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Obama Outlines His Plans For His SS and Brownshirt Citizenry

Watch, and understand this is the exact pretext Hitler used to militarize the SS to be used against the People.


Tie this with the entry earlier about Obama’s Pals planning to “eliminate” 25 million Americans who will not be ‘re-educated” and do you get the picture of what is taking shape here?


Here, watch the messiah yourself discuss this plan to create a ‘Civilian Defense Force’.

According to the Constitution – we already HAVE a civilian defense force – it’s called the MILITIA.

But Obama is having none of that.  His pals plan to cut the Defense Budget 25% and make this “Civilian Security Force” as powerful and as well funded as the military?

What for?

His Elite SS, the Stasi, his domestic secret police forces.

What he plans is far more serious and grave than you can imagine.  We best wake up.



“So this is how liberty dies.  To thunderous applause” – Padme Amidala, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.




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