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The MarxoFascist Left Says America Needs A King


The Politico argues that America needs a king who is above all laws and politics to keep the country functioning.

In 2013 New York City elects an open Communist/Marxist as mayor and in 2014 the Left is arguing that America needs a king.

No it’s not a joke, it’s not the onion. The Leftists are serious: they want a king.  Politico’s Michael Auslin argues that because of political gridlock and the fact that the country is divided – that a king is necessary to ‘unite’ the people.

…today we need a person who can sit above politics and help strengthen our commitment to republican values. We need a king, or something like one.

As the only nationally elected official, the president has become a symbol of the country. Such symbols, whether in a democracy, monarchy, or authoritarian state, must serve a purpose above politics, both at home and abroad.

He says a president cannot do that, but a parliamentary system and a monarchy grant that ability – and this imbecile argues that we need a king.

To save what is left of our common fellow feeling as Americans, we need to create a position above the presidency. As republicans, of course, even a constitutional monarch won’t do. Since we already have a constitutionally mandated chief executive, let’s call the new national symbol our First Citizen.

…They are hungering for a national symbol that can truly unite the country.


God and Christianity used to unite the country.  As Alexis DeToqueville noted in “Democracy in America” churches and a vibrant Christian faith is what was the secret power to America’s success.

A Christian people in this nation had no need of a monarch, king or dictator.  Christ was their King – and it was an affront to the Colonists to lay obeisance to any man who would make himself king.  In fact, in the Colonies before the War of Independence, the people believed that obedience to a king was breaking the First Commandment – and the slogan ‘No King But Jesus!” was the firebrand to spread the flames of Independence.  That is because they believed either God will be our King or their king will be our god.

On April 18, 1775 John Adams and John Hancock were at the home of Rev. Jonas Clarke, a Lexington pastor and militia leader. That same night Paul Revere arrived to warn them of the approaching Redcoats. On the Lexington Green the next morning, British Major Pitcairn shouted to the assembled Minutemen; “Disperse, ye villains, lay down your arms in the name of George the Sovereign King of England.” The immediate response from someone of Clarke’s company was: “We recognize no Sovereign but God and no King but Jesus.”

But the Left today – after vaunting Obama as a messiah and allowing him to act as a dictator, are now arguing that we need a king, to answer the opposition to MarxoFascism.

The truth they are not spelling out is the fact that they have no interest in ‘uniting’ the country whatsoever.  They simply believe that a single monarch, dictator, emperor, KING – will be able to stomp out any opposition to MarxoFascism more effectively and impose that ideology by decree.  They already have the messiah man-child they consider a king, they simply want the official title and crowning to make their fantasy become reality.

America Needs a King


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MessiahObama: Pelosi Says Obama “More Patient Than Job of the Bible”

In yet another sickening example of the attempt of the Marxists and Socialists in this country to deify Presidente Hussein Obama and loft him to god-like status, former House Speaker Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi makes the BLASPHEMOUS statement that Job of scripture cannot compare to Hussein Obama in terms of patience and godly righteousness in conjunction with the debt ceiling negotiations that the Boy King has thrown tantrums and stormed out of.

The overt in-our-face insistences that the Boy King is above us mere mortals, and cannot be bothered by questions or anyone daring to defy him and his demands is beyond insulting, it’s blasphemous.

Our God is not mocked despite the insidiously stupid things the Marxists and other sycophants of Obama attempt to foist on us.  Pelosi is just the latest and most absurd attempt thusfar to equate or compare Obama to biblical patriarchs, prophets or Christ Himself.

Hattip to CNS news for breaking the story:

Notwithstanding Pelosi’s biblical ignorance here, but to compare Obama to Job is beyond vomitous.  Satan was permitted by God to put Job into trial by killing all ten of his children, having his fields burned and ransacked by invading armies and then found hims self covered in painful boils that prompted Job to sit on an ash heap while scraping his sores.  This all done to test whether Job would curse God, while The Lord used the trial to polish a flaw in Job’s character.  Still in all, after such a heinous trial of the flesh, Job did not curse God.  Even Job’s wife turned on him along with three so-called friends who then attempted to accuse him of affronting the Almighty.

So let’s get this Pelosi blasphemy squared here;  all of Job’s ten children are brutally killed.  Job loses everything he has, including his wealth, fields and stature.  He then is covered in sores and relegated to an ash heap where his wife and his friends abandon him to accusatory torment.  And NerObama??

What has NerObama suffered that goes BEYOND what Job endured according to Pelosi??

He’s not getting his way to raise our debt ceiling; he’s getting questions shouted at him by reporters; he’s upset he can’t get a blank check so he can spend more of our money we don’t have for Socialist programs that empower him and his fellow communists.

So he storms out of talks and threatens seniors, vets and other dependent Americans with holding check payments in a tried-and-true Marxist method of extortion to get what he wants.

And Pelosi says NerObama is by far, more virtuous and patient than Job in scripture?

While the Democrats, Marxists and Socialists claim the Conservatives and Republicans are demons for not giving into what the Boy King wants – the fact is, they are projecting exactly as Satan himself projects, while standing before the throne of God accusing the saints night and day.

Some of us are aware what wavelength these tyrants in high office operate under, for some of us are not ignorant of the Devil’s devices.

For even Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  And in NerObama’s case – he has fellow sycophants do it for him.


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AntiChrist Obama? Islamic World Lauds Obama as the Mahdi

In America, the charge that Barrack The Hussein Obama is hailed as a messiah is old news.

It’s almost a comical anecdote now, something akin to a re occurring character farce on SNL or MAD TV.  But perhaps we need to stop snickering and laughing at this, and become truly alarmed that in his mind – and in many minds that follow him – he is indeed a messiah.

To the Marxist Left – Obama is The One, the savior of their ideology.  Some Leftist whackos herald him as ‘divine’ and ‘kingly’.  Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakahn declared Obama “the messiah” during a Savior’s Day speech to his cult in 2008.

Today – after Obama surrendered America to the Islamic world in his speech to apologize for America’s existence – the Arab world is wondering aloud if Obama is not the promised warrior, a “Mahdi” who will lead Islam to victory over the infidels in the last days.

Egypt’s Al-Masry Al-Youm declared the Usurper-In-Chief “Obama the Awaited” in it’s giant front page headline, drawing parallels to the Mahdi, who in Muslim estacheology is believed to appear before the end of days as a saviour, as the second coming of Christ.

Iranian Shiite prophecies also are being grafted onto Obama as a messiah to the Muslim world.  According to a Shiite Hadith that describes a “Promised Warrior” a tall black man will assume power in the West and herald the fall of the West and the victory of Islam to conquer the world.

 The tradition comes from Bahar al-Anvar (meaning Oceans of Light) by Mullah Majlisi, a magnum opus in 132 volumes and the basis of modern Shiite Islam. According to the tradition, Imam Ali Ibn Abi-Talib (the prophet’s cousin and son-in-law) prophesied that at the End of Times and just before the return of the Mahdi, the Ultimate Saviour, a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.” Commanding “the strongest army on earth,” the new ruler in the West will carry “a clear sign” from the third imam, whose name was Hussein Ibn Ali. The tradition concludes: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.” In a curious coincidence Obama’s first and second names—Barack Hussein—mean “the blessing of Hussein” in Arabic and Persian. His family name, Obama, written in the Persian alphabet, reads O Ba Ma, which means “he is with us,” the magic formula in Majlisi’s tradition. Mystical reasons aside, the Khomeinist establishment sees Obama’s rise as another sign of the West’s decline and the triumph of Islam. Obama’s promise to seek unconditional talks with the Islamic Republic is cited as a sign that the U.S. is ready to admit defeat….”

That Obama reveals himself to be a Marxist and Islamic despot is being noticed by more than just a few in America crying aloud a warning – our Freinds at Canada Free Press noticed this as well:

Muslim Messiah steps out of the shadows

Why all the pussyfooting about identifying Barack Hussein Obama for what he truly is, a despot?  Now that his Muslim roots have emerged in time for Muslim Brotherhood members to attend his Cairo speech, you can make that, a Muslim despot.

Just as surely as he had his own records sealed from public view, out on the campaign trail, he snookered at least some of his voters on hidden Muslim roots.

For those who consider the despot tag too harsh, a president who works to take down his own country is a despot.  This despot acts as though the United States of America is his private toy to do with as he wishes.  Without much backlash, he’s already all but shredded the Constitution, and is now fluttering its confetti-like pieces on the heads of the people to whom it matters most.

…Obama’s handlers wrapped him in rhinestone-studded gift wrap and passed him off as the Beatles and Elvis Presley rolled into one.  “The Messiah” and “King of the World” are only two of his nicknames.

…But for all of their hype, Obama is only a Robert Mugabe with charisma.

…Despots are always the same so there is nothing original about the man who waited to put the “Hussein” back in his name in time to emerge as the Muslim Messiah. 

Obama may well end up making Mugabe look like a saint by the time he fully implements the ‘change’ he is instituting without so much as a whimper from the stupified American people.


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Nation of Islam Calls Obama “The Messiah”

No words needed, speaks for itself.

Obama the antichrist:

Will MSM Report on Louis Farrakhan Declaration of Obama as the Messiah?

So with media nutcases like Mark Morford declaring Obama to be a “Lightworker,” should we be surprised that the MSM won’t find anything unusual in Farrakhan’s pronouncement of Obama as the Messiah?

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Obama’s Hitler Youth


History repeats folks.  

Hitler had his youth.

Barrack The Hussein has his Obama Youth Junior Fraternity regiment.

Obama’s paramilitary youth.  All Seig Heiling Obama.

Combine this video with the one earlier of children singing praise to Obama, and do you see where this country is headed????

Obama Youth Junior Fraternity Regiment

In some ways, this video is even more disturbing than the video of the children singing a tribute to Barack Obama. In this case, we see a bunch of kids dressed in paramilitary uniforms ritualistically shouting out their praise for Obama. Yes, according to the chants, these kids are supposedly inspired to enter various professions all thanks to a certain Chicago Machine politician. This is reminiscent of North Korean kids chanting out their praises for the “Dear Leader.” And is this performance by students of Urban Community Leadership Academy of Kansas City, MO even legal?


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Obama Is Jesus and Palin is Pilate

Just when you thought the insanity of those worshipping Obama as messiah couldn’t get any more blasphemous, the Democrats have taken up the new mantras of the lunatic fringe bloggers at the Daily Kos, and respond to Sarah Palin’s jab at Barrack The Hussein Obama’s experience as a Community Organizer with the slogan: “Jesus was a Community Organizer, Pilate was a Governor”.

If you thought these efforts to equate Obama with a persecuted Jesus was limited to just the lunatic kook fringe marxists on the web, think again.  Democrats themselves have taken up this new campaign slogan, going so far as to have this slogan entered into the Congressional Record during two minute speeches on the House floor:

So with a single ridiculous stretch of blasphemy and smear, the Democrats attempt to suggest that their messiah, Obama is Jesus being persecuted by an evil, mean Governor Palin, who could condemn Obama’s candidacy as king to death.

This newfound mantra is not limited to Democrats, now the media has picked up the blasphemy football and is running with it.

This is infuriating, to suggest Obama is like Jesus for his rabble-rousing days as a street agitator in Chicago working with the likes of ACORN is akin to Jesus “organizing” in Galilee and Jerusalem is blasphemy plain and simple.  If anything, Obama is more like Hitler in the days of community organizing the Brownshirts into acting against the Jews than to any sliver of comparison to Jesus.  William Ayers, Al Capone, Charles Manson were community organizers.  Ronald Reagan was a Governor, before he became President. 

But of course this new campaign slogan for the Democrats simply illustrates the mindset and absurdity of the Democrat Left in total.  They not only demand everyone sing hosanna’s at the feet of their Marxist messiah, they will smear and destroy anyone who stands in their way – even going to so far as to draw an allegory of the Roman Procurator condemning the Son of God to death.

Joseph Farah has some strong words on this insult to Christians:

Demeaning Jesus as a “community organizer” is an insult to every Christian believer in the world. But, more importantly, it is a reckless, blasphemous and profane attack on the Divine Person who sits at the right hand of God the Father.

I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of anyone who throws around such mischaracterizations of the Living God for political gain.

Further, the allusions to Barack Obama as being Christ-like are more than some of us can take. Jesus never justified the killing of unborn children and the intentional, deliberate murder of those who miraculously survived abortions, as Barack Obama has. Jesus never advocated indoctrinating kindergarten children with “comprehensive sex education,” even against the will of their parents, as has Barack Obama. Jesus never sat at the feet of an immoral, ungodly teacher like Jeremiah Wright.

And what about the comparison between Palin and Pilate? What’s the connection? Well, they were both governors, after all. My count shows there are some 28 Democratic governors in the United States, not counting the American territories. Are they all Pilates, too?

Since Sarah Palin joined the Republican ticket, the fortunes of Barack Obama and Joe Biden have faded. The desperation being shown by Democratic officials is palpable in the wake of polls suggesting a major turnaround has taken place.

But there is no excuse for this kind of degrading verbal abuse, this kind of outrageous, offensive scorn, this kind of derisive, derogatory taunt.

It’s amazing that this is the party that constantly talks about a new brand of politics – one absent the personal attacks, one focused on the important issues facing Americans.

What a joke!

Fortunately, the desperation shows – and it is not appealing to the public.

But it’s not enough to make Obama pay for this. It’s time to make the Democratic Party pay.

Every two years Americans have a chance, theoretically anyway, to elect 435 new members of the House of Representatives. We have that opportunity again Nov. 4. There is also a chance to turn over 35 Senate seats.

I know all about “safe” districts. I know all about gerrymandering. I know all about the obstacles to overcoming incumbency. But bigger odds have been overcome in American history. We’ve faced much tougher challenges. Stop whining about how it’s impossible to make a difference and get to work making a difference.

The Democratic Party obviously doesn’t believe in miracles. It believes only in “community organizing.” I do believe in miracles. If you agree with me, I suggest we pray fervently between now and Nov. 4 for God to remove all the unworthy officials from Congress this year – starting with Steve Cohen of Tennessee.


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