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Obama Says His Agenda Is “God’s Work”


His Heinous Hussein Obama I, tells his stormtroopers that the work they are doing to promote Obama and his agenda is ‘God’s work’.

If you  ever wondered why the Liberal-Left in America supports an ideology anathema to our nation’s foundations, their church teachings and their own liberties, the fact is that Marxism/Socialism IS the true religion of the Democrat/Obama hordes. They have a morality that perverts true biblical and Judeo-Christian morality with their own political morality.  And they believe they have a divine mission to preach the gospel of Obama’s agenda.

Abortion is one of their primary sacraments, the extermination of a baby in the womb is the holiest of rights,  reverencing it as a ‘choice’ and a ‘human right’.

Homosexuality is another such sacrament and doctrinal belief, rising to the point of a holy of holies, demanding to change the biblical definition of marriage and seek to force acceptance of this behavior as normal and good.

There is the doctrine of ‘global warming/climate change’, where scripture is twisted to insist that earth worship is akin to the worship of God.

And now, the great commission has been announced: preaching the gospel of ObamaCare to the insured and soon-to-be uninsured masses.

The Obama Agenda is a religion engaged in class warfare; government-mandated healthcare; militarized federal agencies; empowered FCC to monitor and police the news media and internet; unleashed the IRS to silence Christians and Conservatives; declared biblical Christians as ‘extremists’ and ‘Bitter Clingers’.  THIS, is the true religion of the Left.  Radical Marxism/Fascism is the new religion of the State.

And it is divinely appointed according to Obama.

His Heinous has confirmed that this is true, that his MarxoFascist agenda is a religion in the minds of his seig-heiling mobs and that his agenda is from God.

On Tuesday night Obama praised his SSA Purpleshirts in Organizing For America at a gala event and said that they were “doing God’s work” by preaching the gospel of ObamaCare.  The seig-heling zombies went on to clap like trained seals in a circus.  Obama went on to warn them against Republican heretics who were watching “the wrong newscast” and advocated that the gospel of Obama be preached to them.


I can only say that this scripture keeps crying aloud a klaxon alarm for those with ears to hear:

“Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it. For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect”. – Matthew 24:23-24

How many in our society have been deceived by this false messiah and his Godless agenda masquerading as divine?

Obama: OFA volunteers doing ‘God’s work’

Touting the latest White House Obamacare benchmark, President Barack Obama told his political base not to be discouraged by partisan attacks and stressed that their cause is divine.

More barf-inducing info at link.



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Obama State Church Emerges – Clergy Leads Congregation in PRAYERS TO OBAMA

This video shows a church congregation PRAYING to Obama and asking HIM to deliver us as if he were God.


If this does not scare the crap out of you – nothing will.

This is where the Red Letter Christian movement of combining politics and religion is taking Christianity.  They claim that Biblical Christians – “hijacked” Christianity from the Left, suggesting biblical Christians are no different than Al Qaeda.  And they lead their church congregations in prayer to Obama – as if he were God.

The Gammaliel Foundation is a Marxist Community Organizing outfit masquerading as an interfaith organization.  They travel along use churches to push Obama’s political agenda.

This is their mission statement:

The mission of Gamaliel Foundation is to assist local community leaders to create, maintain and expand independent, grassroots, and powerful faith-based community organizations so that ordinary people can impact the political, social, economic, and environmental decisions that affect their lives; to provide these organizations with leadership training programs, consultation, research and analysis on social justice issues;  to be a network for mutual learning environments and working coalitions.

“Social Justice” = Socialism in the efforts of this bunch.

Where’s the Separation of Church and State minions now?  


Dead silent.

Because in truth – the Separation minions want the true God separated from this society, but they want to replace God with the State – and worship of Obama as God is acceptable to them.


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Obamanation: 100 Days Painting Reveals Man of Perdition

I have decried the worship of this false prophet and anti-American antichrist Obama since he entered the Presidential Primary race.  Many entries in this blog are warning against the false messiah worship of narcissists desiring power for themselves.

The Seig Heiling masses worshipping Obama range from the hilarious to the dangerous but now they are taking their views of their king to new levels of abomination and blasphemy.

To celebrate the fact that Obama has been in office for 100 days, artist Michael D’Antuono will unveil a 30″ x 54″ acrylic painting on canvas depicting President Obama like Jesus Christ on the Cross; atop his head, a crown of thorns. Behind him, the dark veil being lifted (or lowered) on the Presidential Seal. The artist attempting to raise debate by asking the question whether or not Obama is revealing or concealing and is he being crucified or glorified?

Personally, the question is irrelevant.  The hysterical masses are feeding a hubris narcissist with a god-complex by depicting him AS messiah.

This just confirms the audacity of hope that a wayward people have in a man they crown king and savior.

Otherwise known in the scriptures as a false christ, or the man of perdition.

No words can describe this sickening depiction of false messiah worship.

To be revealed in NYC Union Square on the 100th day of Obama’s reign.



Thanks to Newscom for scooping the image.

UPDATE: Mark Hemmingway on NRO gives us this news:

I just got off the phone with D’Antuono, and he had some surprising news: he’s decided that he’s not going to unveil the painting after all. (Though he didn’t rule out a possible gallery showing later.) While being provocative is often the goal for a lot of artists, I asked D’Antuono if the strong reaction and news coverage of the painting was what he was hoping for, he quickly said “No, not really.” Here’s how he explained his decision not to show the painting: 

The idea of the piece, or the reaction that I’d hoped for, was to highlight our nation’s deep partisan divide and how our interpretation of the truth is really prejudiced by our political perspective and I think that to a large degree we are being manipulated by the media. I miss the old day when we just have the facts. Now we have pundits and spin and strategists.

I just thought that through that painting people would see different things. The right and the left would have different interpretations of it based on their political lens. But I have to admit I was very surprised that instead of that I got thousands of email complaining on the religious front. And that was not my intent at all. I wanted to create a dialog politically but not religiously. I didn’t mean to make fun of anybody’s religion; maybe I did so naively but I didn’t mean it that way. In the bible Jesus is The Truth and comparing Obama that way isn’t something I meant to do at all.

Apparently, I’ve upset a lot of people. And I’ve decided that’s not what I wanted to do and I’m not going to display it in the park on Wednesday … art is meant to be somewhat provocative but the religious element went way farther than I had anticipated.

When I pressed him about the religious iconography at play, he did seem to indicate that he’d been genuinely naive. “I know, I know — I did put him in a crown of thorns, right?,” knowing full well that his ignorance seems hard to explain. As for the rest of the explained his own artistic vision for the painting, it certainly seems like he was sincere in trying to make a non-partisan statement:

There were a lot of elements and they just all came together. The black veil that he’s opening – or is he closing? Is he creating transparency in the presidency or is he closing the veil and shutting out the Right, governing his own way?

In any event, D’Antuono seemed surprisingly thoughtful given how outrageous the painting might seem at first glance. While many artists simply see provocation simply as means of promotion and feeding their egotistical desires, it’s pretty refreshing to hear an artist admit that cares more about what he’s trying to say than simply playing with the ambiguity of perception — let alone admit that on some level he failed to properly convey his artistic vision. If only the rest of the art world was similarly free of pretension and posessed the capacity to be self-critical. 

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Rangel: Obama Is The World’s Savior

Seig Heil!

Obama will save the poor.

Obama will save the country.

Obama will save the world!

This is frightening.  We’ve become National Socialists – worshipping our own version of Hitler.

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Kids Singing Songs of Praise and Worship To Obama

This is sickening.

How frightened should you be for the near future of our country??

Watch this video of brainwashed kids being led by Marxist “Community Organizers” and other Socialist rabble rousers to sing a song worshipping Obama – with professional videographers to capture the song and the performance for future use in the campaign. 

Only despotic nations like Mao’s China, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Castro’s Cuba have such songs to worship men like Obama.  Given the disgusting nature of this worship song to a Marxist, since Obama already tried to replace the Presidential Seal with his own, we might suppose this song will replace the National Anthem when after the One, the annointed Barrack The Hussein Obama takes office as our Supreme Leader and Chairman in January.

We’re heading to a fascist dictatorship where Communism and worship of the state and the false messiah Obama will become the norm unless WE THE PEOPLE put an end to this social revolution by standing up against a Saul Alinsky Marxist and his maniacal mobs of communist drones.

UPDATE: Youtube yanked and made ‘private’ the original link.  (Funny how Youtube is busy scrubbing all negative or embarrassing videos of Obama and the Democrats from their site) Here is an alternate:

HERE is a link that more accurately depicts what this song of worship to Obama is.


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