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American Imperative To Separate Mosque and State

My friend Mr. Federer – makes some excellent observations of militant Islam.  For all the clamoring from the secular Leftists to separate “church and State” in America – it’s enlightening to see how silent they are when it comes to Islam in America.

They will silence Christian church bells and ban Christmas displays – but they are silent when minarets blast out calls to prayer over loudspeakers in cities and suburbs of America’s cities.  


No.  It’s far worse than hypocrisy.   The Marxist and Secular Left – are defacto allies with Jihadist Islam, as they work together (for the time being) to destroy the Capitalist West and especially, Christians in America.

Fort Hood and separation of mosque and state

William J. Federer examines Muhammad’s life as a ‘candidate for change


Thanks to liberal judges everywhere, virtually everyone has heard of the “separation of church and state.” But what about “separation of mosque and state?” 

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an outspokenly aggressive Muslim, yelled “Allahu akbar,” Arabic for “Allah is great,” before killing 14 (a victim was pregnant) and wounding 31 at Fort Hood, Texas, on Nov. 5. 

He had reportedly praised Muslim suicide bombers on the Internet; refused, in the name of Islam, to be photographed with female colleagues; listed his nationality as “Palestinian,” and dressed as a fundamentalist Muslim when not in uniform. In 2007, his supervisor at Walter Reed Army Medical Center wrote an evaluation that said of Hasan, “The Faculty has serious concerns about (Capt.) Hasan’s professionalism and work ethic. … He demonstrates a pattern of poor judgment and a lack of professionalism.” As National Public Radio reports, this memo was sent to officials at Fort Hood when Hasan was transferred there. 

Even with all of this, some still question whether Hasan’s killing of U.S. soldiers was motivated by his belief in Islam or whether he got a pass from politically correct superiors fearful of accusations of religious bigotry. 

Before we condemn as “hateful” those who dare ask such questions, it should be determined what is meant by the term “Islam.” 

Is Islam 1) a religious system, 2) a political system or 3) a military system? 

The answer is all three, as Muhammad was: 1) a religious leader 2) a political leader and 3) a military leader. 

One may ask, what relevance does Muhammad’s life 1,400 years ago have today? 

Well, since Muhammad was the best Muslim, those striving to be better Muslims are trying to imitate him, just as Christians try to imitate Jesus (WWJD, or What Would Jesus Do?). 

Muhammad’s life is called “the Sunna,” which means “the way” or “the example.” By examining Muhammad’s life, we can gain insights into his followers’ motivations. 

Muhammad was a religious leader in Mecca for 12 years, beginning in 610 A.D., making around 100 converts before being chased out. In 622, he fled 200 miles north to the predominantly Jewish city of Medina. The Jews rejected Muhammad, so he went into pagan neighborhoods where he made converts, gained a political following and, in a sense, acted as a community organizer. 

With his new following, he went back to the Jews as a candidate of change, promising to be objective and fair as he was a newcomer to the city’s heated partisan politics. The Jews made a treaty with him, and Muhammad became a political leader in Medina. When Muhammad’s followers back in Mecca were harassed, chased out and their houses confiscated, he permitted them to rob caravans headed to Mecca in retaliation. The Meccans sent 1,000 soldiers to protect their caravans. With just 300 warriors, Muhammad defeated them at the Battle of Badr in 624 A.D. This amazing victory while being outnumbered three-to-one convinced Muhammad that he was to be a military leader. He fought in 66 battles and raids in the next eight years before he died. In Medina, he slew or enslaved all the Jews in the city.

Muhammad sent his warrior, Abdullah, in 625 A.D., to lie to gain entrance into the military base of his enemy, Chief Sofyan ibn Khalid. When Abdullah had convinced Sofyan of his loyalty, Sofyan let down his guard. When the moment was right, Abdullah beheaded Sofyan. 

Since Muhammad was the best Muslim, those wanting to be better Muslims gravitate to following his example, religiously, politically – and militarily. 

Most Americans are not concerned about someone’s religion, or in which direction someone prays or if someone believes paradise consists of sex with 72 virgins. But Americans do care if their freedom of speech is taken away, if their wives and daughters are threatened if they don’t wear veils, if nations such as Israel face extinction or if terrorists attack our military bases or civilian targets. 

It is political/military Islam that concerns Americans, not the religion of Islam. When a political/military Muslim bows toward Mecca, he is effectively pledging allegiance to something other than the United States. 

For the sake of discussion, let’s go beyond the religion of Islam and, for the moment, examine political/military Islam. Political/military Islam has two features: 1) a global conquest aspect and 2) wherever it takes power, non-Muslims are not treated equally. 

The question is, what other political/military systems has America faced in the last 60 years that had 1) a global conquest aspect and 2) wherever they took over, non-adherents were treated unequally? 

Answer: Germany, Japan and Italy in World War II, and later the Soviet Union and other communist countries. 

During the Cold War, Americans said, “We love Russians, but we have to identify and resist the political/military system of Stalin’s and Khrushchev’s Soviet communism.” And, “We love Cubans, North Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodians and Chinese, but we have to identify and resist the communist political/military systems of Fidel Castro, Kim Il-sung, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot and Mao Zedong.” 

Today, Americans have no problem with Arabs, Indonesians, Turks and Egyptians, but Americans have to identify and resist the political/military system of Islam, because it has a 1) global conquest aspect and 2) wherever Islam takes over, non-Muslims are not equal to Muslims. Unlike Nazism and communism, political/military Islam has been harder to identify and resist because it can advance under the cloak of religion. 

It’s increasingly obvious that some Muslims in America with a political/military agenda are taking advantage of the freedoms extended to Muslims who are simply practicing the religion of Islam. 

In order to prevent more tragic episodes, such as the killings at Fort Hood, more attention should be given to the separation of mosque and state. 


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The War America Refuses to Acknowledge


Jihadist Islam strikes again – and the sycophantic media and the liberal hand-wringers are desperately busy trying to convince as many Americans as possible that the slaughter that occurred yesterday at Fort Hood Texas was ANYTHING but a Jihad terror zealot fulfilling his obligation to Islam.

We’ll hear about how this “alleged gunman” was picked on for his Islamic faith; how he was so distraught over our unjust war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Watch the media make this guy the poster child of what’s wrong with America instead of reporting what this Jihadist actually believed and was planning.

Few in America have any clue of the kind of enemy that has repeatedly waged war on us.

A war that the liberal/appeasement Marxists have convinced America it should refuse to acknowledge.

So America is again in shock over the mass murder of Americans by an Islamic zealot waging his Jihad, because our allegiance to political correctness has blinded us to common sense.

If we acknowledged that radical Islam is at war with us – we would suddenly be obligated to do something about it  – like dump the stupid political correctness and be ALERT for all the suspicious red flags that Islamic zealots leave around them that our PC culture has forced us to ignore so we don’t appear to be racists.  Nah – that would require us to regain a semblance of common sense that the Left does not want us to use.


by John Galt

November 6, 2009

Malik….meaning “Master” or “King”‘

Nadal….rough translation to “Noble” from “Nadil”

Hasan….meaning “good” or “handsome”

Major Malik Nadal Hasan is a martyr.

A man and a name which will now live in infamy in the history of the United States, our beloved military and now a hero of the Islamofacist movement. While the American people will be spoon fed excuses about the mental condition of the killer, how this was not terrorism, and of course how the religion of peace had nothing to do with this, the reality that should slap anyone with two ounces of common sense should begin to understand that America has been at war for almost two decades now. Yet so few, except for the families of the dead, wounded  or those engaged in the battle, wish to acknowledge this fact.

America’s war was not one that we sought out for profit, for glory, or for spoils. The war was brought to our shores not because of geopolitical conflict, nor an enemy wishing to conquer our nation’s vast resources. This war was started, engaged in, and amplified on September 11, 2001 because we are the infidels, the evil children of Satan that prevent the world from falling under the veil of a religion based on a child molester’s drunken visions. Sadly, as long as our fellow citizens are pacified by ignorance or bribed with baubles, the citizenry will never understand the enemy that kills our friends, neighbors, and protectors, nor will they act to acknowledge that this war even exists.

We make excuses for our enemies and excuses for ourselves as they kill, without mercy, without apology and without regard. And this time, as it was in 2003, the new politically correct military suffers another self-inflicted wound. You see, the killing is not without a historical basis, nor is the idiocy of a politicized military new. It has happened before. Within our military. And with dire results.

On March 23, 2003 (ET) Sergeant Asan Akbar rolled two fragmentation grenades and two incendiary grenades into three tents where officers were sleeping at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait. Not long after this attack, Sadam’s Iraqi military launched a Scud missile at our troops in Kuwait which was destroyed by a Patriot missile.  As the bloodied troops stumbled out of their tents, Akbar opened fire with a M4 shooting two of the soldiers.  Captain Christopher Scot Seifert, age 27, died from his wounds and fifteen other soldiers were wounded also before he was subdued.

Quoting the article from the London Times on March 25, 2003:

As Akbar was being led away after the incident, fellow soldiers heard him shout: “You guys are coming into our countries and you’re going to rape our women and kill our children.”

Fast forward six years to tonight,  and numerous incidents around the world and inside the U.S., within the military and in civilian society. The United States military was the target of a planned attack by some Islamic illegal aliens who walked across the Mexican-American border and planned to evolve from their day jobs as pizza delivery men into terrorists to attack our soldiers at Fort Dix, NJ. More rings of suspected terrorists arrested from Colorado, New York, etc.

Yet our politically correct  Obama administration, just as Bush acted,  continue to assure the public that this is not a war with Islam but against the problem children of the “Religion of Peace” and the advocates of violence against all civilized society. Sadly, our political leadership and their cohorts within the mainstream media and educational elitists continue to deny the words of our enemies and dismiss their actions as irrelevant to the world stage. Within this deliberate act of ignorance and malfeasance, the assumption that “all Muslims” who serve within our military are always loyal to the nation first, their religion and its adherents second. Even though this may be true in some cases, the words of the Quran and the leaders within their sect demand the loyalty of the followers to the word of their prophet first, and nations or political leaders secondarily.

The long bloody river of denial continues to flow through our society as the bodies of our soldiers are returned from Iraq, Afghanistan and other nations embroiled in the war against Islam and its radical adherents. But the denial has created a situation within our military that I find disgusting and untenable; we challenge the Muslims in the services  not as to their loyalty to our nation but accept without question their commitments. The failure to understand the over twelve hundred years a of systemic murderous activity in the name of Allah is our Achilles Heel and the enemies of freedom know this. Thus begging the question as to why any member of the Islamic faith is allowed to serve on bases where or near units to be deployed are located, much less within our services as a whole. Why we would deploy “Muslim” Americans to theaters of war where they might be asked to kill one of the zealots defending their same faith, a violation of the word of Allah when done so at the behest of the “infidels” and its leaders?

The answers are simple, sad and tragically for the victims of politics, not war, a statement to the decline and fall of an empire.

America must allow the “diversity” of its forces to insure that it is reflective of society as a whole. That is the twisted Hegelian logic of Marx and Sociologists in the pacified world of academia and influencing the civilian bureaucrats within the Pentagon. The advisers who proclaim this nonsense never will serve within the military and view our soldiers with disdain and demand this policy as a necessity to prevent a racist elite service from evolving. When you take the perverted views of our elitists into account as part of this policy then one must review the economic and geopolitical concerns which influence our weak-kneed cowardly politically correct rulers, then you begin to understand why our military is ordered to adhere to policies inherently dangerous to the survival of our troops within and out of the conflict zones. America’s unwillingness to confront and deny the wishes of our Saudi masters by protecting our troops and securing all avenues of attack invites disasters such as what happened at Fort Hood today. The refusal to engage the Wahhabi sect and other various terrorist organizations funded by the same families that demand American loyalty and protection for their regime illustrates the fallacy of our proverbial “War on Terror” which will never end during my life time or yours.

By that same token, God forbid an American citizen elect to support a third party, vote for a pro-gun law or candidate, or speak freely about the Founding Fathers though, as that is a terrorist act in the eyes of the current regime in Washington and the prior administration. Thus why we shall continue to suffer attacks such as those on November 5, 2009 and March 23, 2003; infiltration is easy when Sociologists and cowards set policy and attempt to force the greatest military in history to act as a social experiment instead of just letting them do their job as Constitutionally mandated.

America has suffered another self-inflicted gunshot wound thanks to political correctness and submission to internationalism.

Must we bleed to death before we stop reloading the weapon of our own destruction?


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