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U.S. Mission Logo Reveals An Ominous Spectre


Like everything in Obama’s regime – the tentacles of government reach everywhere, and now they’re proud to advertise that fact.

Everything we do is monitored, recorded and collected by Obama’s NSA.  Anything you do digitally or online is monitored as well as anything you say or text on a phone.  But such power is still not enough to sate the appetite to know everything about everyone, everywhere.

As Communist Maxine Waters (D-CA) let slip some time ago: ““The President has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life”

It is fitting then that The Office of National Intelligence is sporting a logo it created for a mission to launch a rocket carrying classified monitoring payload featuring an octopus wrapping its tentacles across the globe with the slogan, “Nothing is beyond our reach.”

NRO Octopus Logo


Clearly the Regime would like to instill the fear in all people that nothing is beyond their reach, indeed the MarxoFascists have their tentacles in everything from your healthcare to the food on your plate.  However, I think this logo fits in perfectly with other totalitarian propaganda in the past – and reveals a little more behind the curtain of what the Obama regime is all about.

jewish-octopus-danish Muslim octopus Nazi octupus Nazi Octopus2 japan-Octopus

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