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America’s Acceptance of It’s Own Decline and Demise

I know a man who served as a pastor in Rhodesia back in the late 1970’s-early 80’s who gave a startling seminar I attended in 2002. He gave a presentation that began with a slideshow of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 that showcased a massive coronation parade – all the nations of it’s empire were presented in a majestic show of both grandeur and power. It was clear to see by how many peoples and nations represented the British Empire how it was said that the sun never set on it.

In a little over seven years from the coronation – Britain was HALF of what it was at the Queen’s coronation and had clearly fallen into decline. It’s world reserve currency was replaced by the Dollar and Britain took a back seat to world politics.

But it was an easy decline for the British people, because America picked up the slack and there was no harm put upon Britain herself. She was suddenly free to pursue the social experiments that consigned her to permanent satellite status and irrelevance.

This pastor explained how her colonies suffered a very different fate – and told of the horrors of Rhodesia’s upheaval, revolution, misery and genocide to the point of where it is today as Zimbabwe.

Then this pastor gave a warning, about how rapid America’s decline into ruin could occur. Even more rapidly than Britain’s collapse if our own people, like the British, accepted the shrinking of our super power status. The difference being, we will not have another Anglo/Western power to cushion our collapse and settle us down into Socialism easy.

We will have a violent replacement of our position by something entirely hostile to our very existence.

Amazingly – I read this piece by Mark Steyn today – and while it is lengthy, he makes the same case – with similar examples, and does a great job of highlighting the danger of being seduced into accepting our decline. 


In a more dangerous world, American decline will be steeper, faster and more devastating than Britain’s – and something far closer to Rome’s.

Serious consideration should be given to where we find ourselves and what our near-future may end up becoming.


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Jihad Riots in Paris AGAIN – This Time – Media Is Silent About Whom Is Rioting.


The Jihad in France is back on.

The growing immigrant class and second generation Muslim immigrants to France have again taken to the streets to torch, burn and bring forth the promised ‘rage’ of the Muslim people to the suburbs of the City of Lights.

The newest incident of rage was sparked by the deaths of two immigrants on a stolen motorcycle being pursued by police that resulted in a fatal crash. This time however, the complicity of the Leftist mainstream media with Jihadists is evident in it’s silence about what kind of people are actually rioting outside of declaring them “youths”. As one account states – they are taking orders from “elders” to riot, but the word “Imams” does not appear.

It’s as if the West is insisting if we shut our eyes tight enough and stop up our ears, the truth and reality of what is taking place will go away and we can pretend it’s about inequality and economic oppression – and not the Jihad that looks for any spark to light the fuse.

Notice the lack of noting who these rioters are outside of calling them youths.

New riots rock Paris suburbs

VILLIERS LE BEL (AFP) – A second night of riots by youths in a Paris suburb left more than 80 police injured, buildings gutted and France on Tuesday facing heightened tensions in towns north of the capital.

Late into the night, around 100 young men again hurled petrol bombs and bricks at police in the town of Villiers le Bel, where on Sunday two teenagers were killed in a motorbike collision with a police car.

Faced with the worst eruption of urban violence since the riots of 2005, President Nicolas Sarkozy was to chair a special meeting on the unrest on Wednesday, after returning from a state visit to China.

The president was also to meet the families of the victims, aged 15 and 16, at the Elysee palace Wednesday morning.

Monday night’s violence left several buildings damaged by fire in Villiers, just north of Paris, including a tax office, a supermarket, a library and a nursery school, as well as 63 vehicles. Six people were arrested during the troubles, which lasted about six hours, police said.

A report from Le Monde newspaper described boys as young as 13 taking orders from their elders to torch buildings and forming battle ranks against the police, vowing to “do in” a “pig”(infidel??) — a police officer.

Authorities said guns were used against police, whose unions described the violence as worse than the rioting that hit hundreds of French cities in November 2005 — also sparked by the deaths of two youths.

According to police figures, 82 officers were injured Monday night, four of them seriously after being hit by buckshot from hunting weapons.

The Synergie police union said the youths were using “urban guerrilla” tactics.

“Two things are cause for anxiety: signs that the violence is spreading to neighbouring areas, which have already had their share of burned cars, and the almost systematic use of fire-arms against police,” said Douhane Mohamed of the union.

“We are coming close to a catastrophe with the use of firearms against police,” said another police union UNSA.

Smaller outbreaks of violence also flared in five other high-immigration neighbourhoods of the north Paris suburbs, not far from the starting-point of the 2005 riots.

Prime Minister Francois Fillon visited the scene Tuesday and announced a beefed up security presence for the night to come.

“While justice is taking its course, nothing can justify the violence that took place last night. These acts are unacceptable, they are intolerable. People who fire guns at police are criminals and will be treated as such,” he said.

An initial investigation appeared to confirm the police version of Sunday’s incident, according to which the two teenagers — neither wearing a crash helmet — were riding a motorbike that careered into their car.

But relatives of the two youths and some other local people appeared convinced that the police had caused the accident and fled the scene without treating the victims.

Police and politicians say the French suburbs remain a “tinderbox” two years after the 2005 riots, which exposed France’s failure to integrate its large black and Arab population, the children and grandchildren of immigrants from its African colonies.

“This is no place for human beings to live,” said local resident Boniface Gabo, pointing up at his grimy tower block. “Make no mistake, every hundred kids who grow up here are a hundred lost kids.”

The main opposition Socialists, while appealing for calm, accused the right-wing governments of Sarkozy and his predecessor Jacques Chirac of “abandoning” the suburbs to their fate.

But Nadine Morano, spokeswoman for Sarkozy’s Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) warned “there is no magic wand.”

“It is going to take us a generation to transform things in these difficult neighbourhoods — housing, jobs, security.”

77 police officers hurt in Paris riots; “genuine urban guerillas with conventional weapons and hunting weapons” among rioters


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