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Peasants Rouseth A Worm Frometh The Pit!


Forsooth! Cometh Dragons whose fierce breath the rabble pray slayeth the Knights ’round the Moat Potomac of thine Kingdome of Beltway

Whilst I nay pledge Trump as my liege lord, the Serfs riseth behind the Breedbate to agauw the Nobles and terror taketh their thought.

Pay ear to thine minstrel who telleth the tale thou fop doodles nay understandeth we afterlings rage at the royal Beltway banners!


It Cometh from the Pit:And Hath a Knout

by  Fred Reed


Once upon a time there was a fairy kingdom that lived inside a place called The Beltway, and was surrounded on all four sides by a land called America. The Beltway was aligned with another kingdom called Manhattan, inhabited by disembodied heads that spoke from the walls of bars, and with with yet another closed kingdom called Hollywood, the abode of half-educated narcissists. These kingdoms were in eternal political syzygy, and spoke not with the people of the surrounding lands, of whom they knew nothing. The following is a chronicle of what befell them, and why.

After years of peace, the Kingdoms were taken greatly aback by the rise of the Trump Monster, their surprise being proof that they knew nothing of the surrounding lands. They knew nothing for good reasons, of which there were two. The first was that they passed their lives with each other and among each other and talking to each other and writing about each other and reading about each other behind the high walls of their kingdoms. In organs like National Review and The Weekly Standard they endlessly wrote stories of the form “A soothsayer in Manhattan replies to what some other sayer of sooths said about yet another’s attack on someone else.”

They had all dwelt in monasteries called Harvard and Princeton, where they learned that they were the wisest of men, and inerrant. They had no idea that they were hated in the strange lands without the walls, which on their maps were drawn as fog with notations such as “Here dwelleth dragons.” They did not know that there were people who agreed not with them. For were they not right about all things?

The other reason for their puzzlement was a powerful spell called “Political Correctness.” This strong magic prevented the outlanders from saying anything that the Three Kingdoms did not want to hear.
Anyone who engaged incantations called “slurs,” which were truthful thoughts about sacred tribes, or who said Inappropriate Things about a certain little country whose only importance was being that little country, was thrown into durance vile. Thus the Three Kingdoms never heard anything they didn’t like, and so believed that almost everyone without the walls loved them. They had scarce an idea what furies were roiling and boiling and stirring under the surface of the Outer Realms.

Now, until the Trump Monster appeared, the America was ruled by a pseudo-democracy of one bicephalous party with two names. The Only Party consisted of blackguards and Quislings and pickpockets bought and paid for by the plutocratic oligarchy of large corporations, AIPAC, and the. very rich. These told the two halves of the One Party what to do. Every four years there was played a great tournament in which candidates of the Two Names of the One Party engaged in the most savage combat imaginable. This was to distract the people outside the walls . Afterwards nothing changed and all went on as before, though the division of the spoils shifted a bit.

And in their ignorance and pride the Three Kingdoms engendered a monster called Trump, and it bit them.

The Only Party had always controlled the villeins because it controlled the choice of pretenders to the throne. A pretender gained the Presidency by buying it, and the rich who provided that money controlled as vassals those who accepted it. The pretenders were as straw and melons sold in a market.

Furthermore, the scribes and oracles of the Kingdoms said aloud only those things that were meet for the surrounding peasantry to hear. The puissant spell of Political Correctness amounted to a societal mute button and prevented the Holy Orders within the Three Kingdoms from noticing what stirred without.

Until the Trump Monster came raging, slouching toward Bethlehem, with which the Kingdoms confused themselves.

And there was afright and desperation and rending of teeth and gnashing of hair for many were the rice bowls threatened.

The darkest of horrors was that the serfs might come to choose the manner of their government. For long years the Bicephalous Party had presided over that most desirable form of democracy in which the people had no power. This laudable state they had maintained by never talking about anything of substance, such as unending wars in remote lands beyond the edges of the maps, or the importation of slaves from curious and unwholesome countries or the manufactures of all things by foreign dwarves.

A great broil ensured. The people saw for the first time a chance to manage their destinies and rose up for the Trump Monster. Inside the Beltway, the Wise and Good–for did they not so denominate themselves?–were greatly astonished. “What manner of wight can this be?” they asked in wonder. They said that the Trump Monster was beguiling fools, the cracked, and those who represented the worst in America. And the scribes and oracles were sore afraid, for most of the outlying populace appeared to belong to these tribes.

One of the Two Names of the One Party, the Democrats, sent forth a dreadful creature called Hillary to fight in single combat with the Trump Monster. Her very visage turned men to stone, it was said. She was held to be of one blood with Boadicea, Jeanne d’Arc, Lucretia Borgia, and Bonnie Parker.

The Three Kingdoms were at one with her, as she was corrupt, mendacious, criminal, and ugly, as well as suffering coughing fits and dizzy spells. Surely, said the scribes and oracles, any monster must fly screaming from her mere presence.

Yet it seemed that the Trump was no common monster. Every time he was beset by the scribes and oracles of the Beltway, he grew stronger, and a sulfurous smoke breathed from his mouth. With drawn swords the Trump Monster and the crumbling ruin yclept Hillary circled each other.

And beyond the parapets and crenellations of the Three Kingdoms the sky grew darker. Inside the Beltway and in Manhattan, the disembodied heads railed and raged, but with every blast the helots jointed the Trump Monster in larger numbers, for they hated the Insiders. In Hollywood the Half-Educated Narcissists said ever stupider things, but these had not their usual effect.

In their pride the Three Kingdoms had engendered Nemesis, and they watched in terror behind the ramparts as the sky grew darker and strange shapes twisted in the looming clouds and the Trump Monster strode ever nearer, breathing fire.


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Empire Strikes Back: Night Of Long Knives Is Nigh


The Ruling Class in Washington declare war on the Conservative/Tea party/Patriot movement and a Stalinist move to eradicate it has only just begun.

The Ruling Class in Washington, especially the MarxoFascist Democrats under Obama – HATE Conservative America.  The success of Tea Party Conservatives in the GOP like Senator Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in forcing the effort to defund Obamacare have earned the hatred and contempt of the Establishment Statists in both parties. The virulent hatred seems more pronounced from supposed GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell who considers Tea Party Conservatives “Traitors”, and Obama Democrats disguised as Republicans like John McCain – who blame Conservatives for the government shutdown while Obama himself refuses to negotiate.

Meanwhile Obama’s Brownshirts in the media and blogosphere are growing more shrill and threatening, advising and laying out subtle and not-so-subtle plans that Obama and the government simply declare Martial Law, arrest and even kill Conservatives and patriots.

New Republic suggests Obama use military against Tea Party

The liberal New Republic published an article that was a not-so-subtle suggestion that Barack Obama use military force against the Tea Party in the same manner Boris Yeltsin used it against hardliners in his government nearly 20 years ago.

“What is a president in a presidential constitutional republic to do when faced with an intransigent, bull-headed faction among his people’s representatives?” Julia Ioffe wrote.

She then gave a brief synopsis of the events that took place, saying Yeltsin faced a situation similar to what Obama now faces.

“Almost exactly 20 years ago, he dissolved parliament. The vice president and the speaker of the parliament dissolved Yeltsin’s presidency, and holed up with their supporters in the parliament’s headquarters, now known as ‘the White House,'” she said.

“Then Yeltsin did this to it,” she added immediately above a picture of a Russian armored vehicle in front of a flaming government building.

Although Ioffe didn’t explicitly say Obama should order the military to fire on members of the Tea Party, the implication was quite clear, and didn’t go unnoticed by readers of the New Republic.

My pal John Galt Fl has again given another great historical parallel about where we find ourselves as a nation and what may be just around the corner.


America’s Night of the Long Knives May Hit the Tea Party/Patriot Movement Any Day Now!

by John Galt

In Nazi Germany during the time period between June 30, 1934 to July 2, 1934 a politically driven mass murder was initiated by Adolph Hitler to eradicate the Sturmabteilung (SA), also known as the paramilitary “brown shirts.” While many viewed the bloodshed as a necessary step for the ascension of Hitler to supreme control of the nation by eradicating an unstable ally and all other political enemies including the Communists and Social Democrats, the reality is that this was the most blatant exhibition of the path that Germany was traveling right up until the start of World War II five years later.

Fast forward to this evening on the Glenn Beck Television Show via TheBlaze TV network. He opened the story with more details on the attempted coup at FreedomWorks which occurred shortly before the Presidential Election of 2012 on the day after Labor Day. The Washington Post andMother Jones magazine both covered the story in great detail after the attempted overthrow of Matt Kibbe but Mr. Beck was sworn to silence by the group until tonight when he broke his version of the story without naming the guilty party who was actually an old guard Republican insider apparently working undercover to usurp and destroy the group’s efforts to elect more of the typical Republican politicians who are representative of the “uniparty” as I call the combined Progressive movement illustrated by the alleged two party system.

The article from theWashington Post is more than happy to illustrate how a wealthy benefactor Richard J. Stephenson bought off former Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey to keep him away from the group for a healthy sum of money:

The coup lasted all of six days. By Sept. 10, Armey was gone — with a promise of $8 million — and the five ousted employees were back. The force behind their return was Richard J. Stephenson, a reclusive Illinois millionaire who has exerted increasing control over one of Washington’s most influential conservative grass-roots organizations.

Stephenson, the founder of the for-profit Cancer Treatment Centers of America and a director on the FreedomWorks board, agreed to commit $400,000 per year over 20 years in exchange for Armey’s agreement to leave the group.

I guess even mercenaries have a price to quit a war while they are unscathed and ahead.

Fast forward to the dangerous political games underway in Washington, D.C. this past two months where any political opposition to the Republican establishment, Democratic Party leadership, and of course President Barrack Obama. The Republicans have gone out of their way to attack, belittle, and block any political action to stop Obamacare and other aspects of the Progressive political agenda that both “parties” desire to put into the force of law. Attacks by Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Representative Peter King have said some particularly nasty things in private and in public to attack the likes of Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT). Joined in these attacks is the power of not just the liberal extremist propaganda media, but now the allegedly conservative Fox News/Newscorp group of companies who have allowed the Karl Rove progressive movement to dictate and direct much of the political slant and reporting against any member of the Tea Party at their convenience.

Why the intense hatred for the Tea Party/Patriot movement which favor a return to Constitutional based rule within the framework as designed by the Founding Fathers? That is simple; it interferes with the ability to increase profit and power by removing control of the economy and political freedoms from the average citizen and into the vacuum known as the District of Columbia.

Sadly, it would appear that the intensely divisive disagreement over the budget, debt limit, and most importantly Obamacare is a trap not set by the Tea Party movement and its leaders but by the Democrat and Republican leadership to eradicate the call for freedom once and for all. The methodology for causing a political crisis so severe that action is taken against the Constitution minded politicians and groups is not important and will be discussed in an another article; this is more about the warning of what could happen and the results.

For anyone to think that a politician can not be framed is a naive thought process obtained from years of American innocence and belief in honor among the thieves of D.C. As the shutdown drags on, powers are in motion behind the scenes to usurp the likes of Cruz and Lee and if possible remove them from office on trumped up charges or by dishonoring them to force a resignation or worse if the powers that be had their preference. Imagine the power of the NSA, CIA, and IRS all combined to find and or create cause to entrap radio talk show hosts, bloggers, politicians, and 501c3′s which act as the face of the Tea Party and Patriot movements. Think about the consequences if after some sort of omnibus bill which covers all of the Progressive desires passes the House and Senate and signed into law by the President followed up with retaliation for daring to fight for the rights of the people they represent.

I fear that in the weeks ahead actions which will occur across the nation will drive many underground and imprison many others into the first true anti-American political detainees for the so-called “good of the people.” The charges, if any are disclosed, will be designed to humiliate all opposition and in some cases impart the guilt of being like the “nutcases in Waco” so as to show the population that their benefits, their free meal ticket was delayed and reduced as a result of a greedy few.  With the court system so heavily stacked against the Constitution at every level right up to the Supreme Court and a surveillance police state itching to unleash their power on the masses for their own good, I must warn all of my readers to be vigilant as the crisis drags onward and the real economic pain begins.

America’s night of the long knives may not involve the level of bloodshed that Nazi Germany’s did in the past, but the end result will be frighteningly the same minus the concentration camps and ovens; of course as others begin to resist further, construction of said camps and ovens is a step I would not put past the current leadership of both parties, especially as their personal fortunes are impacted by this growing Constitutional crisis and revenge becomes their goal instead of governance.


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America’s Gone Soviet. Elections Were Just Theater To Placate The Masses

Tyrannies and Communist dictatorships  hold elections with similar results America experienced this week.

Ann Barnhardt posted a missive about a truth few even today are not willing to admit and comprehend: the election was a rigged sham.  I agree with her assessment because when one studies Marxist and dictatorial regimes, one finds that once a Marxist achieves power – the first order of business is to ensure that power remains forever by corrupting and taking control of the election system.  That is what Team Obama did the moment it took office in 2009.  It never stopped “Organizing” to consolidate it’s quest into permanent transformative power.

We’ve gone Soviet.

Yes, the Soviet Union held elections.  Like all dictatorial tyrannies who held ‘show trials’, they also held ‘show elections’.  The Party would trot out a “challenger” to the State Party chairman and “elections” were held for the purpose of creating an illusion that the Russian people chose and approved of their Communist overlords.  I noted this similarity when Obama and his regime telegraphed to their media lapdogs that “Romney is the one candidate we would be most afraid of getting into the race” clear back in 2010.  I still hold that Romney was the Obama and the Ruling Class regime’s ‘choice’ of opponent, to deliberately “lose” to His Heinous.  The most liberal Socialist of governors on record against a Marxist in a general election – that should even the fraud fail – the greater Leftist would win.

And Obama did.

This author had mentioned Marxist history regarding sham elections back in 2008 and noted that America had seen her last honest and “free” election, because Cook County would go national.  And thus as we have seen and experienced, that it has.  The fraud, deceit, vote stuffing, intimidation and magic numbers appearing out of thin air – is gargantuan in scale.  The media and the Ruling Classes ignore it all, just as  Pravda and the Soviet’s did.  No investigations. No outrage – just acceptance of the State-run machine that exists for the purpose of keeping the masses fooled into thinking that tyranny is what the people want.

I’m glad someone else understands exactly what had transpired back in 2008, and like the Jews in Europe during the 1930’s – Americans simply refuse to allow themselves to believe that it could have happened here, right under our noses and in our faces.  The history of Marxists once in power, is that they NEVER leave power.  Not by any means other than the threat of overwhelming force.


Now do you understand why I had precious little to say about the “election”? The results of this election were determined in 2008, including the faux-opposition candidate. You people who have spent the last several months breathlessly agonizing over this, analyzing fake polls and deluding yourselves into believing that this was somehow a legitimate operation are just sad. You’re like the people in Iraq who supported the opposition candidate to Saddam Hussein for all of those years. Yes, Saddam Hussein held “elections”. Regularly. That is what happened here yesterday. We had a Saddam Hussein “election”.This can all be summed up in one simple sentence that I have been screaming from the rooftops ever since November of 2008:

These people are NEVER going to walk away.

The Republic was overthrown in a neo-Stalinist putsch four years ago. Stalinists don’t walk away. Ever. Stalinists don’t hold elections – they put on shows to delude the masses, which they consider to be vermin, into believing that they still have some say and some degree of freedom. And when even that gets tiresome for them, they start slaughtering people. By the tens of millions.

Note that all of the so-called pundits on the so-called “right” are avoiding the issue of massive voter fraud. They’re all just spewing the same nonsense as ever:

The fight has just begun! This is when the real hard work begins! Yay! We’ll show ’em in 2016! Yay!

Meanwhile, here in the land of reality, my inbox is filling with emails from people who are just now realizing that they are probably going to die an unnatural death, and probably within the next several years.

But it’s cool, because Ace put up a recipe thread today. Spit on one’s hands and hoist the black flag, indeed!


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Democrats Strip God From Platform, Depict Obama As Messiah

The cult of personality for Dear Leader Obama continues by Democrats who have removed God and lofted Obama in His place.

UPDATE 9-5-12 7PM CDT at bottom of story.

No surprise for those of us who judge the fruits of the Democrat party, but at least they have made their Godlessness official.  The DNC has officially scrubbed any mention of God from it’s platform. A party that now has as it’s official platform; homosexual marriage; taxpayer-funded abortion (including live-birth abortions); climate change religion to push ‘green energy’, and punishing taxes on the “wealthy”.

That Democrats are now the party of the hedonistic Godless is nothing new to Christians who recognize the immorality of a people supporting infanticide and homosexual marriage rights.  The platform is merely making what we already knew official.  Working to remove God from our society and culture is an ongoing war with these people.  Even Obama himself has made repeated efforts (such as in the following video clip)  to strip any mention of God or ‘Creator’ from our own Declaration of Independence – favoring the notion that our Rights come from Government – not God.

What is interesting to note, is that while Democrats work to strip God from their party, the culture and eventually individual exercise, they have lofted in God’s place – Obama himself – as Messiah.  A continuation of the cult of personality that first appeared back in 2007-2008 that this blog has reported from the beginning.  We have catalogued the deranged worshippers and the media’s continuous attempts to portray Obama with halos or glowing as someone godlike – something that almost all Marist dictatorial tyrants and their sycophants tend to liken themselves.

This same party and people demand God be rejected from their platform and our society while at the same time they depict Obama as god and savior.   Even so far as to make a giant Stained Glass window as the backdrop of the DNC convention.

These people and party who castigate Christians and declare them ‘domestic terrorists’ continually invoke messianic references to Obama as sent by God, and equate him in imagery likening Obama to Jesus Christ.  Vendors at the DNC convention are selling items such as calendars, and posters that portray Obama as Christ or suggest the scriptures reference Obama as some kind of angel of light.


The picture on the Left says the following

“Barak is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is ‘flash of lightning,” the poster notes, referencing a passage in in the Old Testament book of Judges.Hussein, is a Biblical word meaning “good and handsome.” “So you see, Barak was destined to be a good and handsome man that would rise like a flash of lightning to win victory in a battle against overwhelming odds.”

My response to that absurd blasphemy is  what Jesus Himself had to say in Luke 10:18

“And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven”.

Recalling also that Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:4, 23-24

For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many…..Then if any man shall say to you, Look, here is Christ, or there;  do not believe it.   For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so much so that, if permitted, they shall deceive the very elect.

For indeed it seems even so-called pastors CAN be deceived.  A new book  entitled “The Gospel of Barack Hussein Obama According to Mark” written by a so-called pastor, mades it’s debut on Amazon this March.

The book description says the following:

“The Gospel of Barack Hussein Obama According to Mark” is designed to initiate the reader into a meditation on what it means to be human, what it means to be a manifestation of God, and how Barack Obama is a unique and important manifestation of God’s desire for human flourishing. In a blend of words from his public speeches, imagined conversation, and fictional situations, the book highlights Obama’s real stance on social justice and, in particular, economic and political empowerment. It juxtaposes ancient Biblical form and contemporary reality, challenging the reader to see and seek God in all persons. “Our life-defining texts must be porous and we must be imaginative in our engagement with them. Let this book be a reminder not to so credit sacred texts or cultural icons that they lead us to hatred and violence in the name of God. When we see the Divine in another, we must name it. We must respect it. The practice demands nothing less than Love.” Mark F. Bozzuti-Jones, Author

There is no fear of God in their eyes so as to equate themselves with being God, and attribute things like “Social Justice” to God.   Social Justice in the lexicon of Obama, Democrats, Marxists and the Left, stands for taxpayer funded abortions, homosexual marriage rights and other things now a part of the DNC party platform.  Things that the bible clearly state are sin and abomination.  Things this deceived Satanic wolf masquerading as a pastor,  equates with actually BEING God.

God save us from this II Timothy 3 generation.  A generation that has as it’s political standard, a Godless party that makes Obama a replacement for God.

UPDATE: The blowback of American outrage and fear from Democrats that they are going to lose their sacred ‘moderates’ to Romney – the DNC Convention today REINSTATED God and Jerusalem back into it’s platform.

Brody File reports: DNC Almighty Nightmare in Charlotte: Dems Put God and Jerusalem Back Into Platform.

AP reports the following:

Democrats have changed their convention platform to add a mention of God and declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The move came after criticism from Republicans.
Many in the audience booed after the convention chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, ruled that the amendments had been approved despite the fact that a large group of delegates objected.
He called for a vote three times before ruling.

As usual, the Democrats have no core beliefs except in self, free sex, gay marriage, other people’s money and abortion.  The rest are wet fingers into the wind to fool unthinking Americans think MarxoFascist Democrats represent their values.

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The “Empty Chairs” DNC Convention










The Obama Regime using CGI to create the illusion of a full stadium for Obama speech.

This is Empty Chair Day.  A day to commemorate our president and his stature as a leader and a man of these states.







The idea spun off of Clint Eastwood’s hilarious ‘conversation’ with an empty chair at the RNC convention last week.

Turns out that the parody of Obama is a reflection of reality for his campaign and the Democrat Party itself.  Breitbart tweeted images from the floor of the DNC convention of technicians creating ‘video’ pans of full tiers of stadium seats when there is no one yet at the convention stadium in Charlotte.   They are apparently using CGI effects and ‘cutting’ to canned crowd scenes during the televised convention to create the effect of a full convention for OBama’s speech.

Obama has been having trouble having anyone show up at his rallies and campaign stops these days.  Often the organizers have to request the crowd move into smaller and tighter areas to create an illusion of crowds.

It is reported that busloads of students and union thugs are going to be bussed in from neighboring states in an attempt to fill the seats for Obama’s acceptance speech on Thursday.

There are also reports that Democrat operatives have been reduced to handing out free tickets to the event at bars and elsewhere — in a frantic last minute attempt to fill seats.  I might recommend that in addition to going to bars and street corners in the red light districts to hand out free tickets – they might try handing out a promise of booze and cigarettes with the tickets at the local welfare offices.  Given the numbers of unemployed and desperate under Obama’s ‘Hope & Change” – that ought to do the trick.

One wonders if perhaps Obama’s Hollywierd friends might help out in other ways to create the illusion of Obama’s ‘popularity’.

I guess Obama and the DNC have to do better than have Communists parade for supporters these days.

Because another way that Marxist regimes usually fill their stadiums for propaganda events for their dictators –

Is of course, in the time-honored Marxist/Communist way:


Just give Obama another 4 years – and he will have more “Flexibility” to do such things.


For the children of course.

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