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Socialist Christian Churches Working With Obama to Silence Dissent Using Hate Crimes Charges


Today another nail was pounded into the coffin of liberty  and your right to both speech and worship in America.

On Wednesday, Marxist-In-Chief Obama signed into law the Federal Hate Crimes bill that was attached to a Defense Spending Authorization.

That’s right. In order to pass the future criminalizing of biblical thought and expression – the Marxists in the Politburo shoved the nearly impassable Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill into the Defense Authorization Act of 2010 as a MUST PASS.  If the military gets the funds it needs to make bullets and bombs – the Leftists decided they had a right to sneak their tool to criminalize thought and religion into the bill since it would not pass on it’s own.  So your right to the free exercise of religious faith and free speech was just put in lethal jeopardy with little notice by Obama who signed it into law by authorizing funds for the military.  This new law is the building blocks for state persecution to thoughts, religious ideas and political biases that the state wants eradicated.

This law sets the stage for certain passages of scripture to be a violation of federal law or to say that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God, or to teach your own children that the homo lifestyle is wrong.  That is where such legislation leads in other nations that have adopted it.  Of course the proponents and the Marxist-In-Chief make the law sound so noble, so good for society .  The trade off is that instead of Lady Justice being blind in applying the law equally – criminality will be determined on a scale according to thought, as opposed to simple justice before the law.  Apparently violent crime in itself is not enough. Now the thought behind it must be punished – and then it leads to criminalizing the thoughts BEFORE any such “crime” is committed. The law is interesting in that if a man attacks a homosexual – he is virtually automatically charged with a hate crime.  Yet if homosexuals attacked a Christian minister – there is no such application.  Welcome to an America Orwell warned us about.

This law is yet another road to tyranny that will be used to silence Christians and other biblical faiths with political or ideological beliefs that differ with the tyrants running the state.

But it is not the Secular Leftists alone that are pushing to criminalize Christians and to silence dissent.  Red Letter Christians and neo Christian churches that have adopted the ideology of Marx and Obama as divine are also behind a deliberate push to silence any dissent or opposition to the Marxist agenda being pushed by Obama, his stooges in the politburo and the State Run media.

The push is on to silence “hate speech” in as much as they will tie it into this new “Hate Crimes” law, and your local churches may be working right in league with Obama to make it happen.

How the FCC and Liberal Churches Are Scheming To Shut You Up

by Michelle Malkin

The war on conservative speech has moved from the White House to your neighborhood pews. Left-wing church leaders want the Federal Communications Commission to crack down on “hate speech” over cable TV and right-leaning talk-radio airwaves. President Obama’s speech-stifling bureaucrats seem all too happy to oblige.

Over the last week, an outfit called “So We Might See” has conducted a nationwide fast to protest “media violence” — specifically, “anti-immigrant hate speech, which employs flawed arguments to appeal to fears rather than facts.” Their ire is currently aimed at Fox News and conservative talk-show giants. But how long before they target ordinary citizens who call in to complain about the government’s systemic refusal to enforce federal sanctions against illegal alien employers or the bloody consequences of lax deportation policies?

The “interfaith coalition for media justice” is led by the United Church of Christ. Yes, that’s the same church of Obama’s race-baiting, Jew-bashing ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright. Other members include the Presbyterian News Service, the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the National Council of Churches. These religious liberals have partnered with the National Hispanic Media Coalition, which filed a petition in January demanding that the FCC collect data, seek public comment and “explore options” for combating “hate speech” from staunch critics of illegal immigration.

Open-borders groups have sought to marginalize, criminalize and demonize those of us who have raised our voices for years about lax immigration enforcement — and to impose an Orwellian Fairness Doctrine-style policy on illegal alien amnesty opponents. During the presidential campaign, the National Council of La Raza launched a “We Can Stop the Hate” project to redefine tough policy criticism from the right as “hate.” La Raza President Janet Murguia called for TV networks to keep immigration enforcement proponents off the airwaves and argued that hate speech should not be tolerated, “even if such censorship were a violation of First Amendment rights,” according to Broadcasting and Cable News.

Now the gag-wielders have a friend in the White House — and they won’t let him forget it. Their FCC petition calling for a crackdown on illegal immigration critics cites Obama’s own words in a fall 2008 speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Obama told his amnesty-supporting audience that he knew they were “counting on us to stop the hateful rhetoric filling our airwaves.”

Unsurprisingly, far-left billionaire George Soros’ money is backing the So We Might See/National Hispanic Media Coalition effort. And remember that the Soros-funded Center for American Progress has provided the Obama White House with its Fairness Doctrine-embracing “diversity czar,” Mark Lloyd.

Last week, United Church of Christ officials met privately with FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps in advance of the So We Might See campaign. Copps then delivered a lecture at the UCC’s Riverside Church in New York City, expressing solidarity with the liberal church leaders’ goals and egging the congregants to take action on “media reform: “We are taking huge risks with our democracy. We need to change that, and we need to do it now. We need to get a grip on what’s happening, and we need to fix it.”

Jeffrey Lord, who happens to belong to the United Church of Christ, reported in The American Spectator that not long after that speech, the UCC sent out a mass e-mail to its millions of members urging them to join the nationwide fast and regulatory drive. The church-state alliance missive directed its followers: “As a participant, you will be asked to sign a petition to the Federal Communications Commission asking that it open a notice of inquiry into hate speech in the media.”

No word on when they’ll be launching an inquiry into the fear-based, fact-free “hate speech” from the mouth of Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson, who accused Republicans of wanting sick patients to “die quickly,” likened health care problems to the “Holocaust” and attacked an adviser to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke as a “K Street whore.”

Or when they’ll be going after MSNBC and Air America radio hate-mongers who have openly wished on their airwaves for the deaths of George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

But I digress. In the age of Obama, the targets of left-wing hate speech don’t have a prayer.

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