you – nothing will.

This is where the Red Letter Christian movement of combining politics and religion is taking Christianity.  They claim that Biblical Christians – “hijacked” Christianity from the Left, suggesting biblical Christians are no different than Al Qaeda.  And they lead their church congregations in prayer to Obama – as if he were God.

The Gammaliel Foundation is a Marxist Community Organizing outfit masquerading as an interfaith organization.  They travel along use churches to push Obama’s political agenda.

This is their mission statement:

The mission of Gamaliel Foundation is to assist local community leaders to create, maintain and expand independent, grassroots, and powerful faith-based community organizations so that ordinary people can impact the political, social, economic, and environmental decisions that affect their lives; to provide these organizations with leadership training programs, consultation, research and analysis on social justice issues;  to be a network for mutual learning environments and working coalitions.

“Social Justice” = Socialism in the efforts of this bunch.

Where’s the Separation of Church and State minions now?  


Dead silent.

Because in truth – the Separation minions want the true God separated from this society, but they want to replace God with the State – and worship of Obama as God is acceptable to them.


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MSNBC – Newsweek’s Editor Says Obama is God

Good catch from Newsbusters.

The State-Run media sycophants in the county are already acting as though Obama is divine, but today on Chris Matthews HardUp Obama’s Butt Program, Newsweek’s Editor Evan Thomas declared that Obama is God.

Thomas elaborated on Obama as God, patronizingly explaining: “He’s going to bring all different sides together…Obama is trying to sort of tamper everything down. He doesn’t even use the word terror. He uses extremism. He’s all about let us reason together…He’s the teacher. He is going to say, ‘now, children, stop fighting and quarreling with each other.’ And he has a kind of a moral authority that he – he can – he can do that.”


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AntiChrist Obama? Islamic World Lauds Obama as the Mahdi

In America, the charge that Barrack The Hussein Obama is hailed as a messiah is old news.

It’s almost a comical anecdote now, something akin to a re occurring character farce on SNL or MAD TV.  But perhaps we need to stop snickering and laughing at this, and become truly alarmed that in his mind – and in many minds that follow him – he is indeed a messiah.

To the Marxist Left – Obama is The One, the savior of their ideology.  Some Leftist whackos herald him as ‘divine’ and ‘kingly’.  Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakahn declared Obama “the messiah” during a Savior’s Day speech to his cult in 2008.

Today – after Obama surrendered America to the Islamic world in his speech to apologize for America’s existence – the Arab world is wondering aloud if Obama is not the promised warrior, a “Mahdi” who will lead Islam to victory over the infidels in the last days.

Egypt’s Al-Masry Al-Youm declared the Usurper-In-Chief “Obama the Awaited” in it’s giant front page headline, drawing parallels to the Mahdi, who in Muslim estacheology is believed to appear before the end of days as a saviour, as the second coming of Christ.

Iranian Shiite prophecies also are being grafted onto Obama as a messiah to the Muslim world.  According to a Shiite Hadith that describes a “Promised Warrior” a tall black man will assume power in the West and herald the fall of the West and the victory of Islam to conquer the world.

 The tradition comes from Bahar al-Anvar (meaning Oceans of Light) by Mullah Majlisi, a magnum opus in 132 volumes and the basis of modern Shiite Islam. According to the tradition, Imam Ali Ibn Abi-Talib (the prophet’s cousin and son-in-law) prophesied that at the End of Times and just before the return of the Mahdi, the Ultimate Saviour, a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.” Commanding “the strongest army on earth,” the new ruler in the West will carry “a clear sign” from the third imam, whose name was Hussein Ibn Ali. The tradition concludes: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.” In a curious coincidence Obama’s first and second names—Barack Hussein—mean “the blessing of Hussein” in Arabic and Persian. His family name, Obama, written in the Persian alphabet, reads O Ba Ma, which means “he is with us,” the magic formula in Majlisi’s tradition. Mystical reasons aside, the Khomeinist establishment sees Obama’s rise as another sign of the West’s decline and the triumph of Islam. Obama’s promise to seek unconditional talks with the Islamic Republic is cited as a sign that the U.S. is ready to admit defeat….”

That Obama reveals himself to be a Marxist and Islamic despot is being noticed by more than just a few in America crying aloud a warning – our Freinds at Canada Free Press noticed this as well:

Muslim Messiah steps out of the shadows

Why all the pussyfooting about identifying Barack Hussein Obama for what he truly is, a despot?  Now that his Muslim roots have emerged in time for Muslim Brotherhood members to attend his Cairo speech, you can make that, a Muslim despot.

Just as surely as he had his own records sealed from public view, out on the campaign trail, he snookered at least some of his voters on hidden Muslim roots.

For those who consider the despot tag too harsh, a president who works to take down his own country is a despot.  This despot acts as though the United States of America is his private toy to do with as he wishes.  Without much backlash, he’s already all but shredded the Constitution, and is now fluttering its confetti-like pieces on the heads of the people to whom it matters most.

…Obama’s handlers wrapped him in rhinestone-studded gift wrap and passed him off as the Beatles and Elvis Presley rolled into one.  “The Messiah” and “King of the World” are only two of his nicknames.

…But for all of their hype, Obama is only a Robert Mugabe with charisma.

…Despots are always the same so there is nothing original about the man who waited to put the “Hussein” back in his name in time to emerge as the Muslim Messiah. 

Obama may well end up making Mugabe look like a saint by the time he fully implements the ‘change’ he is instituting without so much as a whimper from the stupified American people.


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Obama’s Inner Demons, Unleashed On Us All

As I post this essay by Joan Swirsky, I have read headlines today that Obama plans to drop sanctions against Iranian WMD Companies and that the Trojan Horse President also plans to massively reduce our nuclear arms.

One would not think someone the media says is so smart and intelligent would be so stupid and naive.  So we must then assume that this is deliberate.  Of course we tried to warn the American people what his real plans were, despite the bold-faced lies Obama told to the general public during the campaign.

We face an American Antichrist to our liberties, and quite possibly, to our very lives.

Obama, like all despotic narcissists, hold in disdain entire populations and classses of people that they blame for their own damaged pasts. Like Hitler, who was abandoned by his father and was left searching to find himself in a cocoon of hatred, Obama has followed the same path – now to the most powerful office on earth.



Obama’s Revenge

Joan Swirsky

Once upon a time, a white teenager from Kansas got pregnant by her black Kenyan boyfriend, Barack Obama Sr., or was it her husband? Whatever. (I say whatever because we’ve never seen either marriage or divorce certificates). Some say the couple was in Kenya visiting relatives when the birth of their son, Barack Obama Jr., occurred. No matter. (I say no matter because we’ve never seen an authentic birth certificate). By the time the baby was two years old his father abandoned him for his other wife and child in Kenya.

I wonder how toddler Barry felt when his father left him, and never reappeared until a single time when the boy was 10. Bewildered? Sad? Lonely? Angry? What do two-year-olds do with those feelings? 

It didn’t take long for Barry’s mother to meet and marry an Indonesian native named Lolo Soetoro. They moved to Indonesia, where her child became Barry Soetoro, took on Indonesian citizenship, and was presumably schooled in public, Christian, and Muslim schools. (I say presumably because we’ve never seen those school records). But when Barry was 10 years old, his mother sent him back to the U.S. to be raised by her parents, Madelyn and Stanley Dunham, although she kept her baby daughter Maya Soetoro with her. 

I wonder how the by-now fully-sentient young Barry felt when his mother sent him packing. Sad? Jealous of the baby who remained behind with mommy? Confused and dizzy by the disparate cultures – languages, customs, foods, sights, sounds, schooling – he had experienced? Resentful? What did Barry do with those feelings? 

By the time he was 10, the boy had been abandoned three times – by his father, stepfather, and mother. And although he was raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii – where “people of color” were not his color – he found out soon enough that his mixed-race background rendered him, in effect, an outsider. Did that make him feel self-conscious, indignant, victimized? 

But he wasn’t altogether an outsider. In Hawaii, young Barry met Frank Marshall Davis, his first and perhaps most influential mentor. The infamous Marshall, a Communist activist (and self-confessed pedophile) taught Barry – was it Obama, Soetero, Dunham? – that white people were the devil incarnate and that blacks were the most “victimized” people on earth. 

Yet the abandoned and rejected child was lucky. His white-devil grandparents gave him a comfortable life in Hawaii, and an education that apparently qualified him to attend several prestigious schools – Occidental College in CA, Columbia Univ. in NY City, and Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA.(I say apparently qualified because we’ve never seen any of his college transcripts). 


After his undergraduate days at Columbia, Obama chose not to go to graduate school, but instead held various jobs in the Big Apple and then moved to Chicago to become a community organizer. Although he had been exposed to American exceptionalism through his life in the United States and his privileged education, it is clear that his experiences in impoverished Kenya and totalitarian Indonesia, as well as his exposure to Marshall and the other radicals he had met during his years in New York – among them the unrepentant domestic terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn of Weather Underground infamy – made the deepest and most lasting impressions. 

Their messages of American imperialism and its white-devil culture clearly resonated in the thrice-abandoned boy. In his young-adult and adult years, free to choose his friends and pursuits, he opted exclusively for far-left socialists and Marxists, and activities aimed at relieving the suffering of people he perceived to be as victimized as apparently he felt he had been. He understood their feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and impotent rage, as well as the pain of fatherlessness. After all, his Harvard-educated father consciously chose to leave him. And his mother gave him away. Was that depressing to Barry? Infuriating? 

When given the opportunity to join one of dozens of churches in Chicago, Barry – who had morphed into Barack – opted for the Trinity United Church of Christ, which was led by the fire-breathing Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose decades-long anti-American and anti-Semitic rants apparently resonated in Obama’s rejected and abandoned heart and soul. (I say apparently resonated because in over 20 years of regular attendance, Obama said he heard nothing inflammatory or anti-American, and we’ve never seen the videotapes of any sermon, although each one was unfailingly recorded). 

“God damn America,” Wright raged. “The chickens have come home to roost,” he “preached” to his whooping and hollering congregation after 9/11. Obama heard nothing. 

But it wasn’t only Wright who Obama was attracted to in Chicago. He was also drawn to another hate-spewing radical, Rev. Louis Farrakhan, as well as to the raving Father Michael Phleger, the radical Islamist Khalid Rashidi, his friends and neighbors the Ayers, and to equally-close friends “Tony” and Rita Rezko – Tony being the notorious “fixer” and now-convicted-and-imprisoned felon for fraud, bribery, and money laundering. What did the seemingly mild-mannered Obama find so irresistible in these angry and/or crooked people and others like them? Was it the same thing that a shy man finds in his attraction to a flamboyant girlfriend – and alter-ego, a person who expresses what he really feels but is unable to give voice to?  

In these relationships and in community organizing – which offers inner-city mostly-black residents job training, tutoring, and methods to organize tenants’-rights groups and voter-registration drives, etc. – the twenty-something Obama apparently found his calling, and also a renewed and burning ambition. 


While his community-organizing job paid a paltry $12,000 or so per year, Obama somehow managed to pay his way through one of the priciest graduate schools in the world, Harvard Law School. (I say somehow managed because we have no record of his tuition payments). Even more amazing, he became the first black president of the Harvard Law Review without ever producing a written paper – or at least a paper that the public has ever read.

There is a good deal of evidence that Obama’s acceptance at Harvard Law – and his tuition – were facilitated by friends who had a vested interest in the community organizer. Among them was Percy Sutton, a former Manhattan borough president and ardent leftist, who was also Malcolm X’s lawyer. In an interview last year, the octogenarian Sutton stated: “I was introduced to [Obama] by a friend. The friend’s name was Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, and the introduction took place about 20 years ago.” Sutton described al-Mansour as “the principle adviser to one of the world’s richest men” and suggested that al-Mansour was raising money for Obama. Knowing that Sutton had friends at Harvard, al-Mansour asked him if he would write a letter to Harvard recommending Obama, which Sutton did most agreeably. This took place about 1988 when 27-year-old Obama was applying to Harvard Law.

Journalist Jack Cashill has credibly speculated that Obama’s two memoirs were actually written by his pal Bill Ayers, who was and is a University of Illinois at Chicago English professor, having escaped life in prison on a technicality. Two years [after he was admitted to law school], Cashill writes, “while still a law student, Obama improbably received an advance to write a memoir that would be called `Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance,’ which was published in 1995.” His second memoir, published in 2006, was “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.” (I suspect Cashill said “improbably received an advance” because, as stated earlier, Obama had not produced even one paper or distinguished himself in any way to have inspired a major publishing company to approach him).

Al this begs the question: Who writes two memoirs about himself before the age of 45? My own speculation is that it could be no one but a narcissist.  As most people know in this age of pop psychology, the psychiatric disorder of narcissism derives from the Greek myth in which Narcissus, a handsome young man, became obsessed with himself and fell in love with his own image as he gazed into a pool of water. A lot of people have some degree of narcissism, which is characterized by grandiosity, an unquenchable need for admiration, unhealthy self-absorption, dependence on the affirmation of others, and also a lack of empathy, which is hidden by both personal charm and the kind of earnest language that pretends to “feel your pain.”

Or he could be a malignant narcissist., which psychiatrist Dr. Otto Kernberg, a legendary leader in thought disorders, compares to a narcissist on steroids. This variety involves paranoid traits (think of Obama’s thin-skinned, quasi-hysterical reactions to Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin), and ego-syntonic aggression, which means the person is perfectly in-sync with people who have the courage he lacks to lash out.

But consider the source! Obama’s father was a self-aggrandizing narcissist who thought nothing of throwing his son away to fulfill his own ambitions and his mother also threw him away for the same reason. Talk about DNA, which Obama perfectly exhibited when, during his campaign, he unflinchingly dispensed with both his white grandmother and his black “mentor” Rev. Wright for his personal ambition.


This leads me to only one conclusion, which I wrote about in a former article: “Obama: The Trojan Horse.” My theory is that President Obama’s narcissistic charm, even temperament, skill with words (teleprompter included), hunger to please, radical agenda, and subterranean rage at the “unfair” American system have been brilliantly exploited by powerful leftist radicals and Marxists in the United States, who for decades have plotted America’s path to socialism. He is their pawn, totally dispensable but handy while the “aura” lasts.

These “handlers” saw in Obama the ideal blank slate on which to actualize their agenda, and they made sure the slate remained blank by concealing (or destroying) any evidence of his past, including his birth certificate, Selective Service record, visa(s), school transcripts, and other vital documents. All of which is costing his moneyed backers – including America-loathing billionaire George Soros – multimillions in lawyers’ fees to fight the proliferating lawsuits that seek the truth about this stealth president.

In fact, former ambassador Alan Keyes, one of the many plaintiffs seeking proof of Obama’s American citizenship, has reported that Obama’s lawyers have now filed a motion “to quash our effort to obtain the relevant documents…[which] confirms Obama’s ruthless determination to destroy anyone who continues to seek the information the Constitution requires. Obama thus signals his intent to bring financial ruin on those who won’t accept his cover-up of the circumstances of his birth is a tactical escalation. It confirms the common sense suspicion that he won’t act forthrightly in this matter because he has something to hide.”

It is clear that Obama and his fellow radicals are restive. In the less-than four weeks of his presidency, the new president has taken volumes from the Marxian handbook, which dictates that the stupid masses be blitzed with an overload of information, hollow press conferences, appointments, dismantling of formerly effective national-security programs, et al., in order to set the stage for a massive, Soviet-style takeover of our government, including a civilian national security force that Obama has said should be “just as powerful, strong and well-funded as the U.S. military.” Echoes of Nazi Germany in 1938, anyone?

According to writer Kyle-Anne Shrive, in Obama’s ascendance:

“We have yet to see a more perfect collision of Murphy’s Law with the Peter Principle. In only three weeks’ time, [he] has signaled to every terrorist on the planet that we are a sorry, groveling, ashamed nation ready to come to the diplomatic confessional. He is closing Gitmo within one year, has suspended trials there, and dismissed the charges against the U.S.S. Cole plotter. [He] has just put our money where his mouth is and is using $20.3 million to bring in Palestinian refugees from Gaza…[he] had the gall to pronounce the so-called economic stimulus bill absolutely free of `earmarks’ and `make-do work’…but according to the Congressional Budget Office [this bill] will do worse to our overall economy than no government action whatsoever.”

And Obama has done all this with the predictable double-speak that characterizes malevolent intention, i.e., touting transparency while concealing everything, speaking of integrity while appointing crooks and incompetents riddled with conflicts-of-interest, supporting energy independence while killing off-shore and domestic oil-drilling and nuclear power, and feigning optimism while he speaks of impending “catastrophe” in order to push through a pork-laden, trillion-dollar-plus Stimulus plan that rewards the corrupt voter-fraud organization Acorn with billions and unions with discriminatory union-only labor agreements, paves the way for socialized medicine, and threatens to take away the most cherished rights of We The People.

As blogger Eric Gurr has said: “We still talk about the health care crisis, the environmental crisis, the oil crisis, the banking crisis. Let me tell you my friends you are about to learn the meaning of the only crisis that matters, the survival crisis.”

You can be sure that the sad-lonely-angry two-year-old, the jealous-confused-resentful 10-year-old, the self-conscious- cheated-victimized adolescent, and the man who found solace in and identified with his hate-America mentors is now determined to redeem all of his demons.

Unfortunately, he is acting out his rage on free-market capitalism, a free press, property and gun rights, a limited constitutional government, protection of the unborn, and everything else that is good and great about our country.

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Rangel: Obama Is The World’s Savior

Seig Heil!

Obama will save the poor.

Obama will save the country.

Obama will save the world!

This is frightening.  We’ve become National Socialists – worshipping our own version of Hitler.

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All Hail Messiah Obama at Temple Mount Obamanopolis!

The writers at Saturday Night Live could not parody this insidious hilarity any better than Barrack The Hussein Obama’s campaign itself is doing.

The man-god, Obama will give his acceptance speech for Emperor of the World from a set depicting his temple in heaven, where he will come down, to lead us ungrateful mortals in the ways of Alinsky – and change us, into something the Founders never intended.

But I’m not the only one to note the ridiculousness and utter arrogance and stupidity that Obama ices his campaign cake on with this attempt to make himself a god.

Can we little ‘bitter Americans, who cling to our religion and our guns’ be saved?  Should we all genuflect in humility in Barrack The Hussein Obama’s general direction?  Should we face D.C. when we do it? 

JEREMY OLSHAN and GEOFF EARLE of the New York Post make a similar observation.

Democrats will kneel before the “Temple of Obama” tonight. 

As if a Rocky Mountain coronation were not lofty enough, Barack Obama will aim for Mount Olympus when he accepts his party’s nomination atop an enormous, Greek-columned stage – built by the same cheesy set team that put together Britney Spears‘ last tour. 

John McCain‘s campaign mocked the massive neoclassical set created for Obama’s speech at 75,000-seat Invesco Field. Some Republicans have dubbed it the “Barackopolis,” while others suggested the delegates should wear togas to fit in among the same Doric columns the ancient Greeks believed would stroke the egos of Zeus and Athena. 
“It’s only appropriate that Barack Obama would descend down from the heavens and spend a little time with us mere mortals when accepting the Democratic nomination,” said Republican National Committee spokesman Danny Diaz. 

The McCain campaign quickly dispatched a memo calling the stage the “Temple of Obama.” 

“We would have expected to read something like this in The Onion. Fortunately for us, it’s true. Unfortunately for Obama, it’s true,” a McCain adviser told The Post. 
But the set is designed to evoke the White House and the Lincoln Memorial, not the Acropolis, said staging supervisor Bobby Allen, a Spears set vet. 
“We’ve done Britney’s sets and a whole bunch of rock shows, but this was far more elaborate and complicated and we had to do it in far less time,” said Allen, of RDA Entertainment. 

“The biggest challenge has been making sure we don’t damage the playing field underneath.” 
Asked who is harder to sat isfy – the Democrats or Britney – Allen replied: “I better not answer that.” 
The curved, columned backdrop does resemble the portico of the White House, and blue carpeting and podium surrounded by white stars is suggestive of the Oval Office, other crew members said. 

Democrats quickly pointed out that George W. Bush accepted the Republican nomination before a similar, though less elaborate, stage in 2004. 
Obama chose to accept the nomination at Invesco Field and not at the Pepsi Center, where the rest of the convention is being held, so he can reach out to a larger number of supporters – a move John F. Kennedy employed in 1960. 

The late decision to move the speech to the football stadium did not give Allen and the other contractors much time to make the Olympian stage a reality. 
“We knew about it for only a few weeks, and had only one week to actually assemble this,” he said. 

The structure has an aluminum frame, and the faux-stone walls and columns are made of wood. 

Obama has been called “the biggest celebrity in the world” by the McCain campaign. Republicans say that even though Obama will share the stage with Stevie Wonder, the candidate is proving their point. 

Asked about McCain’s criticism of the Democratic convention stage, Obama adviser David Axelrod jabbed at McCain for “shooting barbs about the opulence of our convention from the mountaintop in Sedona.” 

Democratic delegates defended the grandiosity as fitting with the monumental importance of this election. 
“If you ask me, it kind of looks like the columns in the White House,” Ohio delegate Eileen Krupinski said. 
Kathy Knight, a North Carolina delegate, said the Republicans will say anything to bring Obama down. 

“All they can reach for is what’s negative,” she said. “That’s just tacky.” 

Regardless of questions about the temple, people are still clamoring to get inside. 

Despite Democratic efforts to stop rampant ticket-scalping for Obama’s big speech tonight, craigslist.com has been filled with ads offering the impossible-to-get seats for as much as $1,000. 

Standing on this temple podium, Obama will recall Rev. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech while mourning the victims of Hurricane Katrina when he accepts his party’s nomination tonight – fusing two events central to the African-American experience into his call for national unity and change. 
“He’s going to lay out the case for change. He’s going to set the stakes for this election – the risks of continuing down the road we’re on,” said Axelrod, previewing the speech. 


This is now beyond humorous and silly.  

This is downright dangerous, to have a man, who has wanted to be king since childhood – surround himself with the rhetoric and trappings of a man-god, who promises “change” – but will lead us all to ruin.



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