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Obama’s State Of The Tyranny 2016

No need to torture yourself watching another Fidel Castro-like speech about how great Obama says he is tonight.  Watch this video instead and realize just how much life has imitated art under his nefarious rule.

If you have seen any of His Heinous’ Mussolini-inspired SOTU rants in the past, tonight will be another refrain of this:


Note how many times your so-called “representatives” clap like trained seals applauding the evisceration of the Constitution and the dismantling of your liberties for the ‘fundamental transformation’ of the nation into a Ruling Class Communist Police State.

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Life Imitating Art: Liberty Dies To Thunderous Applause

Absolutely everything a sane American needs to know about Obama’s State of The Revolution speech on Tuesday is contained in the following 2 minutes:

UPDATE – It is absolutely AMAZING that of the thousands of clips of the Star Wars trilogy that have been on Youtube for YEARS, the video I posted has been blocked worldwide by Youtube based on a supposed complaint by ‘Fox’, which no longer has copyright to those movies save the first one, since they were sold to Disney by Lucasfilm.  I uploaded the edit onto the link provided, and it will be interesting to see how long it will remain before they too block it.

See, the video is a perfect parallel of the transition of the Old Republic in Star Wars Episode III, into a despotic tyranny by a dictator – with nearly identical clips of Obama’s speech on Tuesday night.  As Senator Amidala notes the delegates clapping like trained seals of what will eventually become their doom and slavery; “So this is how liberty dies…. to thunderous applause”.



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