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It’s Time to Accept Reality that it’s Too Late

Guest Essay from my dear Friend John over at Shenendoah.  Sums up my sentiments based on the news I am reading while over here in the third world.

Will I even have a country left to return to?

It’s Time to Accept Reality that it’s Too Late

by John Galt
February 26, 2012 21:55 ET

Hard as this to believe, I’m no longer going to pound my head on an exposed nail in the wall and preach to the insane that the world is about to end. In fact, I have no intention of any longer telling the foolish that the world is about implode. I’ve warned. I’ve preached. I’ve provided the warning signs. The financial system is irrevocably broken and the idiots in charge continue to preach that all is well, keep moving. Why should I or anyone else continue to say that it will fail? Michael Panzer in his book Financial Armageddon attempted to spell out the obvious and what did that get him? A great selling book yes, but deliberate, calculated mockery on CNBC and other financial networks designed to impugn his work, yet never actually denying the reality of his facts or statements.

Select a politician, radio host, religious figure, or economist who doesn’t toe the line.  Senator McCarthy of Wisconsin was painted as a raving lunatic only to be proven correct by the records of the collapsed Soviet Union some 50 years later. Senator Barry Goldwater was depicted as a warmongering fatalist who wanted the end of the world yet all he advocated were the same policies that were proven prudent and correct by Ronald Reagan just over a decade later. Glenn Beck is being labeled an insane nut job by the “establishment” with a record of alleged racism and Alex Jones like conspiracy radio and television which cost him his job at Fox News, while continuously putting pressure on Clear Channel and the talk radio traditionalists who warn him that he continues to make too many waves.  God forbid a pastor, a preacher, or even a choir boy even dare to question the national leadership’s view on religious issues that cross the line with the liberal establishment now as their tax free protections and Constitutional shield will be ripped away to destroy their ability to pray, preach, and save the souls that come to them because they dare to speak their beliefs.

Sadly, the most abandoned group of souls is not the previous list of honorees, but in fact those men who claim to be of science, the art of economics. While numerous individuals dare to debate the merits of the alleged science of economics, the idea of studying human behavior with historical and scientific relevance has been destroyed since the universal adoption of quasi-Marxism and the ideals of Keynes became the “mainstream” of the elites within the institutions of learning worldwide. The ideas of open learning were abandoned after World War I because in the academia the belief was that diversity of information created the foundation for the “Great War” because it opened nations and peoples to ideals that were too difficult for the average citizen or politician to comprehend. Thus by permeating the myth started within the early era of Marx and expanded with the theories of Keynes that economics was too complicate, the realm of the Dark Ages was restored with the Illuminati or elitists having the ability to comprehend the science much like the early Roman Catholic Church obtained the monopoly of the Bible and Christian religion for centuries.

As Austrian economic theory was often viewed as the Kabbalah of economics by those of the centralized planning and Keynesian view, the minority has survived thanks to the cyclical errors and blunders created by the central banks of the world and misinformed or evil political class. After American abandoned the gold standard which the Constitution demanded, the world perceived that the U.S. was about to move into a more globalist, accommodating stance to depreciate the currency and allow American wealth to be redistributed worldwide thanks to political ineptitude and the inflation tax. For those skeptical readers who doubt the depreciation of the dollar, without illustrating the dramatic 90% plus drop from 1913, here is the graph which indicates just how powerful the inflation tax on consumers has been since 1970:

The last recession with the vivid demonstration of the power of “deflation” or the opposite of everything Bernanke and Company tried to prevent is the only major pause in the inflationary railroad to infinity where the American public is asked to finance the U.S. government and mercantilism to create a demand for a global solution. This demand for a “global” solution should give pause to a sane person but tonight the average North American, European, or Asian citizen is more focused on the antics of Hollywood idiots instead of how the new order is planning to cull the masses. The “truth” is that economics, just like the science of global warming, has been hijacked to fulfill a political agenda for profit and power rather than to inform, study, and educate the systemic flow of capital and emotional behavior as was originally envisioned over a century ago.

It is time for the average person to stop the idea of saving their neighbor, preserving the system by voting for RomneyMcCainBush or ObamaClintonCarter, or believing that the “United Nations” is the ultimate solution to the world’s problems. It is no longer about “let’s create teams” or develop “Tea Parties” to save the Republic or pray for solutions. The reality is that we passed the point of no return in 2008 when Americans actually believed that the screeching of an evil soul who was directing first a globalist bank and then the U.S. Treasury was the truth and salvation of our nation. As that darkness fell in the autumn of that year, our nation fell into the abyss yet most citizens failed to recognize the significance of that event as I did (see Broken Glass, September 24, 2008).

It is too late to save your neighbor.

It is too late to save your friend.

It is too late to save a family member who will not listen or believes in the power of a global solution.

It is too late to plan for a world of freedom and individualism.

Atlas is shrugging, yet nobody cares.

The power of the people is now the rule of law.

Sadly the “people” who are in control are neither those of the Founders or of God.

Prepare accordingly.


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King of the North and King of the South Are What Ignite WWIII

I have heard many prophetic prognostications in my time as a Christian in relation to whom the Beast of Revelation is, what the Mark of the Beast is, and where World War 3 will start.

Some folks insist that a United Europe, led by a resurgent Germany and empowered by the Vatican will become the flashpoint for the end of the world at Jerusalem.

Some insist it will be Russia or China that starts the next world war when they take the Middle East.

But my pal John Galt Fla has an understanding that comes closer to what I see right now on the world scene as the machinations of the Prophetic Kings of the South (Arab Spring) and North (The Turkish/Iranian/Iraqi Renaissance) – who drag the world into another global conflict.  And it’s not Rome or a revived Holy Roman Empire behind it – but the push for an Islamic Caliphate that lights the fuse that hits the powder keg of global war.  John is right – the next world war doesn’t begin in Libya – it may very well start in Babylon.

What Scripture reveals in Daniel 11: 36- 39 reveals the arrogance of this King of the North, while verses 40-44 – tell of the King of the South pushing against this king – whereupon Egypt and Libya (members of the King of the South) are soon made into his slaves.  So the war doesn’t begin in Libya according to the scriptural prophecies.  Libya becomes occupied and enslaved along with much of Africa and the Arab states.

World War III will Begin in Babylon, not Libya

By John Galt

On the August 2, 2011 edition of the Glenn Beck radio program, he began a postulation that World War Three would begin in Libya and the distractions created by that might be sufficient to change the balance of power in the world.  The theory might sound justifiable considering the situation on the ground there but the facts do not bear out any logical reason for a major world conflict to start in that country. The conflict is basically of a tribal nature fought by a  disorganized group of rebels composed of enemies of the Qaddafi family and tribe and the oppression inflicted on the citizens of that tiny nation for decades. The lack of true international interests in the civil war there plus the lack of strategic importance to the powers in the Persian Gulf region make the small conflict in Libya a poor candidate for a war which engulfs the entire world however.

Unfortunately for the United States, Israel, Europe, Russia, and China, there is a region of the world where conflict has been active for decades and the largest world powers do have a strategic and tactical interest. The conflict has been hot in the nation of Iraq for decades now, be it in the form of Gulf War I or the low intensity guerrilla conflicts between the various ethnic and religious groups supported by the region’s powers. The problem that is now revealing itself to the mainstream is one that has been simmering for decades and thanks to the coming withdrawal of the U.S. forces there, will become extremely hot in very short order.

The map displayed above provides the religious background for the start of the conflict but the intervention of the world powers and their interests in Iraq stretch far beyond the borders of this colonialist created artificial nation. Despite the disposing of the Saddam Hussein regime in the last effort, the ethnic and religious conflicts have never been resolved and were only tamed by the brutality of his regime. Under the U.S. occupation the establishment of stability, law and order was a given despite our political correct approach and horrid rules of engagement. Despite the incessant attacks on our soldiers which continues up to the posting of this day, our insane version of “Vietnamization” of the Iraqi people yielded little success as the attempts failed to consider the centuries old religious conflicts consuming that region.

Fast forward to the current situation and consider the implications of a potential withdrawal of U.S. forces from the region:

 Iranian support will move from covert to overt support of Shia tribal and political leaders in the East and South of the nation.

 Kurdish political realities will create open conflict for control of the Kirkuk oil producing region.

 Sunni weakness exposed by the exit of the international peacekeepers and influences will force the Saudi hand and direct intervention to protect their border regions and religious allies in Iraq and probably Jordan.

 Turkey will no longer have a reason to show restraint in its dealings with the Kurdish rebels and opens the door for their military to not only eradicate the problem but occupy the oil rich region which has been a historic desire since they lost the territory after World War I.

 China and Russia have historic ties to many of the players in the region and would take an active role in supporting the apparent winners of any conflict between the region’s powers to monopolize the oil resources and drive the Western powers from Asia and the Middle East for decades to come.

This opens the potential for a major conflict to erupt in the historic region of Babylon, where the world’s major religions are all within several hours flying time and the use of proxies to attack allies and enemies alike will be the standard operating procedure. The Iraqis have a somewhat large group of possible sleepers inside the United States as Sadam then radical Islamist groups in Iraq worked tirelessly after the two major wars to send protagonists across our southern border and create secret terrorist cells. Add in the threats from Libyans, Pakistani, Iranian, Saudi Wahhabi sleepers, etc. and the formula is in place inside our own nation to experience the war on our soil, not just witness the carnage overseas.

The larger problem facing citizens of Western countries is that a war might well be needed and viewed as tolerable in that region as the economic deterioration accelerates in the months and years ahead. A conflict with an acceptable loss rate and minor damage within the home nations would promote economic growth and enable further imposition of strict police state rules to ensure a totally controlled series of nation states under almost dictatorial centralized control would evolve. In a period of major warfare where terrorists inflict casualties on civilians the natural evolution is a tightening of freedoms and dedication of economic resources to the conflict overseas. This formula would simply accelerate many of the plans and desires of the technocrats and globalist elites who reject the ideals of pluralism, populism, and Constitutional Republics as an archaic form of governance.

An issue may arise in such a miscalculation, however, as attacks on any particular group at the behest of another, such as attacks on Iran or Turkey in defense of Saudi Arabia, could well inflame the remainder of the world’s Muslims and broaden the war in scope and size to a point where controls and isolation to one region would indeed bring about the undesired impact on nations which did not wish to participate and expand such a conflict. This mistake, similar to those which caused the first two world wars to expand far beyond the original preconceived concept the world powers of those eras envisioned, is due to be repeated again as the horrors of war for the majority of civilized countries is now several generations removed. We can only pray that the societies come to their senses and avoid such a conflict in the Middle East but the House of Saud, Iran, and Turkey are preparing for such an event spreading from Syria to Pakistan and Algiers to Afghanistan.

Let us hope common sense returns and the American government divests its interests in the region to insure our nation’s ability to survive as a Constitutional Republic intact, yet based on recent events it would appear that this will not be the case. Our nation is ruled by fools now who fail to understand the complexities of the region, its past, or the implications of a wider conflict which would create global conflict of a scale unseen in world history.

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Egypt’s Forgotten Arab Spring

A great insight and rebuttal by John to all the imbecillic cheerleaders who insisted that the ‘uprising’ in Egypt was all about overthrowing a U.S.-backed tyrant and establishing ‘freedom’.  The truth was and is – the “Arab Spring” has NOTHNG to do with freedom or liberty – and everything with establishing Jihadist Islam and Al Qaeda as the legit governments that will lead to a global Islamic Caliphate.  Obama’s political ties to the Muslim Brotherhood would normally raise eyebrows to anyone with an ounce of discernment.  But discernment and common sense has gone out the window for emotional pap that can be played to the lowest common denominator.

Egypt’s Forgotten Arab Spring

By John Galt
July 12, 2011

Ah the joys of the “Arab Spring” a mythical creation of the Western mainstream media….

The romantic notions of corrupted journalists was shattered with Lara Logan’s horrifying account of the reality on the ground during a 60 Minutes interview:

Needless to say with the assaults on Fox News reporter Greg Palkot and his cameraman Olaf Wiig and the interview from 60 Minutes above, the Western media has not been in any hurry to validate nor verify the claims of a successful Arab rebellion against a repressive regime in Egypt. In very few media sources outside of Glenn Beck’s empire and these pages, the  American media has been remiss, be it deliberate or due to political reasons, in covering the consequences of the protests and riots our President and the faux chicken hawks claimed strong support for.

Fast forward to July of 2011, the middle of the ongoing Islamist Summer.

American foreign policy makers are silent. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is out making absurd statements on how “diplomacy is the key to U.S. job creation” and other unrelated nonsensical statements which highlight the ignorance be it for devious evil purposes or just of the insane amateurish Marxist realm of our State Department. The protests and outrages have simply accelerated in recent months as the alleged media of our nation turns a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the regime and the “protesters” as time marches on towards the elections later this year.

As the United States bumbles around in the region from one crisis to another, enemies of our nation like China are solidifying future deals with actual revolutionaries in the region without alienating the military officers or core of religious hierarchy who will outlast the protests, pictures, and democratic elections allegedly about to occur.  Since the coverage in late January through February of this year surpassed the absurd as some reporters attempted to make themselves the story, individuals mentioned above not included, the crimes committed by the Islamic radicals and their supporters proceeded week after week, ignored and denied by the Obama administration and Europes Chamberlain like flock of pacifists.

Burn a Coptic Christian church to the ground? Who cares.

Burn a Coptic Christian alive, rape their wives, and kill their children? Put it on page A-21 under the furniture store’s Super Duper sale ad.

Create a pro-Iranian militant cell or support terrorists? Why cover it at all if it doesn’t impact the advertising revenue of the newspaper in question.

The worst part of the emerging crisis in Egypt beyond the lack of coverage in the States appears to be the willful desire to paint a happy face on the “revolution” using the domestic media in Egypt by creating propaganda filled talk shows to allow the citizens to vent while failing to condone and control the religious violence against Christians and other minorities, sometimes encouraged by Mullahs and other leaders seeking to impose the world’s largest Sharia law based Arab system of government.

The somewhat safe presumption that the Muslim Brotherhood’s shadow influence on the political system has been expanded as the military junta running the nation has continuously mis-allocated valuable resources and allowed Western financiers undo influence over a corrupted economic system they can not even begin to comprehend in five months, much less five years. The shortages of food, diesel fuel, electricity, and other necessities are rampant. Abuses by the military police are highlighted by the detention and trial of over 10,000 citizens from the protests by the interim government. Unfortunately for the reincarnation of James Earl Carter running our nation now, this scene is all to familiar to those outside of the glow of his eminence and arrogance.

In the 1970′s when the State Department and its amateur clowns decided to put the military and CIA in their place, a little known religious figure to the West was allowed an encouraged by the Carter administration to return to Tehran. The consequences of that bungled decision are now “history” as one might say. Today there is no central, magnetizing figure which unites the population nor raises a clamor for supplanting the military and the former regime of Mubarak. Hence the Muslim Brotherhood under its various chameleon like organizations and religious figures are using the Koran to unify the people against those who wish to maintain closer ties to the West and the traditional Egyptian governance as trained and instituted under British colonial rule.

The forgotten Arab Spring will not remain so much longer. Per Reuters, the fifth day of protests have resulted in more and more people returning to the starting place for the Egyptian protest movement. American’s will regret their short memory as the changes about to occur in the region during the Islamist Summer will shut our nation out of the war for natural resources far beyond oil and push the financially stressed European Union closer to alliances with the Russian Federation and Communist China. The restrictions on the flow of commerce, oil, and military alliances will pale by comparison to the confrontations against our ally Israel being concocted by the forces of evil and Marxist alliances in the East. Once Israel has been neutered, America’s hegemony can be conquered and marginalized without a single shot as the terrorists will have free reign upon our society and those who do not enlist in the new order currently being created.

Unfortunately too many Americans and Europeans are blinded by this new order thinking it is centered in Geneva, London, New York City, or Washington. The reality is that the Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere is alive and well, with the nations of the East aligning the stars and shifting the axis of our world to the financial and military powers of Asia. Sadly, I fear America will not awaken to this fact much like they ignored the creation in Moscow of 1918, after millions have perished and our nation is thrust into crisis after crisis until our spirit is purchased or broken along with our freedoms as Marxism is always victorious over the weak and ignorant.

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“The Night Cometh, When No Man Can Work” – John 9:4

As Freedom Sunsets into Perpetual Night

by John Galt

The dramatic headline on the Drudge Report tonight might seem logical and innocent to the uninitiated:


The truth behind the headline though is that our nation has been bleeding its freedoms away one bureaucratic paper cut at a time. The idea is that the NSA wishes to use the logical approach of government mandated monitoring of the flow of data to “protect” critical utility infrastructure and corporations from external attack. Unfortunately, the mentality of those in charge of the operation is best reflected in this quote from an “unnamed” military official from the Wall Street Journal report:

A U.S. military official called the program long overdue and said any intrusion into privacy is no greater than what the public already endures from traffic cameras.

Really unnamed U.S. military official? I don’t hold my credit card number up to traffic cameras. My spending habits and purchases, bills and personal pictures are not visible to the traffic camera. My personal emails are not visible to the traffic camera. My communications with my family are not visible on the traffic camera. If I wish to engage in lawful dissent the traffic camera does not pass judgment or use it as a perverted form of evidence against me in a trial. Apparently the attitude is that the real threat to America is not the cleansing sunlight of freedom, the ultimate disinfectant to prevent the disease of totalitarianism, but instead the free thoughts and actions of the United States citizen. This thought from above should disturb every patriotic American and chill them to the bone.

The story continues though, with further ideas being thrown against the wall, which will ultimately open Pandora’s Box and lead to the monitoring of not just “critical infrastructure” but the individuals who think they are living their lives as normal Americans, unaware that they are already being monitored but now able to put the friendly name of ‘Perfect Citizen’ as the software program which sponges up their activities on the internet and probably lift it off of their hard drives if you “trip” one of their sensors. This portion of the story is most disconcerting:

Some companies may agree to have the NSA put its own sensors on and others may ask for direction on what sensors to buy and come to an agreement about what data they will then share with the government, industry and government officials said.

While the government can’t force companies to work with it, it can provide incentives to urge them to cooperate, particularly if the government already buys services from that company, officials said.

So who is going to be the determining agency (or agencies) that decide what data is of a critical nature and what is not? When do incentives become threats, such as if you do not install this software and work with us, we’ll seize your company and arrest the officers of the corporation? Does the risk of a contagious disease give the CDC or United States Military Medical Command a right to your personal data from your doctors based on the new centralized data collection system ordered in the Health Care bill passed by the Obama administration? Does the IRS have the right to all personal AND financial data now via this system if you are determined to be a security risk because you fall behind in paying your taxes or buy more widgets from eBay or bullets from Cheaper Than Dirt.com than the national average? What oversight will we see to protect your freedoms and rights under the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution, or does that damned piece of paper even matter now?

The risks of what this type of program entails where “sensors” are implanted throughout the web when you have a regime hell bent on instituting FCC oversight over broadcast outlets and the internet are positively horrific. Imagine that Cass Sunstein, the Regulatory Czar who answers to no authority but the President, determines that a political opposition group or broadcaster should be deemed a national security threat. What is to prevent the ‘Perfect Citizen’ from being used for data mining purposes to intimidate and threaten the group forcing them to change their opinions or causing members to flee under the iron boot on their throats?

This is a very dangerous precedent being proposed and despite the rhetoric we are about to hear, this is no traffic camera at a busy intersection; this is an attempt to create and maintain order by completing the process of an end run around the Constitution to usurp the rights of the people in the name of security. Instead of quoting our Founding Fathers and their rather poignant thoughts on this subject, I thought I would quote an unidentified child which seems quite pertinent to the discussion:

We are the voice of the new generation. We are the voice of the new people. The destructive ways of the past are gone. We will replace them with our vision of the future. The Party will lead us to the new age. There have been those who have tried to stop the new age. They are the corrupt reminder of the past. They have tried to confuse us with the idea that the old America was a good country. We know that lie. History teaches us that lie. We are grateful to our brothers who saved the world from destruction, and we can now join them in a world of socialist brotherhood. Everyone will go to school, everyone will have a job, everyone will be equal. No one will exploit or be exploited, and all those who oppose this wonderful vision will be crushed.

The child that said these words was part of the fictional ABC television mini-series Amerika in the late 1980′s. Only the word “Soviet” was removed from this sentence which was before the word “brothers” and should give one pause as the ideals of that tyranny have become relevant again today. Re-read the sentence and think about the numerous chants, programs, oaths, and songs sung in praise of this President and the ideals of the radical left becoming reality in our nation now. Then consider the powerful infrastructure being aligned against your freedoms while you attempt to survive the economic and political disaster our nation is mired in.

The one sentence from the article from an internal Raytheon email which validates my fears says it all:

“Perfect Citizen is Big Brother.”

May God let us see a sunrise again in our lifetime as freedom sunsets into the darkness of perpetual night.


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Conditioning The People To See The Tea Party Movement As Terrorists

Before you read John’s excellent essay this morning – recall that the Obama Administration met with the art community so they could promote Obama’s agenda.  

One has to wonder if this is the fruit of that meeting.


by John Galt

When I was a child, some forty plus years ago, I used to buy comic books for their entertainment value. Sergeant Rock, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, Superman, etc. were there to stimulate my mind and activate my imagination. I remember walking, calm down current day parents when you read this, almost three miles to the Elmore’s in my town a five and dime which had all of my favorite candy and comics and where after earning an allowance for working around the house I would walk there to buy my favorite issue or latest Wacky Pack release, always hoping to get the newest stickers, of course. Ah the joys of childhood.

Until this week. I heard Glenn Beck the other day, late in his show, discussing the latest edition of Captain America, number “602″ and the content within it. The focus was on a panel displayed below:

(Marvel Comics/Marvel.com)

I have circled the offending portion in red but this is purely out of context of the entire article and theme, to which I shall address it in total a few paragraphs from now.  The content Mr. Beck discussed was disturbing and the portion above triggered the following response today from Marvel:

Where Mr. Houston is correct is in our accidently identifying in one of the held up signs, the group as being a part of the Tea Party instead of a generic protest group. That’s something that we need to apologize for and own up to, because it’s just one of those stupid mistakes that happened through a series of stupid incidents.

-Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics from the February 11, 2010 Washington Times Story

The claim that this was a mistake and filler from the publish does not wash when you read the theme of the entire comic book in context. In fact I had to read it three times to make sure I wasn’t in Cuba or East Germany reading the tripe that I read. The author, one Mr. Brubaker, apparently felt that by tapping into the average American’s discontent he could enhance a villain which again typifies the leftist “Militia Stereotype” tripe that I hear on a regular basis which is tagged on anyone or any group which opposes either political party for their unconstitutional behavior.  My discontent started when I paid $4.99 for this crap instead of the thirty cents that I was used to as a kid but that’s a story for one of my inflation rants. Having read through the entire story, let’s look at the other panels which I call objectionable and tie all of this together:

(Marvel Comics/Marvel.com)

As you can see we have the politically correct heroes observing a protest rally against oppressive government taxes and anti-Constitutional behavior. Gee, gosh, they must be evil then, right? They might even own “gasp” guns!!!!!!  Reflect on this and the comic book as a whole if you have read it as I have. Think hard on this. Did you ever or have you ever in the last ten years seen or read a comic with Anarchists, Communists or Pro-Illegal Alien protesters and rioters depicted in a negative light via the story as a whole? The answer to that would be “no” and you’ll never find such an issue.

Those panels were from the proceeding page, but let’s look at one more where I’ve circled the discussion and for a damned good reason:

(Marvel Comics/Marvel.com)

The theme of the story is a group of well armed American citizens raising some sort of army that killed some local deputies in Idaho when their hideout or lab was raided. The signs were not fill ins as these signs were present at some Tea Party and 9-12 rallies except for the moronic one in the panel above which appears to say “NO GOVT IN MY MEDICARE” which is enlightening since Medicare is a government agency. Ah well, it’s hard to find good writers and people who understand that the artwork from the 1930’s to 1980’s in comic books was indeed appreciated because the stories were not left to the devices of people with major agendas against pro-Constitution Americans.

Why do I call bull crap on the apology above? Why do I have more serious concerns than ever about the path this nation is on? And why should you care about the depths to which our current administration will sink as well as the consequences of the ineptitude in some cases, evil in others, of the prior administration? That is simple enough to answer. The mainstream media by and large has surrendered all sense of objectivity and aligned itself with elements which would have been laughed off the stage, egged, or beaten in the early 1900’s through 1930’s. The media thinks that Eugene Debs was a hero and that John Reed from the movie Reds is their ultimate goal in life or nirvana for a journalist seeking to bath in the glory of  self-aggrandizement.  To celebrate the Euro-Socialist model as well as that of their Marxist patriots from history means that the media must attack, at every level,  from kindergarten through grade twelve plus college the ideals and history of our Republic. To achieve the goals set out by the devious radicals within the early Socialist movement and Progressive platforms this is the time that they know they must strike while the nation is still suffering the hangover of the greatest economic party which has lasted almost continuously since the recovery of the early 1980’s.

This means that comic books apparently will engage in the rhetoric and attack mentality to destroy the idea that protest, opposition to, and engaging a government which appeals to and desires to liquidate the United States Constitution as the law of the land, is now their duty to the state and not the people. To destroy the very instrument which gives them their empowered free speech rights so they can be bureaucratic organs for some horn rimmed loser with a career job and personalized rubber stamp drawing double what his twin does in the private sector because they know what is best for our society and not those old men who founded this nation. The idea is simple and was engaged in by the United States via the comic book industry and the Axis powers during World War II to communicate the evil of the opposition to the children and teens so they would grow into the role defined for them by the statists. God help us but this Issue number 602 tells me that the propaganda organs are alive and well and we, the people, have not learned one thing in the last twenty years about what occurred behind the wall in East Germany or in gulags of the Soviet Union.

So how does his apology, the panels above and the story in total tie this together? Guilt by association. The simplest concept in the world, used since Woodrow Wilson dictated the publication of every newspaper and magazine in 1918 using his goon squads from the Creel Commission via the American Protective League to enforce and silence those who opposed him. Fast forward to the modern era and with the majority of the media swooning and doing the bidding of this administration, one must ask how much longer until Obama’s APL is in action? Add in the stories about the “revised history” being taught to our children and the vilification of gun owners or non-leftist historical individuals and you begin to understand as I do the dangerous waters we now tread in.

I have thought long and hard on the descent our nation has experienced over the last decade. We the people are willing, almost begging, to surrender our rights for economic security. We the people are willing to look the other way with regards to the absolute corruption at every level in every branch of government. We the people are trying, yet fighting a losing battle, to make the two political parties in power and the media understand that the final line has been crossed and we wish for peaceful change and a return to constitutional governance once again. Alas, I fear that the Marxist elite will now  make their final power play, and that last line in the  sand that has now been  blown away like that of a shattered hourglass in the desert.


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The Land of the Free and the Home of the Fallen


The lamentation in John’s essay today – is a lamentation not lost on the rest of the world either.  Even France’s President now fears for the West, given he sees Obama as having surrendered and abandoned liberty and common sense for the pursuit of the same dictatorial tyranny that plague the rest of the third world.


The Land of the Free and the Home of the Fallen 

By John Galt

September 29, 2009

As I was driving over to one of the other craters in the Florida real estate landscape, the East Coast, I was able to listen to the Glenn Beck show and reflect upon the news he was almost aghast to read and reveal as he chattered in his usual manner. The story that was emblazoned upon the front page of Drudge when I was awake some sixteen hours ago about the honor student being brutally murdered in Chicago by thugs, the story of the next group of school children singing praise to Obama, and the story of the mock prayer to Obama gave me a chilling feeling. This feeling was one that our nation had taken a significant turn, one that we may not recover from.

The week was spent listening, reflecting, praying and hoping that the path our nation has chosen is reversible, that the groups who claim that political change will reverse the course is still possible. Alas, I must respectfully disagree with my friends in pursuit of freedom. This is not an entry about the movements, the politicians, or our future. The week was used to reflect on the past, to determine where the future may lead for myself and our nation in my opinion. I do not wish to bore my readers with the personal concerns, this is the time to reflect on the nation and the danger we are now in.

The American people have had it pretty good for the past twenty-five years. We restored our nation’s honor. We defeated the Soviet Union under the leadership of a true patriot, Ronald Reagan. America absorbed major body blows in 1987, 1990-91, 1997 and 2001 via economic conflagrations which would have destroyed a weaker nation yet we did not learn from those experiences and in fact magnified the mistakes by layering greater and greater leverage on to an economy in desperate need of a reset. The moral errors of the period have also been ignored. We honor criminals like O.J. Simpson with 24/7 car chases, glorifying rioters in thugs in Los Angeles, and paying homage to criminals by begging for leniency or pardoning them for their horrific actions. The worst aspects of our path over this period is a duplication of almost maddening proportions as America elected to expand on the vulgarities of Caligula by normalizing the obscene and denigrating the norm. All the while we witnessed and heaped scorn on the “traditionalist” religious points of view and origins of our nation. We wished to modify the religious texts of our history instead of honoring them while changing our history to accommodate the perversions of our modern era. If we did not like the end result we deleted the information on our heroes or made their negative character traits the primary exhibits of their accomplishments, denying the proper honor for the sacrifices so many have made.

There are some who will proclaim my opinion as that of a rabid Obama hater. The ignorant who have not read my entire body of work nor elected to actually read the details and ponder every word usually attack without thinking. This is beyond Obama. This is something that started as not so innocent experiment to guarantee greed and avarice and has since turned into a vile attempt to corrupt a nation via financial and moral bankruptcy to enslave its citizens for decades to come. What we have witnessed with the praise and preaching to our President and attack of an innocent child in Chicago is the culmination of what we swore we would never become and never feared as it could never happen here.

It has happened.

We have fallen.

Pray for forgiveness.

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An Open Letter to the 9-12 Movement and the Tea Party Participants

August 6, 2009

Dear Participants of the 9-12 Project and Tea Parties,

God Love ya’ gang.

I know what you are trying to do and believe me, I think it is noble. Five years too late, but noble. I am aware that some of your groups have been hijacked by the usual screwball hypocritical RNC types and some groups are doing all they can to evict the clowns or bypass them. Others just get into lockstep and march with the liars who brought our nation to this point thinking that a Republican Progressive is better than a Democrat Socialist Progressive. That’s for another day or for everyone to read the editorial I wrote titled “Blame Wisconsin” for a historical perspective.

The AstroTurf protests look great (sorry but I just grinned reading the grimace on the face of the White House Robots when they uttered those words) but now what? You’ve caught the semi and have the rear tire in your dog jowls and you don’t know what to do. Meanwhile, the socialists are trying to shift the big semi of public opinion into reverse and crush your movement. As the big dog right now, you can either move up to the front and chew those tires off or play by the same old playbook and get steamrolled by the MMM (Marxist Media Movement) which will be more than happy to have pictures of your protests broadcast worldwide with plants wearing Nazi emblems as the Wicked Witch of the West so proudly lied about on national television.

Glenn Beck took a call before the noon hour today about the protests and town halls and his suggestion was to protest outside of their offices in local communities and if they were single, in front of the homes of the cowards, er politicians who were ducking their constituents. The problem is that your movements have failed to realize that you are not their constituents whether you voted for them or not. Glenn fails to address this issue not because he is scared, although he should be, in reality he probably cannot address the issue due to legal liability problems. Thus I offer a solution which will cost your movements and the protests a measly $2.20 each to start and a wee bit more in the end, if you would like to learn how to win the war instead of just one or two battles.

I was Them

This is a first time, hard time, and most painful admission but most of my readers would understand that if you were a college student in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s odds are you were a Reagan hating left wingnut lunatic.

I was at that time as a sophomore, one of those subterranean slimeballs because it was great dating hippie chicks and even better it meant you did not have to be responsible for anything. Until you graduated from college and reality sets in. Which I did. And then you realized the hippie chicks were nasty skanks who viewed clothing optional the same way they viewed shaving and showering as optional also.

Thus a great conversion happened in my life and I was saved from a life of being a community organizer with no morals and a preplanned desire to usurp the Constitution and institute every Marxist’s wet dream fantasy. However during my time being a moron and a bum, I did learn how their non-violent tactics worked and much to my chagrin now, they were quite effective. Until the really radical nutcases moved in and that is when America finally had had enough and rejected the scum.

So just how did they do it?

$0.44 and Ingenuity

A stamp can cause more pain to the Obamanation than a screaming seventy year old woman at a town hall meeting. More on that a bit later. Now that the Marxist movements have captured your strategy, you can not stay static nor remain focused. It is time to attack, not with violence but with brilliance, the constituents of the political class need a message sent to them and considering the fragile nature of their economic designs, they are most vulnerable at this time for paying attention to the voters and not their lackeys in Washington, D.C.

There is a website provided by the very people who we need to send a message to at the Federal Election Commission which provides you a portal for the 2008 and 2010 elections to see just who is donating money to these morons who refuse to listen to the will of the people. A lot of people are under the misconception that businesses do not listen and do not pay attention but alas, that is a lie. You see, what the left wingnuts used to do during the hippie transition era of the late 1970’s is exactly the same tact that the poverty pimps used during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Thus if you wish to get the attention of the political elites, you have to approach the business community and get their attention. First, you contact in writing or via telephone the business in question. You notify them that you are aware of their contributions to a certain Democratic Congresscritter, oh, like Kathy Castor from the Tampa area. You politely remind them that you pulled the information from the FEC website and that you do not approve of businesses who contribute funds to a politician who wishes to promote a certain issue, like socialized medicine. Let’s take a look at a sample page from this year with a list of contributors from the FEC website:

Wow, two large companies felt it was necessary to pay homage and contributions to a noted left wing socialist type who supports everything antithetical to capitalist ideals. I guess this means that they won’t mind then, a series of protests in front of their businesses with oh, say 200 or 300 9-12ers or Tea Party supporters with signs stating that their companies support stealing health care from the elderly, Eugenics, and candidates that support these causes. If you do that, do it on a public sidewalk and make sure that when they television cameras arrive, you bunch up and look noisy so the reporters can report that the “mob” makes them “uncomfortable.” Whatever you do, do not act violently! Be peaceful, chant, pray, sing whatever to cause pain for the business in question until they agree IN WRITING to no longer support the cause or politician(s) you oppose.

That is how the left did it. They realized decades ago that protesting the candidates or politicians accomplished nothing but by boycotting the contributors on a local basis you can create pain that will piss off the donors and finally get legitimate recognition that the media will not ignore. Think about “Joe’s Chevrolet” should it be on that list. How many customers do you think will avoid the ‘Cash for Clunker’s’ bargains if there are two hundred protesters on the sidewalk in front of their business on a Saturday afternoon because the owner decided to pay bribe money to a local politician? You can not win calling, you can not win faxing, you can not win whining to Mr. Beck on the radio; you must adapt, change and confront.

Now for the big question: What happens if the police arrive?

You have to have a plan to bail the cohorts out of jail. Do not resist arrest, simply sit down on the sidewalk, lock arms and start singing the “My Country Tis’ of Thee” when they start to assemble in force. When the officers approach, politely inform them you will not disburse, that you are exercising your First Amendment right to protest (make sure you have a permit but if the local government is corrupt, screw them, assemble anyways) and tell the officer you have to be booked. If they have to start hauling 200 people a day to the local lock up for processing, the businesses will begin to feel the impact as you spread the word.

When an officer approaches, ask if you can pray first and invite him to pray with you. Recite the Lord’s Prayer, then unhook your arm from the person next to you, and follow his or hers instructions with a “yes sir” or “yes ma’am” (unless the officer’s last name is “Boxer” then you say ‘yes Senator’) and they will haul you off to jail. If 200 people did this, the police will respect you for cooperating but you’ll get a small fine as a result and some media attention, especially if they arrest 200 plus seventy year old protesters.

Now for the first class stamp. A major corporation like a Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, etc. could care less about one letter. But a million letters a day? Yeah, that would get their attention. Do not waste your time on sending letters to companies where the government has direct control or ownership like Bank of America, Citigroup, Fannie Mae, GM, etc. Work on the medium sized companies that do not have the staff or personnel to handle the load. Look for a mid-Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000 company for example with revenues less than one billion bucks, but enough to contribute to the anti-American politicians and causes. A semi-trailer full of bags of mail for a week will slow their company processes down and with polite letters mixed in with their regular mail either force a public comment about their support for Obamanation policies or better yet, force them to withdraw financial support for those politicians (the real goal) who think you are just another right wing radical nut clutching your Bible and gun. This is more of a 9-12 Project type of thing but in your letters, please be factual, polite and do not curse. Most importantly, hand write every one of them and thank your local Post Office for the hard work those poor folks put into the effort carrying all the mail. They are just schmucks like us, trying to get by.

That is how the nuts work gang. They want to disrupt and hijack funding, not convince the masses they are right or wrong. They realized this in the 1990’s and moved accordingly. I would suggest those of you so inclined to make a difference consider your position, your liabilities and these tactics as there are oh so many more which one can use if you read their playbook or just remember whatannoyed the hell out of you in the late 1970’s.

As for myself, I will remind you that I’m a 73er. The last person you want to make a call to action for.

I wish you the greatest of success and hope you win the day. If not, we are ready.

God Bless,

John Galt


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