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Mitch McConnell’s Incredible Lack of Leadership – Except When Making Deals To Besmirch Conservatives


Mitch McConnell cedes leadership to John McCain and Lindsey Graham while secretly working to give Obama his agenda.

There is no opposition leadership in the Republican party whatsoever.  Only scores of French-styled retreats and surrenders to the MarxoFascist Democrat agenda.  Nearly every Obama agenda item has ended up being agreed to and voted FOR by the GOP leadership from Amnesty to ObamaCare.   Then when real efforts to oppose Obama’s agenda are attempted, by  true and real Conservatives like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, the Ruling Class GOP trashes them, vilifies them, marginalizes and demonizes them in concert with Obama and the Democrats.  Mitch McConnell works behind the scenes to sabotage their efforts of stopping the Obama agenda.  Such as the apparent effort of McConnell pressuring GOP senators to remove their names from a letter by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) to Harry Reid demanding the Continuing Resolution to fund the government (again) must not include ObamaCare.

Just more reasons among many why Conservatives in Kentucky need to ditch Mitch, because to fight an enemy and lose is one thing.  But with Mitch McConnell – he lies to his home constituency that he’s a Conservative while playing footsie with the enemy and sabotaging efforts to stop the Obama Agenda.

Redstate reports what many of us have noted of Mitch McConnell’s absent leadership and John Boehner’s capitulation to Obama: collusion.

McConnell Experiences Election Cycle Catharsis

This past year, we have witnessed the wholesale collapse of the Senate GOP Conference.  With the help of Senate Republicans, Democrats successfully passed the fiscal cliff tax hike/stimulus bill, amnesty, a massive farm bill, an internet sales tax, and most recently – the confirmation of an array of radical executive nominees.

Throughout this year, as John McCain and Lindsey Graham have divided the conference, everyone is asking the same question – where is Mitch?  Where is the party leader?  Despite voting against some of these items, he has never been seen coalescing a filibuster, and in some cases, has privately praised the other side.  The only major success occurred during the gun control debate when Ted Cruz and Rand Paul dragged McConnell into a filibuster that actually helped defeat the aggressive push against the Second Amendment.

But, alas, primary challenges tend to perform magic.  Mitch McConnell has already been modifying his voting behavior ever since the threat of the primary was first evident earlier this year.  Now that Matt Bevin is nipping at his heals, McConnell is suddenly concerned about conference cohesion heading into September’s budget battles.

As Politico noted on Sunday, Mitch McConnell is picking the spending levels of the 2011 Budget Control Act as his hill to die on; as the only issue through which he actually performs like the party leader and whips up support for the Republican position.  McConnell is asserting that he is committed to retaining the sequester cuts in the upcoming funding bill when the current budget CR expires at midnight September 30.

Let’s step back for a moment and explore the woeful misallocation of priorities with this budget strategy.  There are two points of contention with the upcoming CR.  One is whether we will block funding for Obamacare – the worst pending legislation on the books – before it takes root next year.  The other is over a few billion in random spending cuts.

As we’ve noted a number of times throughout the past few years of budget battles, McConnell’s 2011 debt ceiling deal was preposterous in that we granted Obama $2.4 trillion in new debt (to take him past election day) in exchange for non-transformational random cuts.  These cuts did not result in the closure of a single agency.  The military was the only major entity that was seriously affected the military.  Whether the EPA gets $7.5 billion in appropriations or $7.2 billion doesn’t really change its ability to destroy private sector jobs. Blocking Obamacare before it is implemented, on the other hand, is enormously consequential, and something we must pursue.

Hence, in classic Mitch magic, he is attempting to distract us with the shiny object of the sequester cuts that are already written into law.  Meanwhile, not only is he absent on the Obamacare fight, he is pressuring members to stay away from Mike Lee’s defund effort – to the extent that even the number two ranking Senate leader took his name off the letter.  And God forbid should he say anything about the GOP sell out to Chuck Schumer on amnesty, even as illegals continue to stream over the border.  With Mitch, it’s all about the least consequential way to feign conservative power to the folks back home.

As Erick noted last month, beware the Hatch effect and the Sixth year conversion.


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Feds Boast Power to Arrest, Detain or Kill Americans Anywhere In the World Without trial

Ruling Class Senator boasts about new powers granted the government to make anyone disappear that they wish, anywhere in the world, without recourse or trial.

If you do not understand that this government in D.C. is at war with anyone that they decide are enemies, it may soon be too late to save ourselves from being eradicated by it.

Jack Hunter from the Daily Caller rants on what just happened last week while America shopped.

The terrorists have won


Commenting on the controversial Section 1031 of the National Defense Authorization Act — which many contend gives the federal government new powers to arrest American citizens without charge — (Senator Lindsey) Graham made clear this week that “1031, the statement of authority to detain, does apply to American citizens and it designates the world as the battlefield, including the homeland.

The entire world is now a “battlefield”? “Including the homeland”?

There have been serious constitutional questions raised recently concerning whether our federal government should be able to arrest or assassinate American citizens overseas without charge or trial. This new and largely uncharted legal territory has been troublesome. But arresting or assassinating American citizens here in the United States without trial? Rounding up and holding American citizens indefinitely without charge? What country is this?

Well, to answer the rhetorical question, this is now Obama’s Amerika – what did we think “Hope and Change” and “Fundamental Transformation of the United States of America” was all about?  We tried to tell folks, warn them of Obama’s radical Marxist past – few to none listened.  They instead told us we were crazy extremists.

Funny thing, Hitler called the Munich Post the same things when they were screaming for Germany to listen to their warnings about what was going to happen to Germany and Europe if he stayed in power.  None listened, and history is written.

Now we are repeating it.

Hunter continues:

This is a new and unprecedented government power that should scare the living hell out of every last American. Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) rightly called it “one of the most anti-liberty pieces of legislation of our lifetime.” Jim Gilmore, former Virginia governor and chairman of the Congressional Panel on Terrorism, roundly denounced it: “The provisions of this bill undermine the basic safeguards that we enjoy as Americans. It is dangerous, and should not be supported by anyone: Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, citizen or non-citizen.”

Added Gilmore: “This ill-considered bill is one of those dangers to our liberties by an unwise extension of military power in the homeland contrary to all law, precedent and history.”

Most who support this new power for the federal government — and especially Graham — also agree that what we call the “war on terror” is a war that will last forever. In this light, this new legislation poses a particular danger, or as Sen. Paul explains: “During war, there has always been a struggle to preserve constitutional liberties. During the Civil War, the right of habeas corpus was suspended … Fortunately, those actions were reversed after the war.”

Anyone that thinks the Ruling Class Oligarchs now running the country have any intention of either preserving or restoring what liberties they have legislated away and or just plain stripped away – are delusional.  Know your enemy, but too few are willing to allow themselves to go there, even though history teaches time and again that a people’s own government is their greatest oppressor and murderer.

….The great fear in allowing government officials to forgo due process is not that it might hurt actual terrorists (for the record, I’m in favor of hurting actual terrorists, badly) but that it might hurt you, me or any other innocent American in the future. To support giving government this sort of power, you must assume two things: 1) Government never makes mistakes; and 2) Government never abuses its power. I know few who believe either.

Let us gauge our decline in our rhetoric. James Madison said in 1795: “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.” Lindsey Graham said this week, boastfully: “When they say, ‘I want to talk to a lawyer,’ we tell them, ‘Shut up! You don’t get a lawyer!’”

This isn’t protecting America. It’s destroying it.

By design folks.  By design.  The government is granting itself the power to make anyone they deem, an enemy of the state.  And when Obama deems whom is an enemy, they have a right to make such enemies disappear, by either arrest and permanent imprisonment (think Siberia folks) or by plain assassination and murder.

Waco was made legal after-the-fact.  Now they make future Waco’s legal BEFORE the fact.

Welcome to Tyranny, one your fellow citizens voted for and turn a blind eye to.  Now you know how the Nazis were able to do what they did, with the approval of their citizens looking on.

Judge Napalitano from Fox News has this take on this overt gun to our heads:



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